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Best Budget Ways to Explore Munich

Traveling abroad can be an expensive venture between plane tickets, hotels, and food, but it doesn’t have to be. There are plenty of ways to adventure on a budget and still enjoy yourself. [...]

Things to Do and See in Lübeck, Germany

When it comes to Germany, most foreigners think of (visiting) the bigger cities – Berlin, Cologne, Munich, and Hamburg. It’s understandable because that’s where life thrives here. What most [...]

Things what surprised me most in Berlin

Berlin is the capital city of Germany. And it is also the biggest city in whole Germany, and second biggest city in the European Union (after London). And like any other capital city or some [...]

Winter Wonderland: South of Germany

Winter ist bald da! (Winter is almost here!)   It is no doubt that Winter in Europe is one of the most beautiful Winters in the world. Imagine old Castles and medieval Towns covered with [...]

Munich on (busker’s) budget

It is rather odd to use in the same sentence words “Munich” and “traveling on budget”, because according to popular opinion, Munich is considered rather expensive city. Looking around you see all [...]

Walchensee: The hidden lake in Germany

  Walchensee or Lake Walchen is a beautiful lake nestled in between the peaks of the Heimgarten and the Herzogstand mountains and is one of the most underrated vacation spots in the world. [...]

Berlin’s Best Spots for Photo Ops

Where are the best places for taking photos in Berlin, Germany? As a mobile photography enthusiast (read: Instagram addict!), I tend to live like I travel. That is, I’m always on the lookout for [...]

A Weekend In Berlin

Berlin has always been my favourite European city, having  now visited twice in the winter and once in the summer. It is the perfect city for a weekend away, with cheap flights leaving from most [...]

7 Cool Things to do in Augsburg, Germany

When you are planning a trip to south Germany you will probably visit Munich, Heidelberg, maybe Lake Constance – but rarely this almost forgotten town called Augsburg. However, located only 40 [...]

Stralsund – A Treasure in the Baltic

How did I end up in Stralsund? Sooooo, roughly one year ago I was moving to the most northeast peak of Germany, to a little town named Stralsund. Stralsund belongs to the federal state of [...]

Berlin in 48 Hours

Weekend in Berlin (April 14-16, 2016) Berlin has always been high up on my European city bucket list. It is perhaps one of the most unique European capitals that I have visited where the recent [...]

8 Reasons to Visit Berlin

You need a good reason to visit Berlin? How about 8? Berlin and Germany, in general, have never been seen as a touristic attraction by many tourists, from Europe or other continents. In [...]

5 must-visit sights in Passau (Germany)

Honestly I prefer a fast paced life and I can hardly imagine myself living permanently in the only house among the mountains. Trust me! There are so many small villages in Bavaria consisting of [...]

Beer and Bratwurst in Berlin

Arriving in Deutschland Berlin, one of the most historic capital cities in the entire world, home to tremendous fame and infamy juxtaposed perfectly inside a place rich with thriving culture and [...]

Hamburg. Home is where your heart is.

Hamburg- My favourite places in this beautiful City. Why I chose this city to live. Four and a half years ago I moved from a small town called “Ichenhausen” in Bavaria, populated by [...]

7 Must-Have Experiences in Munich

In the heart of Bavarian Germany, you will find the striking city of Munich. Full of history, beer, and more, this city has much to offer its visitors. The next vacation you have, take a trip to [...]

The city of Peace: Osnabrück, Germany!

My trip to this city began thanks to the invitation of my good friends. There for I had a supervisor who helped me to get to know the beauty of this city and the state. It was easier having [...]

24 hours in Berlin

Berlin, short and sweet. What happens when you live in Germany but work Monday-Friday? Weekend trips. After only living in Germany for two months now I’ve been able to see a fair amount of [...]

Day Trip through Augsburg

Start at the Beginning – Discover your hometown As a traveler one is always reaching for the far away aims. After some years of constant travelling and discovering foreign places and different [...]

Berlin, Germany: Rainbow District

What to do in Berlin, Germany? You can find out something that is easily forgotten from Rainbow District.  Frederick the Great, a gay king in 18th century When we talk about Berlin’s queer [...]

Walhalla, Regensburg: Bavaria

Walhalla, the paradise for the honoured              (photo taken from Cool Places to Stay ) We date Saturday 21st May. I am in between an Erasmus reunion in the city of Regensburg and after [...]

Köpenick – The Green Side of Berlin

  Berlin has become very popular in the last couple of years and while traveling I have met lots of people that have been to Berlin. But when they asked me where in Berlin I am from and I [...]

Tips for Traveling on a Tight Budget

There is a quote that I heard when I was younger by one of the most controversial and, I would argue, interesting American novelists of all time, Ayn Rand: “Learn to value yourself, which means: [...]

Garmisch-Partenkirchen – A Hidden Gem

Before I began writing this article, I had an extensive debate with myself whether or not I should tell the world about this hidden gem. Ever since first traveling to Garmisch-Partenkirchen in [...]

Goslar: A Town from Another Time

When I was sixteen I spent a year at a boarding school in the middle of the Harz region in Germany. The town where my boarding school was didn’t have much: it was a small health-resort [...]

The Berliner Life

The Berliner Life Berlin is the city that never sleeps, like New York, so this is the reason why this vibrant and amazing german city is called “The European New York”. I lived in Berlin for [...]

Frankfurt: A Pleasant Surprise

     A few weeks ago, I was going through my daily dose of Skyscanner searches and came across a shockingly inexpensive flight to Frankfurt, Germany. I thought why not? I had always imagined [...]

Osnabruck, the city of peace

Osnabruck, the city of peace When it comes to surprises in a journey, Osnabruck was a big one for me. This city was a possible stop in my trip as I have family there, and I wanted to visit them. [...]

Berlin: How to Thrive on a Budget

I always had a good feeling about Berlin. It was my first visit to Europe, and I was one of those pre-travelers daydreaming about far away destinations like it was my day job. I mean that [...]

The Beautiful City of Cologne

The 2,000-year-old city of Cologne is home to unusual architecture and friendly faces. The Cologne Cathedral, in particular, is so beautifully grand and such a lovely sight when you first exit [...]

A Weekend in Berlin: November/December!

When you have 54 hours in Berlin it is very important to make use you go into your weekend with a plan! Berlin is an incredibly diverse city rich in history, culture and natural beauty and [...]