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Best Places to Visit in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

If you are planning a visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina any time soon you should check out these articles from real travellers for the best places to visit.

Discover Sarajevo’s Local Gems

A Travel Guide to Sarajevo’s Best Local Spots In the recent years, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, has gained traction as the new travel destination in Europe. It’s a city where you [...]

Land of Beauty – Sutjeska National Park

A noise from a steps of a man walking on a crushed stone road woke up me and my friend that morning, as I rushed out of a tent, still half asleep, to check if everything is ok with our two wheel [...]

Nevesinje : Gem of Eastern Herzegovina

PACK YOUR BAGS Wandering on the roads across the Balkans, I finally came to Nevesinje, a small town located in eastern Herzegovina, which is the southern part of a state named Bosnia and [...]

Beautiful Bosnian Cities – MOSTAR

I was born in in one of the most beautiful European countries – Yugoslavia, whose territories the invaders from the east and the west snatched for centuries and that, unfortunately, [...]

Welcome to Sarajevo

Sarajevo is the largest and in the same time capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina. In this city you feel that connection like when you first meet that person you fall in love with, it’s [...]

Sarajevo, meeting of cultures

City of Sarajevo is the largest city and the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina and  also one of the fastest growing tourist destinations in Southeastern Europe. If you still have not visit this [...]

Banja Luka – the adventure begins!

So lets start from the beginning I am originally from Croatia and before I came to live in Banja Luka at the age of 12, I came here only twice to visit relatives. Although I’ve been living in [...]

Historical town Gradačac

Traveling is a way to find yourself, learn more about your own needs and connect with people who travel with us. I really like travelling and I often travel with my family. My family in law lives [...]

Top seven things to do in Sarajevo

Anyone visiting the Balkans has learned how welcoming and happy this region of Europe actually is. In contrary to many misinformation, the Balkan peoples are amazing hosts, which ever so often [...]


“Sarajevo is enchanting,” read my friend’s message that I received the moment I entered my hotel room and my phone connected to the hotel’s wireless network. I put my bag next to the bed and [...]