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The Travelista Awards 2019: Best Hotels in Russia.

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Best Places to Visit in Russia.

If you are planning a visit to Russia any time soon you should check out these articles from real travellers for the best places to visit.

Sights of Nizhny Novgorod

How to buy tickets from Moscow to Nizhny Novgorod.   I want to tell a little about the trip to Nizhny Novgorod. We bought the tickets a week before departure. High-speed trains [...]

Weekend walks around Moscow

Moscow is one of the most famous destinations for tourists in the world. It has a lot of places of interest. But today I will offer you three options for a quiet weekend: Kolomenskoye Park and [...]

Russian Golden Ring. Suzdal.

Visiting Russian tourists are usually limited to Moscow and St. Petersburg. But I want to tell you about the Golden Ring – a necklace of ancient Russian cities around Moscow. And I want to [...]

Russia to Slovenia by car

This summer we went to Slovenia by our car. The way from Nizhny Novgorod (Russia) to Ribnica (Slovenia) was long, about 4 days, but amazing!  The route ran through Byelorussia, Poland, Austria [...]

Baikal – the deepest lake in the World

I want to devote my first article to the deepest lake on the Earth. Get acquainted, its name is Baikal. It seems to me like it was yesterday, but I do not believe it was last summer. Memories in [...]

The Ay river

The Ural If you don’t know what to do with your life or cannot look on the bright side, I would advise you to visit the Ay river of the Southern Urals, the Russian Federation. You will [...]

Welcome to Hero city Volgograd…

Volgograd- unique historical city of Russia Today I want to tell you about an amazing city of Russia, called Volgograd. Volgograd  became famous and historical value because of the Battle of [...]

Three perfect weeks in Saint Petersburg

My first long-awaited trip to Russia took place in a graceful city of Peter the Great, second-largest Russian city. It is a city of rich history and world-class cultural heritage. I chose the [...]

Russia : The coldest country in the world

Undoubtedly, Russia is one of the coldest places in the world and it was a crazy idea to visit the country in December. Just like us, the temperature refused to be positive 😛 Anyhow, we spent the [...]