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Best Places to Visit in Romania.

If you are planning a visit to Romania any time soon you should check out these articles from real travellers for the best places to visit.

Peleș Castle: A Day Trip from Bucharest

You are probably thinking of Dracula, Transylvania and/or Communist-era architecture right now. You’re not entirely wrong, but there is a lot more to Romania than just vampire lore and cheap [...]

Brasov, the heart of Romania

Brasov is one of the most beautiful places I have ever lived in, due to its mountain view, 4 seasons that never stop to amaze you, its culture and traditions. Situated in the center of Romania, [...]

Bran Castle: The Dracula connection

Bran Castle If you think of Romania, you can’t help but think of Bran Castle or, as it is often called, Dracula’s Castle. This 13th-century fortification is positioned between the [...]

The heart of east Romania – Timişoara

The heart of east Romania Timişoara is the third most populous city in Romania and lies in the middle east of the country. Considering historical regions, the city is informal capital of Banat – [...]

Sights of Sighisoara

Sighisoara, a tiny town situated smack bang in central Romania in the Transylvania region (yes, we’ll get to the vampires shortly) is well worth a look, as a short stop on your way through this [...]

A Romanian Tale in the Cozia Mountains

Welcome to Cozia in the Carpathian Mountains … I want to introduce you to an amazing place in Romania, it’s one of my favorites actually, called Cozia. Right about thousands of years [...]

Panaci – A small hidden paradise

About Romania have heard many people. Because of Bucharest, the capital of the country in which they happen various cultural events, perhaps because of the beautiful landscapes on which the [...]

Cluj-Napoca: The heart of Transylvania!

When you hear about Transylvania, România, you probably think about a mysterious land with vampires and about Dracula’s house…even some things sound fictional, Transylvania is a real place, in [...]

Travel with us – Danube Delta, Romania

Why Danube Delta We can say without doubt that Romania is a happy country. It has all the land forms from the world: mountains, seaside, plains and hills. Romania is a happy country because of a [...]

Bucharest, the capital of contrasts

I was born and raised in this city, so it never impressed me in that way. But I slowly discovered its potential through the eyes of foreign tourists I met in the Old City. Until an American [...]

Bucharest under umbrellas

On a tiny street in Bucharest, a historical tiny street named Polona, there you will find a piece of colorful heaven. How to find creative design in Bucharest: Wolkwagen T2 busbar If you take a [...]

Bucharest: a story told from experience

Many of you may have heard about this city a lot of bad things, like the fact that there are many junkies or gypsies or whatever and you may consider it depraved, a vicious city but let’s [...]

Bucharest: a story told from experience

Many of you may have heard about this city a lot of bad things, like the fact that there are many junkies or gypsies or whatever and you may consider it depraved, a vicious city but let’s [...]

Tulcea – The Danube Delta

Tulcea is the name of the county situated between the Danube and the Black Sea, being laid on the Northern part of Dobrogea. Tulcea is also the name of the county capital city. Calling Tulcea [...]

Romania: Constanta – My love

Constanta   If you are looking for a new place to travel, Constanta is one of the best places you can travel to.  The city is rised on an ancient city (Tomis) and its ruins you can still see [...]


The tradition says Vlad Țepes, a three-time Voivode of Wallachia, was born in this town. This might not say much to you, unless you find out his better known name: DRACULA. So if you visit [...]

Târgoviște: where Dracula was born

I was born here. A small town in an East-European country, called Romania( the fourth latin state along with Italy, France and Spain, having a Roman descent). Short history lesson: in 105-106 [...]

Craiova- An Unknown City

Craiova – An unknown city with a rich culture, amazing nature and welcoming people.                 – A little review about Craiova and its people before presenting the city – [...]

Brasov: The Crown that Rules the Land

To see the Crown that rules the land and understand why the city is privileged you have to climb to its heights. Kronstadt or the “Crown City” as its appellation, Brasov serves as the [...]

Cluj-Napoca : Electrical History

What it is and what it meant : Cluj-Napoca is a proeminent and progressive city in the heart of Transylvania, Romania. It’s dated roots come as far as the Roman conquest that occured in this [...]

Bucharest: A Walk through History I

Unlike a good part of the countries forming the Eastern Block before 1989, Romania still remains a mysterious destination for most of the tourists. Situated at what is called the Eastern boarder [...]

Brasov: City of Tales

It’s been many years since I first visited this city located in Romania’s province of Transylvania, but the landscape that unfolded before my eyes remains vivid in my mind and heart. [...]