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The Travelista Awards 2019: Best Hotels in Norway.

Our hotel review team is currently working their way through Norway and will report back soon with a comprehensive list of the top hotels for your trip.

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Best Places to Visit in Norway.

If you are planning a visit to Norway any time soon you should check out these articles from real travellers for the best places to visit.

Winter wonderland in Norway

A trip to northern norway Usually, around wintertime, I would stay home and go skiing in the mountains of Switzerland, enjoying the time off work with my family and friends. But it has always [...]

Norway – the magical Lofoten Islands

Norway – the magical Lofoten Islands A winter fairytale When Norway comes to your mind, you usually think about elk, fjords and amazing seafood. But what if I tell you there is so much more [...]

Norway: The Trolltunga Challenge

It was time for another challenge! My friend and I were looking for a spontaneous adventure that involved nature, so we booked a cheap flight to Norway and decided to take on the Trolltunga [...]

Skutvik: port of Lofoten

Skutvik has a really special meaning for me, It´s not only the port of Lofoten, Norway and Scandinavia and probably the world´s most unique landscape but It´s also the birthplace of my [...]

Lofoten, the untamed islands

A far away land of untamed beauty, the Lofoten islands rise on the western Norwegian coast, well above the Arctic Circle, offering a truly unforgettable experience to the nature loving traveler. [...]