January 1, 1970

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Early spring destination choice

Leaving in middle of Europe during the winter period might be quite exhausting. In the same time, your energy devastates each day with lack of sun or short days or boring rains and all of these winter and early spring spices. When you are at the end of your energy scale, you need to take one more deep breath before you face real summer in your own country. And there is a place for one deep breath: Athens in Greece, the best early spring ancient experience which will recover your energy as quickly as much, which will bring your smile back, updating your ten color and satisfying all your senses.

Arriving and moving in Athens

Whatever your direction is, landing in Athens is remarkable experience. Athens has been settled in Attica’s peninsula and main city airport was built in the middle of it. You will be granted with sparkling view at amazingly bluish and crystal Aegean, sea even before you touch the land. With first breath taken after landing, you will be blast with Mediterranean scents. Public transportation is one of most modern organized traffic systems in Europe. You will need one hour with metro to get to city center.I would strongly recommend you to grab surprisingly flavored and affordable coffee or tea in one of airports cafeterias and to start your journey on the way to Syntagma – capitol’s main square. Taking public transportation in Athens is more touristic experience than only way of reaching points. While you are in waiting of your train you may see glass-encased displays in the station of the various antiquities found by the archaeologists in area. There’s pottery and jewelry, and even the remains of a human skeleton! Also, taking ground transportation,tram or bus, leads you close to archeological sites and you may find yourself surrounded with magnificent sculptures and architectural remains.  

                                         01ArcheologicalSite1. 02ArcheologicalSite2

Greek culture and habits

Before you reach Syntagma, you will be able to recognize Greek culture. People are just adorable, and you cannot avoid to not get in love with them. They speak loud, they are smiling and laughing, they are chatting with you even if they don’t know you. Lot of people will try to help you with requested information, even do their English is not great; they will struggle and invest all of their knowledge to help you and they will be curious from which place are you coming, always trying to connect reference to some specific historical or sport event that your countries were involved in. If you at any point gain opinion that your city is facing traffic jams, believe me, Athens streets and parking lots are greatest representation of stuffy and jamish traffic! Also, to drive in Athens, ride a bike or bicycle, you need to be overskilled almost as magician in order to save yourself. Greeks are driving fast and unpredictable.

                                                  IMG_2539 IMG_2479

Greek food and shopping

Moving from Syntagma through main shopping street Ermou directly to Monastiraki square,you will see numerous typical Greek restaurants with their typical food:quality meat,fresh fish,feta cheese, amazing olives,olive oil and tasteful vegetables,which are full of delicious and natural tastes. For alcohol lovers,Ouzo and Mastica are ,,must try’’.Those drinks with alcoholic base are made from fermented grapes,rarely from different fruit type,distilled and filtered through the roots of the mastic tree.Just pay attention!If there is too hot it might hit your head very fast!

After great food experience,you may prolong your walk to Monastiraki square which hides a lot of stores with home made products,souvenirs and quality leader.As a world known traders and merchants,Greek people adore to negotiate about price.For them,this is a part of selling approach, so use your chance,lower price during negotiation and make your shopping enjoyable!Next to Monastiraki square there is bohemian quarter called Plaka, with numerous tavernas and greek music: bouzouki & sirtaki. 

                   07FetaCheeseFriedWithSesameHoney 06Mastika 05HomemadeGreekFood

Cultural heritage of ancient Greece

Before you start cultural and historical tour through this ancient city,you need to be aware of the fact that you are sharing same streets as Athen’s inhabitants more than 5000 years ago.This awareness will raise respect that you need to carry on the way of exploring this remarkable heritage.Athens was built at seven hills,and most famous of them today is Acropolis where an ancient citadel is located with same name.Extremely rocky outcrop raises above the city of Athens and contains the remains of several ancient buildings of great architectural and historic significance.These remains are hiding cultural heritage which is basis for science such are philosophy,politics,medicine and history nowadays.You shouldn’t skip to visit Acropolis museum as well which is located in foothill, with permanent exhibition of pottery works,sculptures and remains dating from 5th century B.C.

                09ParthenonMainPartOfAcropolis 10TheHerodeienTheatre 08EntranceAthensNikaTemple

Athens sea beach front chill

Athens is located at beautiful Aegean sea coast, one of four seas that Greece is oriented to.During the day, between looking around in order to find cultural sites, you may fulfill time enjoying  sunny weather and extremely nice bars.Chilling time at Athens beaches is precious!The first one and the easiest reachable one is in area called Palaio Faliro,which has beautiful few at open coast.If you would like to go more far, after 7km you will reach Glyfada with great beaches and good restaurants.Glyfada is well known as Athens posh area,so if you prefer more intimate atmosphere you may get tram even further to next stop in Voula,with amazing beaches and home made food.

                                                       11PalairoFairoBeach 12GlyfadaBeach

Enjoy Mediterranean flora in city environment

Athens has its own microclimate,during summer months it is really too hot to move around. With extremely high temperatures during July and August around 40C, Athens is one of the warmest capitals in Europe. But winter,spring and early summer period are incredibly nice for being here.Mediterranean flora provides a shield of beautiful smells, refreshing surroundings and painting in green each street.Numerous oleanders,ficuses,citrus trees and colorful plants make city landscape greenish. 

   15MediterraneanFlora3 14MediterraneanFlora2 13MediterraneanFlora1

Try to spend at least 5 days in this beautiful city,in order to learn more about ancient capital in same time modern as any European city is.I took a deep breathe before I have left,memories of ancient sites,scents of Mediterranean plants and sea,relaxed with full flavour of taste by greek kitchen.And I filled my energy up!Until next time.

All that’s mine I carry with me

Old Greek sentence,Bias of Priene,philosopher


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