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Must See Sites in Paris

You’ve made it to Paris! You’ve survived the plane trip, you’ve checked into your hotel, now you just have to decide what to do! Paris is a big city and not every site in the tourist’s guide book [...]

Things to do in Montpellier, France

An often overlooked city on France’s Mediterranean coast, Montpellier is thriving. Over half of its population is under 30, the city is becoming ‘smart’ and attracting a fair bit of attention [...]

What To Do in Lille

Student Life in Lille As a student who did study abroad in Lille, France for a semester, I highly recommend students to give this small, magical city a try. It is a city found a few hours away [...]

A First Timer's Guide to Paris

Paris. The city of love and the land of endless patisseries. Where you can tick both the Eiffel Tower and the Mona Lisa off your bucket list. And a city that offers far more to see and do than [...]

How To: Survive Paris on a budget

You know the feeling. Wanting to visit Paris – the capital of France, but you’re almost running out of money. Although a city trip might sound not too expensive, it adds up the costs real [...]

Festival de Cannes: A city of images

Cannes, Côte d’Azur and the Festival    The long roads along the waterfront of the Côte d’Azur are narrow and steep. The route is in contrast to many other roads best known and for some [...]

Four Nights in Paris

Travel to Paris! Bienvenue a Paris: A few years ago I visited Paris with a few of my friends… Pourquoi? Well, aside from always being attracted to the French flair, French language (there is a [...]

Strasbourg: The city of roads

Located in French province Alsace, with its amazing concentration of architectural jewels and gastronomic offerings, in Strasbourg „the eye is never bored“. When a person travels somewhere for [...]

Paris: Experiencing The Parisian Culture

Moving to Paris After living in the UK for 19 years, returning home after travelling became very difficult for me. London did not feel the same, as I did not come back the same person after [...]

What is Paris like?

I’m sure many people have pondered this question at one point or another. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but pictures don’t do it any justice. The beauty and wonder of Paris can [...]

My Top 5 Autumn Alpine Activities

I’ve been lucky enough to live in the beautiful French village of Montgenevre for most of the last two years, however this October has been the first time watching the leaves change and getting [...]

Weekend in Paris

If you are sitting in your armchair and thinking where to go for a weekend – safely choose one of the most beautiful European cities – Paris. Undoubtedly, 2 days is not enough for a [...]

Calvi, Corsica: an island paradise

  Calvi is historic town that attracts thousands of tourists and visitors every summer. Located on the north of the Mediterranean island of Corsica, Calvi seduces with its combination of [...]

Calvi, Corsica: an island paradise

Calvi is historic town that attracts thousands of tourists and visitors every summer. Located on the north of the Mediterranean island of Corsica, Calvi seduces with its combination of [...]

A drive thru the Luberon, Provence

Ah, Provence. First time I had heard of the famed region was in my living room, sometime in the mid ’90s. I had spotted a new novel on our bookshelf. Knowing each and every title by heart, [...]

Paris: A Youngster’s Paris Travel

Besides a lot of nice things said about Paris, we can say it’s an expensive city. If you ask me, you should visit Paris at least two times in your life. First, when your energy is [...]

Travel and live in Lyon in France

Paris in not the only city you should go to when in France. You might even like the others better: it is less crowded, there are less tourists, and just as many things to see and do. So let us [...]

France: Highlights of Paris!

Making memories with mom in Paris Since I can remember my mom has talked of Paris. She has always dreamt of walking through the cobblestone streets, sipping a hot chocolate at a street café while [...]

Fontainebleau: More than just a Castle

Some of you are probably wandering where in the map to place Fontainebleau, at least that was the case for me when I fist heard the name. To give you some background, Fontainebleau is a very [...]

How To Avoid Paris Syndrome (vol. one)

Paris syndrome (French: Syndrome de Paris, Japanese: パリ症候群, Pari shōkōgun) is a transient psychological disorder exhibited by some individuals when visiting or vacationing to Paris, as a result [...]

MONT BLANC: The world above the clouds

  Per Chamonix, ad astra. You don’t always need plans, just go with the flow sometimes, forget about the rules, break up with reality, just take your head in the clouds to actually live [...]

Best spot for Eiffel Tower

Paris Paris, France, is a fantastic city for many travelers. I heard a lot about the elegance and beauty of Paris, and I always wanted to visit here. This August 1 I finally made my dream come [...]

Breaking Out, and into Paris, France

I had made the decision to travel Europe sever months prior, in one of those drunken promises a person makes when in love with new friends and intoxicated on new surrounds, but I believe alcohol [...]

Marseille, France

Marseille, France’s oldest urban area and largest port, is arguably also France’s most underrated destination. That’s a big call to make when speaking of the world’s most [...]

Toulouse: “La ville rose”

Toulouse: “La ville rose”   Here we are, in the so called “La ville rose” a cause of all the buildings with an orange-pinkish bricks, so when you see the city with a wide angle you can see it [...]

Annecy on a rainy weekend

Recently I visited the beautiful canal filled town of Annecy in south-east France. When people refer to it as ‘the Venice of France’ they tell no word of a lie. This lovely town in [...]

France: Je Taime, Paris

After 2 years of wishing and saving money, I finally got to accomplish it. In November of 2015, I was finally getting on a plane for the first time to the continent which would show me live what [...]

How to visit Paris in 12 hours?

In June 2015 I made a little Europe tour visiting Brussels, Paris and Murcia. Since my goal was to reach Murcia and stayed there for a few days, I could just only pass by the other two cities. [...]

France, Mimizan Plage

France, Mimizan-Plage In this blog I will tell you about my holiday and work in France, a great beach place called Mimizan-Plage. Mimizan is located in Aquiataine, south of France and only 1,5 [...]

Find Your Way Through Secret Paris

Surprising Paris, France What makes Paris an incredible city? Wine, history and art Do you fancy a ride over Paris? Montmartre district – between the legends, art and gastronomy Chateaux of [...]

Life in Lyon

Life in Lyon   The streets constantly buzz with the stereotypical beauty of the French way of life. Fresh croissants in the morning as everyone hurries off to work by foot, bike or car along [...]

Where it begins, Dunkerque

  Well yea, I’m from Dunkerque (“Dunkirk”, in English), often abbreviated DK as well. I’ve actually been growing up in Téteghem, part of “le Dunkerquois”, [...]

Nice, Eze, and Monaco… In One Day!

So Much to See, So Little Time So, you’re lucky enough to find yourself in the south of France. Perhaps you’ve taken a cruise along the French Rivera, or are just visiting for a day [...]

France : Auvergne and its volcanoes

Hi everybody! I grew up in “sunny” France… but not just anywhere in France, in the most wonderful and beautiful region of all French regions. I was indeed born and raised in Auvergne, right [...]