Eat, Love, and Relax at Fantasy Lodge, Cebu

January 1, 1970

by Elizabeth Castillo


Cebu is the 9th largest island of the Philippines, located in the Visayas region. Popularly known as the Queen City of the South due to its numerous beautiful beaches and fun and exciting activities, from hiking, canyoneering, waterfall chasing to island hopping, snorkeling, diving and more.

Welcome to Fantasy Lodge

Fantasy Lodge

After a 4-day of fun and exciting adrenaline rush activities, from the top of Osmeña Peak to shout all my frustration in life, down under the sea just to say hi to the gentle giant of Oslob, it’s time to relax. I make sure relaxation is part of our itinerary that’s why on our last day in Cebu, we checked-in at Fantasy Lodge.  It’s a resort and spa located at Samboan, Cebu that offers the ambiance of nature; they have a wide collection of flora that gives vivid colors throughout the place.

Meet Our Handsome Tour Guide 



As we enter the resort, Jango welcomes us, a tall and sweet Dalmatian. He actually accompany us while my boyfriend and I are touring the resort as if he is our tour guide. He is really friendly to every guest.


Exploring Fantasy Lodge

Fantasy Lodge

Balcony View

The first thing that captures my attention is there huge balcony with wooden chairs facing the island of Negros Oriental. On this spot, you can read your book while you enjoy sunbathing or having your cup of coffee while staring at a picture perfect view.  I actually stay here longer than staying in our room.  (As I close my eyes right now while writing this blog I can picture out the view and  feel of the breezy ambiance in the balcony).

Fantasy Lodge

Bar Area

The resort has a two story building that consists of seven rooms and on the downside, there is a private room called the Dome it has its own balcony that facing the sea. The room is a honeymoon suite, perfect for a newly wedding couple.

Fantasy Lodge

Dome Room

Fantasy Lodge

Pool Area

Fantasy Lodge

There is also a pool in the center of the resort that looks shallow but it’s totally deep most especially for me who stands at 5’2 ft. in height.


Beach Area

Fantasy Lodge

Trying to perfect my circus act



You can also go for a quick dip and snorkel at their beach. You can see healthy corals and fishes down there. Cebu is well known for its rich marine species that’s why tourists love to go back on the island.




Experiencing Kawa Hot Bath

Fantasy Lodge


Since my body is super tired in exploring South Cebu, I decided to try their Talisay Spa. They offer a package that consists of a 1-hour bathing in a hot-kawa plus 1-hour whole body massage.

Fantasy Lodge

I feel like I am being cooked just joking!


As I go down to Talisay spa and saw the kawa fills with hot water of course and lots of flowers and leaves floating, I don’t want to lie down anymore and I just want to stare at it because it so perfect. The staff asks me to choose from Lavender, Rosal or Jasmin to be my essential oil and I chose Lavender and he fills it to the kawa. The aroma of the lavender is so relaxing.

Laying on the hot-warm kawa gives me the feeling that the water embracing me and remove all the toxins in my body. Staying in the spa room gives me a moment of self-reflection.


Massage Time

Fantasy Lodge

Talisay Spa

During the massage, I lose my body and mind, which gives me a feeling that I am in a state of hypnosis.  I enjoyed every single movement of my massage therapist’s fingers from long and relaxing strokes to short and wide stretching.  The best part of the massage is the effleurage technique for the back; my therapist performs long and soft strokes, going from the upper part of my butt to the base of the neck.  I can definitely say that this is the best birthday treat for me.

Good thing they sell essential oils, I fell in love with the scent of lavender that’s why I bought one and one virgin coconut oil.  The lavender oil cost only of 80 pesos while the virgin coconut oil is 200 pesos. All of their oil products came from Mindanao.


Other Things to do at the Resort

The owner has a wide variety of books about traveling, you can borrow and bring it to your room. Reading a lonely planet guide gives me  an idea where is my next travel destination and actually I added three destinations on my bucket list.

They also have a collection of different board games.  We enjoyed playing chess because of its huge board.

Hooray for the Delicious Foods and Drinks 

They served various delicious dishes from main courses to sweets. We are delighted with all the food they served us; we loved their fish fillet with lemon and butter and I totally forgot my name in eating that meal. You can also choose from their long list of alcohol drinks and if your favorite cocktail was not on their list you can request it to their bartender to mix your drink up!

Two Thumbs Up for Quality Service

It’s normal for us, Filipinos to have a smiley face, helpful and friendly attitude but here, the staff are doubled from normal.

Fantasy Lodge

Beach Area

The picture perfect view of mountains and sunset with the sounds of waves from the sea and humming of the birds reconnect me with Mother Nature that wanting me to stay in this place for long.

Fantasy Lodge

Enjoying our stay here

I can definitely say that Fantasy Lodge is one of my favorite places in the Philippines. Once I go back in Cebu, this place will be part again of my itinerary.

Room rates per night with FREE breakfast:

– Standard Couple Room (Non-Air-conditioned) for two persons – P2,000

– Standard Couple Room (Air-conditioned and private terrace) for two persons  P3,000

– Family Room(Non-Air-conditioned) for four persons  P2,500

– Family Room (Air-conditioned) for four persons  P3,000

– Honeymoon Suite “The Dome Room” (two persons only)  P3,500.00

*Possibility to put an extra bed in couple and family rooms : P500 per person

How to get there: 

From Mactan-Cebu International Airport, ride a cab going to South Cebu Bus terminal. When you reach the terminal look for a bus that has a signboard Samboan via Barili. The place is accessible by the highway so tell the driver or conductor you are going to Fantasy Lodge and he will drop you in front of the resort.


Elizabeth Castillo

By Elizabeth Castillo

I am a girl who loves to be on the beach, go surfing but never learn how to swim. I have a fear of heights but loves to climb mountains. I AM SO MUCH IN LOVE WITH MY COUNTRY, PHILIPPINES.


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