Dubai-The City of Gold

January 1, 1970

by Palak Kohli

Last year, my father made a sudden and unexpected plan to welcome the year 2015 in Dubai along with my uncle, aunt and cousins. I was extremely excited to visit the city of gold and celebrate new year’s eve with my whole family! All the arrangements were made in a haste and we hurriedly packed our bags to go far away from the cold Delhi winters.

Dubai, the largest city in UAE, is a popular tourist destination as it has a lot of fun activities to involve oneself in. When we landed on 31st december, it was a sunny afternoon and we proceeded straight to the hotel. In the evening, we went to the beach in Marina and had a lovely time swimming and clicking pictures.
Aside from visiting all the extravagant places, my favourite time was which I spent walking aimlessly on the roads of the city with my brothers and sister talking about life and travel and friends and family. It’s right when they say that the little moments are more endearing than the big joys. Overall, the trip was a refreshing and joyful off from the busy confusing life in Delhi.


Visits to famous places :

1. Burj Al-Arab : We visited one of the world’s seven star hotels, Burj Al-Arab during our trip. The gold-plated walls and designs in the building gives it a regal quality. Just being there is a huge deal, the best suggestion is- visit the Skyview bar at night! Remember, people below 21 years are not permitted entry into the bar.

2. Atlantis:  Atlantis, a huge and well designed hotel is the first resort to be built on the Palm islands. You can spent the whole day in Aquaventure water park or shop in the vast number of luxury stores, boutiques lined up in the hotel. The rides in the waterpark are wonderful and I can recall one specifically amazing moment when I climbed up a high tower to be thrown down a slide inclined to the wall at about 30 degrees at high speed into a pool of water. Woah, that ride – the leap of faith is unforgettable! Book a ride back to the hotel in an extended limousine and well, I think one can understand the level of amazement that it would be.

3. Ferrari world : Situated on Yas Islands in Abu Dhabi, the Ferrari World is the first Ferrari theme park. The world’s fastest roller coaster is the best attraction in the amusement park.
After visiting the park, you can go for a yacht ride in the evening. The massive waves and cold breeze will bring up the excitement levels and the beautiful lighting of Burj Khalifa will be a delight to look at! The thrill of being in a speeding motorboat in windy weather is an overwhelming experience.

4. The Arabian Desert : The best day of the trip was when we spent the whole day in the desert! Go for superb dune bashing in a Land cruiser/Hummer, exciting quad bike rides and a wonderful evening filled with delicious Arabic food and wonderful belly dancing by beautiful girls. The overall beauty of the sand dessert will make it a fun day.

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5. Dubai Mall : Go out for shopping at the Dubai Mall, which will be a good experience since it involves shopping, after all ! Even one full day is not enough to explore all the stores, which include both luxury and regular brands. PS The shopping festival in January is a shopper’s delight ! It was a bonus that we got to exploit ourselves in the same.

Also, one can go for gold-shopping in Bur-Dubai. The yellow colour of the metal shines like the sun in the narrow alleys of the market, hanging in the shops like plastic toys hang in India’s toy stores. You can board a water boat taxi from Bur Dubai to visit Deira, which is also an old market, look for shops to buy exclusive and beautiful suits (the Indian suits- worn by women, like Salwar Kameez, Churidar Pyjama and Kurta). It will be a pleasant experience! The sweet winds and the pretty colours of the city are lovely in the evening. And buying suits for oneself is lovelier (for the ladies).

Other common places to visit

a) The Burj Khalifa, which has a huge food court on the ground floor (for foodies like me), when you view the buildings from such height, all the skyscrapers of the city look like toy towers and all other things like ants.

b) The beaches, for sports and water adventures like motor boating, skydiving and paragliding or just to get a hot tan 😉

c) Jumeirah Beach road, which consists of a good amount of delicious food chains, like Chili’s (which has an amazing variety and good food). The walk is lively and you’ll spend half of the time in awe of the luxurious cars and sports car on the road (stuck in traffic jams).

My stay :

We had booked two apartments in Dusit Residences, Dubai Marina for our stay.

The Marina is a man-made waterfront in the city and the Dubai Marina Walk is a 7 km long pedestrian walkway which runs around from the start of Dubai Marina till the end of Dubai Marina with cafés and restaurants along the waterfront, and boats moored up alongside. There are several places along the walkway to chill with your friends and family and enjoy a great meal.

The Dusit residences suites are very comfortable for a whole family to stay in and they are lavish, fully furnishes apartment suites which makes it a convenient choice. If you are looking for good budget hotels, they are available at large in the whole Dubai city at very reasonable prices.


Palak Kohli

By Palak Kohli

A 21 year old girl from India, I aim to explore the whole world and I love to share my experiences!


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