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A full-day tour around Rome

Rome is without a doubt one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Italy’s capital is endlessly rich with history: every single road has something to admire, and every time you raise your eyes [...]

Three Days In Milan

A couple weeks ago my boyfriend and I visited one of the biggest fashion centres in Europe. I personally did not want to go to Milan for a long time, I thought it was too “mainstream”  and rather [...]

Is it possible to see Venice in a weekend?

It was the opening weekend of ‘Carnival’ in Venice, Italy, so we decided to take a quick trip and see if it’s possible to see Venice in a weekend. If you want to stop reading here, it is! Go for [...]

When in Rome: what to see in four days

Rome is, without a doubt, one of the most iconic capitals of Europe. The famous Colosseum, standing for thousands of years, the Vatican, once home to the most powerful men in Europe is known for [...]

The Italian Riviera Travel Guide: Genova

To visit Genova means to understand Italy… Coming to Genoa, at first, you do not know where to put yourself: there is a temptation to climb uphill, and wonder, watching life in the old houses [...]

Three Days in Bologna, Italy

Recently my fiancè and I had an exchange student from Belgium come and visit us in Italy for three days. The exchange student had been staying with my family in Australia whilst I have been in [...]

A walk on Rome’s Aventine Hill

I’ve been living in Rome for six and a half years now but I still enjoy walking around like a tourist, camera hanging from my neck, eyes wondering at new buildings, views, narrow streets or [...]

Bacari, the real Venice experience

Venice is the capital of Veneto, a region in north-east Italy, and it is also my hometown. I’m writing this article because I really feel there’s something people are really missing [...]

Four days in Italy (Part I )

I was thinking about this trip for months ago, so when I decided to buy me a fly ticked, I did it in January. At the time, I found a cheap flight, only for 50€ (59.41 US dollar). I arrived at the [...]

Rome, Italy: Places to visit

This is a quick walk through the beautiful Rome – the capital city of Italy. As soon as you arive at the Ciampino Airport, the journey begins. First of all, you have to take a taxi or a bus [...]

Eurotrip- A Graduation Trip Guide

For a Stress-Free trip Even though some are beginning to do trips around Asia or America, Eurotrips are the most traditional to do as a graduation trip They consist of going around Europe for [...]

Cinque Terre: a hidden paradise

Cinque Terre Cinque Terre is definitely one of the most beautiful places I have ever been! And the best part: not many people know about it, so it is a great place to go and rest. Trust me, if [...]

Low-cost budget in Milan

On 12th February 2017, I and my boyfriend, Gabi, started our journey to Italy, precisely, to Milan. We planned this trip a long time ago, and it finally happened. We didn’t stay too long there, [...]

A Family Road Trip to Italy

When summer of 2015 was ending, my sister had the idea to go on a short family vacation to someplace warm, but close enough to reach by car from our city, Ljubljana. She wanted me to do the [...]

An Unforgettable Detour to Genoa

Welcome to the Ligurian Capital! A leisurely walk along the old town with locals and tourists alike, a stroll down the seaport with busy men and women—it’s a beautiful and cold afternoon in the [...]

Rome : A 3-day trip to remember.

  This trip to Rome was a dream came true. My friends and I have been planning this for over two months and since we were 7 people in total, it was hard to find a date suitable for everyone. [...]

Florence: trip for two

As an Arts student, I’ve heard about Florence several times. I studied the city’s great artistic life and influence, learned about renowned artists who lived there and remarkable [...]

Florence: The magical city

It was September 2012 when I first visited the magical city of Florence, Italy and instantly fell in love with it. Everything about this city just swept me off my feet! The buildings, the [...]

Cinque Terre – italian heaven uphill

Destination hunt in Italy Being in Italy gives you that drive to explore more and more. To satisfy the curiosity for living that care-free lifestyle, where time is fiction, reality is yours and [...]

Venice – The Floating Beauty

  The only thing I knew about Venice before this trip, was that it was the scene of a literature book I read in high school called “The Merchant of Venice.” That, and it is [...]

Venice – Bride of the Sea

Venice or Venezia in Italian has had many names in the past Queen of the Adriatic Sea, City of Light, City of Bridges, City of Water, Dominante meaning Dominant or  Serenissima meaning The Most [...]

The Magic of Florence

Dear Traveller, This September I visited Florence. Not my first time in Italy, but that was my first time in Tuscany. I personally admire Michelangelo very much. I like the art of Leonardo [...]

Italy: 90 Days on the Island of Elba

Italy: 90 Days on the Island of Elba A few months ago, I was getting off a plane with my skin tanned brown and dust caked under my nails and into my clothes. I was ending a beautiful two weeks in [...]

Florence: Cultural Heart of Italy

Florence: Centre of Art and Culture (with great food and drink) The first thing to know about Florence is that the wonderful chocolate treats that take their name from the town are really only a [...]

ITALY: The Getaway in Rome

ITALY: Places you must visit when in Rome. The Colosseum The Roman Forum The Pantheon The Trevi Fountain The Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore   Italy has always been my dream place, [...]

The Amalfi Coast, Italy: Paradise Found

The Amalfi Coast: Paradise Found I’ve traveled to many places in my life. Traveling is a passion of mine, and I’ve been nearly all over the world. However, one of the places that has stuck out to [...]

Hiking the Big Stone: Gran Sasso, Italy.

Chapter 1: Dawn. Meet the Big Stone. 4.00 A.M. alarm clock. As we went to sleep, so we woke up: a million stars over our head, the Milky Way shining clear across the sky and the mountain humbling [...]

Aveiro: the portuguese Venice

Aveiro it’s a beautiful city in the center of Portugal and it’s well known for it’s famous “Ovos Moles” and for the beautiful channel across the city, reason why a lot of people call it the [...]

Torino, love at first sight.

Love at first sight I fell in love with Torino 6 years ago, while I was on Erasmus in a small town called Pavia (near Milano). It was love at first sight. In May 2016 I went back to rediscover [...]

Planning a good visit to The Vatican

Visiting The Vatican may be part of many bucket lists. Besides your religious beliefs this is a must see when in Rome. Home of some of the most impressive pieces of art and ancient secrets. One [...]

Every road leads to Rome

Or so I’ve heard… But before actually telling you why should you go and visit Rome at least once in your life its better to have a little context. I am born and raised in Romania, a [...]

Sicily: Roadtrip planning

Guido and I have been in a relationship now for nearly 4.5 months. Since our first date we both understood from each other that we have a passion for travelling and exploring new places. From [...]

The secrets of Santa Marinella

The secrets of Santa Marinella When travelling, especially to new destinations, I like to explore the main attractions and monuments to learn the culture and get a feel for the people and way of [...]

Milan in 48 hours [part 1]

What if you are in Milan, the northen biggest city of Italy but not interest in fashion nor football? Don’t worry, there is plenty of architecture and art to see. Then, if you are not [...]

How to enjoy Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre is a National Park, only 130 km from Genova, Italy; and it is amazing. Recently, my friend and I, had the great idea to spend 3 days in these awesome little towns. These are not the [...]

Bologna, Italy: That medieval air

Ciao! The leit-motif of my photos it has to be always an Italian espresso, creamy and hot. You feel me? When you feel the ground of Cicero, Michelangelo, Borgia (and of so many titans), [...]

Verona – City of a love story

My first post is about a city, which is typically European, but a very unique place, what everyone needs to see once – or more, if that’s possible – in a lifetime. Italy As the 99 percent [...]

Aidone: a tiny jewel hidden in Sicily

There is almost nobody in Europe, and also in the entire world (I dare to say), who doesn’t know Italy and it’s bigger island, Sicily. But, not everybody is aware of the amazing [...]

Venice: A solo trip

As everyone knows, Venice is a truly unique city enchanting its visitors with water streets, great history and culture. It’s also very romantic – tempting nocturnal strolls, providing [...]

Romancing in fair Verona

                                                               Verona, city of love Rome might be the eternal city, but in fair Verona I lay my scene.  Even though they say ‘you haven’t […]

Rome: Off The Beaten Path

Rome is one hell of a city but I’m going to be straight forward with you: if your best plan is to see Colosseum, Pantheon and Fontana di Trevi, you better stay home, order some pizza, watch The [...]

A day in Ancona, Italy

Ancona is a small town located on the coast of Italy in the Marche region. We arrived there mid afternoon by ship and although the harbor doesn’t immediately strike the most picturesque chord, [...]

Interrailing around Italy

When I was in my last year of high school a question that got asked 24/7 was “where are you gong on your 6th year holiday” and most of the people in my class would reply with [...]

Venice Carnival, a travel through time

 Venice and I I went to Venice for the first time in 2009.  It was in May.  The weather was beautiful and the city looked too much like a postcard for my taste.  It was also full of tourists. I [...]

Living in the Dolomites

Could these be the most majestic mountains in the world? I have never in my years travelling the world truly had my breathe taken away from me after stopping just for a second to take in the [...]

Florence: The Urban Renaissance

Why Visit Florence? The capital of Tuscany is often overlooked by the big names of Italy. However those who do make their way to Florence never have regret. This city is the center of History, [...]

North Sicily: Definitely not Italy!

The Start of the Journey We spent 9 days in Sicily, for 5 days we were in North-Sicily and for another 4 days we were in Southeast-Sicily. Being March, we wanted to travel a warmer place, which [...]

Portofino: A bay rich in history

Portofino: A bay rich in history Now and then: Portofino is a beautiful fishing town on the Ligurian coast. It is a small village with a rich history dating back to before the Roman times, some [...]

How to See all of Rome in 36 Hours

How to See Rome in 36 Hours: Step by Step Oh, Rome (or “Roma” as the Italians say). What can I say about you. First, let me start off with the fact that I took a bus (Megabus) from Torino to [...]


I live in Croatia, so I cannot say that I expected me to fall so much for Italy as I did. It was always the neighbourhood country, quite similar to Croatia, and everyone has been to Trieste. So [...]

Lake Como: Milan’s Hidden Secret

Oh, the glorious city of Milano! Best known for it’s unforgettable pizza, pasta, and for being the capital of fashion, Milan is one of the many cities of Italy that has got everyone’s attention; [...]

Eat, Pray & Fall in Love with Catania

Wowf**k. Excuse my brusque way of describing my state of mind when I first touched down in the city of Catania. Incredibly overwhelmed and in disbelief of the beautiful city that ringed around [...]

Venice : A Sinking Beauty

Arriving in Venice In April, 20014 I went with a group of girls and teachers from high school for a two week classics and art history focused trip to Italy and Greece. After the 18 hour haul from [...]

Venice mythbusters

Venice mythbusters In a recent article that I red on a venetian newspaper, there are a lot of bad reviews about Venice, most of those are exaggerated or, even worse, silly and misleading. In this [...]

Discover the Treasure of Naples, Italy

  From Rome, it is rather easy to reach Naples: just a two and a half hour train ride south and you find yourself at the station of Napoli Centrale, ready to discover the capital of the [...]

Chilling Out in Cinque Terre

Less expensive than Capri, less high-profile than the Amalfi Coast, the Cinque Terre is my absolute favourite Italian coastal getaway. Think boxy houses in pastel shades, stacked haphazardly up [...]

A picturesque weekend in Urbino, Italy

Urbino. A little UNESCO heritage village immersed inside the center of Italy, also well known for the important university that the city has. I had the chance to visit the city quite often, due [...]

Italy, Illness & Injury

Illness and injury are things that travellers hardly ever account for when planning their trip, but often run into whilst abroad. When I traipsed off to Italy for two weeks a couple of years ago [...]

Cities of Italy

Basic Information Italy is a country with so much to offer! There are loads of lovely cities to visit with so much history to take in. With Rome being the countries capital, it’s a good city to [...]

Magical Venice

My first visit to Venice I spent my days just walking for hours on end in the sharp ice wind because naturally I found myself in this extraordinary city in winter! Each step I took, each turn of [...]