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Simple ways to enjoy Prague

It is all about how the city makes you feel After spending three months in the Czech Republic’s capital city, Prague, I realized that I came to the perfect place to get inspired. The city is rich [...]

A Winter Walk through Prague

First impression of Prague: cold. “So cold, so cold, so cold…” Bundled in the thickest winter clothes I could stuff into my backpack, my roommates and I wandered down Prague’s half-mile long [...]

Only 2 Days in Prague. What to do?

The luminous capital of the Czech Republic is a historical city indeed, but is also a wonderful place full of young and fun people willing to welcome millions of worldwide visitors every year. [...]

Mikulov: A Small Vineyard Paradise

Dreaming about Moravia For a very long time, I have yearned to visit the beautiful region of Moravia in Czech Republic, my home country. Moravia is known for its picturesque scenery, delicious [...]

The hidden places to see in Prague

As I have travel, I’ve found that the best way to get to know a place is walking it, forget the red bus and grab a pair of sneakers, and even better if you are lucky enough to have a local [...]

Prague 101

It has been a little over three months since I made the big move to Prague. I am still discovering new things everyday but this city definitely feels like home. You hear a lot of things about [...]

The Czech Republic: 5 Gardens of Prague

Of course, there are spots in Prague visiting which is a duty of any tourist and traveler with at least some self-respect. The Charles Bridge, Prague Castle, Petrin tower – all of them are widely [...]

Hidden jewels of Prague

HIDDEN JEWELS OF PRAGUE   Why Czech Republic: Prague, the capital? So many things to say about Prague, so find out why did I get back there for the second time in spring, 2015. I hope my [...]

Czech Republic: A wine heaven too!

Wine in a beer country? When you hear about the Czech Republic and think of drinks, you will probably have beer in your mind. Or absinthe. But you might be surprised about the fact, that specific [...]

Old Town Prague: What to do

Why Prague? One of the many reasons I really insisted on myself to go to Prague for my Euro-Trip was because I knew about 5 people who wouldn’t stop recommending it. I’ve always loved [...]

A Summer Day in Prague

June, summer, finally. Prague awakens with the season change. I’ve been waiting for the warmth and sunshine all these months. Winters tend to be cold, dark with the last bits of daylight [...]

Kutna Hora: Bones and Churches

When you hear about the Czech Republic, the first thing that comes to mind is typically Prague. A beautiful city that is breathing history from Gothic to Communist. But I am not here to talk [...]

Prague: Fed Up With Sightseeing

Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, is undoubtely one of the most beautiful cities in Europe with a varied history, but what if you already went through all possible streets and corners of [...]

Walk a Day in Prague

When I lived in Prague, my favorite thing to do was to go for walks. It is arguably one of the most beautiful cities in all of Europe so every walk revealed something new and enticing about this [...]

Prague- you must Czech it out!

Why Prague? I’ve been wantig to visit Prague ever since I had to make a project about the atmosphere of a city, for my English class at university. I described it as a medieval city  that [...]

Brno : It may change your life.

This article is for anyone who ever felt stuck, depressed or alone. Anyone who ever felt like they wanted to give up, like their life was not going anywhere and they would never achieve anything. [...]

First-timer in Prague

Prague has a beauty and charm that lived through aggressive wars. Some say that Hitler spared it because of its beauty. It’s a city that borders on east and west, old and new, culture and [...]

Christmas in Prague

If you love Christmas spirit, decorations and of course Glühwein (I’m sorry, but English word mulled wine is just weird), travelling in December is a great idea. While my favourite [...]