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The Travelista Awards 2019: Best Hotels in Iceland.

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Best Places to Visit in Iceland.

If you are planning a visit to Iceland any time soon you should check out these articles from real travellers for the best places to visit.

South Iceland Weekend Road Trip

The Icelandic countryside is like you’ve stepped onto another world. I am lucky enough to have a good friend living in Reykjavík who took me on a road trip along the south coast in the spring. I [...]

Reykjavík (Iceland) on a budget

Iceland the most beautiful country  in the world I went to Iceland with a friend to do a workcamp on a sustainable farm, close to Reykjavík. To explore the city we got there a few days before the [...]

How to Hitchhike in Iceland

#1: Be as unassuming as possible As a teenage girl with unicorn hair (seriously, it’s pink and purple), a hat that resembles cat ears, and hardly pushing 5ft, 3in makes this task really [...]

Iceland – A Frozen Adventure Playground

Iceland is very quickly becoming one of the trendiest places to visit in Europe, and with very good reason. This up-and-coming tourist destination was described to me by a native Icelander during [...]

Iceland: Natural Paradise

Introduction Almost a year ago, my three flat mates and I made a spontaneous decision that I will never ever regret. Realizing that it is our last year as flat mates, we decided to take a trip [...]

Iceland : The Land of Fire and Ice

  Last October  2015, I decided to embark on my grandest adventure till date- a solo backpacking trip across Iceland. This island nation, situated close to the North Pole, is sparsely [...]

First impressions when coming to Iceland

Perhaps, you think you know something about Iceland. Well, let me tell you, you know nothing (like Jon Snow). Iceland, the land of Ice and Fire is a complete surprise in all possible ways. I [...]

Reykjavik | Iceland

Hello lovely people! This is the first post I write on the new blog. Exciting! I am going to start out with a guide around my home city, Reykjavík which is the capital city of Iceland. Down town [...]

Takk, Ísland / Thank you Iceland

I´ve always told myself, that to visit a country once is enough, because the world is so big and we only have one life. But then I spent 2 months working and travelling in Iceland. And I came [...]

Iceland, The Spade To Your Bucket List

There are so many places now where authenticity has all but dissolved and souvenir stalls set up. On most occasions, thrifters will appear in front of you bearing umbrellas before the rain has [...]