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January 1, 1970

by Little Blonde Adventure

Time to get another point of view of Tainan on Taiwan.

Tainan, a city located in a southern part of Taiwan, is the oldest city. It is said to be a food paradise which I can only confirm. It is also famous for temples, historical buildings and crazy traffic. Initially Tainan was established by the Dutch East India Company and was a trade center known as Fort Zeelandia.

The best way how to get to know the city is on motorcycle. There are some lines of buses but they are not very used. Even local people do not use it. I have never tried it which I regret a little since I have to try everyting and then I really believe what I was said is true. Unfortunately, it is imposible only to walk around the city since it is quite big place and not all places which worth visiting are close to each other.

My advice: get a motocycle. However, be super careful when you drive because roads are full of traffic and sometimes it is a magic that you survive.



Cycling in Anping

Anping is probably the most beautiful part of the city. There used to be canals and port in the Dutch times. The best way to go around is to rent a bicycle and  go on a cycle path next to the river. The river goes to the ocean and you can see there rare birds. You also pass by Anping Tree House. I recommend cycle there right before sunset and near the bridge stop and watch it.

Before that you can go to tiny streets in Anping, passing old houses with lions head and visit Anping Fort.


Blueprint Cultural and Creative Park

This place is probably most famous for Blueprint. The house was initially on different place in Tainan but nowadays it is a first thing what you see when you come to the area. Blueprint is just a structure of a house where some perspective tricks are used to create a three-dimensional model. It is a must place to take a selfie.

Around the house you can wander through small streets with artistic shop, look at painted walls or eat at a Japanese restaurant.



Ten Drum Culture Village

Adresa: No.326, Section 2, Wenhua Road, Rende District, Tchaj-nan 71755, Tchaj-wan Suitable place for family trip or romantic walk with your soul mate, the best is spend whole day there.The whole area used to be sugar rafiney, however, it was rebuilt into a multi area focused on drum playing. You can sit in a small café and read a book or try to play the traditional drums, do archery, walk through industrial buildings or watch stars, go down the slide where you have to wear helmet and other stuff for safety.

But the best is to attend the show of Ten Drum Art Percussion Group which is a group of people playing the traditional drums and the whole atmosphere is just incredible.



Confucius Temple

If you like to meet some tourists in Tainan, do not forget to visit Taiwan Confucian Temple. The temple was built in 17th century and used to be a place for intelectuals and education.

Around temple you can walk in a garden and see closely gates lead to the garden. If you are hot enought after tthe visit, go to a shop across the street to ear the famous shaved ice with mango.



Chihkan Towers

This attaraction is located in a centre and surrounded by many restaurants. However, if you enter you will be surrounded by a park and monument with statues probably catch your eyes. After that continue to the towers where from the top you will have a nice view of Tainan. In addition you can enjoy some of concerts held outside during weekends.


Flower Night Market

Probably the most popular night market in Tainan. Generally, night markets are specialist of Taiwan. And do you know what Tainan people love doing the most? Eating. If you would like to have fun in Taiwan prepare your stomach and go to a night market where you can find many stalls with food, quite unhealhy fried meals, or you can gamble. Or even buy something to wear.

You can have anything from bubble milk tea, stinky tofu, oyester omelet to shrimps which you can catch on your own.

Night Market


The Beach

At large Taiwanese people are not very good at swimming and there are actually only few places where you can swim in the ocean in Taiwan. Unfortunately Tainan is not one of them. Still you can visit one of beaches and enjoy sea breeze.

Around the beach there are abonded roads so if you do not have papers you can drive there illegally.


Cheng Kung Campus

There is Natinal Cheng Kung University in Tainan and its campus is in the city centre. It is simply magical place. If you miss your student ages, you can memorise them in the campus.

There is a Cheng Kung lake with a bridge to a small island and opposite to that Banyan Tree. There is a tradition that when students have a birthdays their friends throw them to the lake.



Tainan Park

You can find many parks in Tainan but this one is probably most known. If you wake up earlier you will get a chance to see the park full of elderly people doing tai chi most often or playing badminton and doing other sports. The park is quite big, around it there is a noisy traffic but immediately you are in the park, you cannot hear it.

There is also a lake with swams and the park is full of paths where you can walk and walk.

Tainan Park

Little Blonde Adventure

By Little Blonde Adventure

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