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Best Places to Visit in Greece.

If you are planning a visit to Greece any time soon you should check out these articles from real travellers for the best places to visit.

Ultimate Guide to Athens by Night

  So let’s pretend you’ve done the hop-on-hop-off tour, you’ve had a big fresh juicy Greek salad for lunch, you’ve visited the Acropolis and the museum that is located right underneath it [...]

The Parties of Ios

Why Greece? No words or pictures can ever do justice to the beautiful Greek islands. The idyllic beaches, turquoise waters, charming villages, and welcoming locals are only a few of the many [...]

Patras: a 1-day city tour

The hidden treasure of western Greece Patras is Greece’s third largest city and is located in the northern Peloponnese. It’s just 10 kilometers on the west from the famous Rio-Antirrio bridge [...]

Kavala : The Greek Monte-Carlo

The Prefecture of Kavala: Location The city of Kavala could be described only as a diamond. The county of Kavala, it is nested in the northeastern part of Greece, in the province of Eastern [...]

An authentic Greek getaway

ELAPHONISOS: YOUR DREAM’S DESTINATION 15th of July. 38 Celsius Degrees. It’s a busy Monday morning and you are sitting at your office desk, wondering when your summer holidays will [...]

Greece: ideas to cheap traveling

What do you think first when you hear “Greece”? I’m pretty sure, your mind starts to show you images from books with statues of Zeus or Nike or ancient perfectly created [...]

Discover the beauty of Corfu

Introduction Corfu is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations of Greece. Its beautiful beaches enriched with dense vegetation, and the Venetian style architecture with its massive [...]

Best places to visit in Greece

 Arriving at the Athens Airport The second you arrive at the Athens airport, a chilled windy breeze will welcome you, refreshing you and making up for the long hours spent sitting in the [...]

Top 10 things to do in Athens, Greece

From must-sees to off the beaten path curiosities, I compiled a list of my favorite things to do in Athens, seen through the eyes of a local. If you are visiting Athens or having a longer layover [...]

Hidden treasures of Zakynthos

Traveling to one of the most beautiful destinations? Yes, please! Greece has an island, that is part of Ionian sea, called Zante or Zakynthos. I always dreamed of going there and when the offer [...]

Corfu – The green Greek Island

Corfu is the Greek Island on the north west side of the mainland. As they say, it is the greenest island of Greece! I admit that there are a lot of beautiful views all over the island! The Island [...]

Birdwatching in Greece – Lake Kerkini

Birds and nature   Birdwatching is becoming a passion not only for the devoted biologist, but also to “common people” who love to travel, explore and mix nature with history. Such a place is [...]

Mount Olympus: In search of the gods

If you have ever wondered how the ancient Greeks invented such an elaborate, colorful mythology, one look from the top of Mount Olympus will tell you all. Up there everything does feel unearthly, [...]

Zakynthos – Il Fiore di Levante

Zakynthos – Il fiore di Levante Greece is a country with thousands of islands, and every one of them is worth visiting. With its turquoise sea, its unique scent of Mediterranean, long [...]

Hiking in the Gorge of Samaria

Hiking in the Samaria Gorge If you enjoy hiking, the gorge of Samaria is the perfect destination for you! Located in Greece and more specifically in Chania of Crete, Samaria Gorge is the most [...]

Must see in Zakynthos

  And Zeus created Greece Even with all the political distress and bad publicity that Greece has , I still believe it is one of the most beautiful places in the world . If gods existed, I would [...]

The Many Faces of Santorini

I did not attend my prom; while my peers were shopping for dresses, booking limousines, and awaiting promposals, I was packing a suitcase for sunny Santorini, Greece. My mother was searching [...]

Crete : Top 5 things to do near Heraklion

            I always had this thing for islands. It’s something about their spirit of independence, their uniqueness. And I can already tell you that on that points, Crete won’t disappoint you. [...]

Santoirni, Greece on a Budget

             Santorini. The one island in Greece everyone wants to see. The beautiful white buildings, and the out of this world sunsets. Yes, we all want to see it, but sometimes we think it is [...]

Karpathos: Hidden gem of Greek Islands

Few words about this touristy not so popular island for the beginning But don’t worry you wouldn’t be Robinson there. Karpathos (Greek: Κάρπαθος) is small island located in southeastern Aegean [...]

Paxos: A Greek Gem Among the Stars

The most important thing I will tell you in this article about a small island in Greece is this: while in Paxos, look up. At night this quaint island may disappoint with the nightlife consisting, [...]

For the love of art: summer in Athens

Early summer, besides often being unusually hot for those residing in Athens, is a time filled with interesting exhibition openings, arts events and cultural festivals. While I keep wondering if [...]

Sounion : Feels like a Greek Island

So,you have finally decided to visit Athens,the historic capital of Greece,but there is not enough time to catch a boat to a renowned Greek island..No worries!Just a 40-minute drive away from [...]

Mykonos Greece – A heaven on earth

    When you think of Greece, you think of the different things that come with it; the music, the food, the architecture, the people and history.  Which is ultimately what Greek culture [...]

Greek Easter Red Eggs: Breaking Bad!

So, I just had my first Greek Orthodox Easter. Greek Easter and Greek Christmas are the two most significant festivals in Greece. They say Christmas is a happy holiday, while Easter is a sadder [...]

Thasos: A Lesser Known Greek Island

The Unspoiled Island Have you ever found yourself daydreaming of eternal sunshine, crystal clear water, Greek salad, blue and white houses, or Kostas from the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants? [...]