Do's and don'ts when entering Pattaya's nightlife

Pattaya, Thailand, located just 2 hours east from Bangkok by train and bus. Is this city worth a visit during your trip to Asia? Most would say it’s not. However, there are some reasons that might make you reconsider. Pattaya is seen by many as the sex capital of Thailand. As soon as you enter the city, it’s not hard to see why it carries that infamous name. I will share some valuable information for those who go to Pattaya to experience the nightlife themselves so you don’t have to make the same mistakes I made.

Pattaya nightlife: bars and clubs

Pattaya is home to lots of bars and nightclubs. And I really mean a lot. Expect to be hit by neon signs, loud music, and street promoters as soon as you enter the famous Walking street at the end of the beach boulevard. I am currently writing this article in Pattaya and some of the best clubs I’ve found on Walking street are Lucifer and 808. These clubs offer big dancefloors and new DJ’s every night.  There is free entry for most clubs but expect the prices to be a lot higher than in other places outside Walking street.

Just a beer without the clubbing

For those that are looking for a more relaxed night and a decent conversation, Pattaya has many bars with daily live music and a more relaxed setting. Try for example Stone bar or Hot Tuna. Both offer good music and a nice atmosphere to sit down and have a drink. Just around the corner of Walking street is the Bamboo bar. This bar is mostly quiet at the start of the evening but becomes better when the live band starts playing. Another good reason to go there is that the prices are a little more affordable for budget travelers.

Advise for the nightcrawlers

Pattaya is a great place to party for several days but, it has its hazards too. Always be careful with scams and pickpockets, especially at night. Taxies might charge you way more to bring you back to your hostel and street proppers will try to lure you into the bars with cheap drink offers that turn out to be way more expensive than advertised with. Despite the few things to keep in mind, I think that, in general, Pattaya is quite safe. So, just go out and have fun.  

Is Pattaya a place for families and couples?

You’re probably asking yourself whether you should visit Pattaya or not. If you plan to go to Thailand with your family, especially with young children, I would personally not advise you to go to Pattaya. I’m not saying that you can’t have a good time because I really think you can. In my opinion, there are simply better places to take your kids for a holiday. Traveling as a couple? Yes, why not. Pattaya is an interesting place in its own way so, give it a try. Just keep an eye on your man lady’s, temptations reach a new level in Pattaya.    

Dennis Kirchner

Hello, my name is Dennis. I’m a full-time traveler/adventurer by trade. Some time ago, I gave up my “normal life” to discover more of the world and all the beauty in it. I’ve been traveling for a while now and every now and then I settle down somewhere (anywhere but home) to get to know a place better and to make some money along the way. My other passion, next to traveling, is writing. I love to share my stories and experiences with other people and at the moment, i’m actually working on a travel/ writing social media platform myself which hopefully will be online soon.