Dominican Republic: The Perfect Holiday Destination

I found myself living in the Paradise. Yes, in the Dominican Republic, maybe you don’t know it as the Dominican Republic but I’m pretty sure you have heard about Punta Cana. Well, we are more than that. This part of the island with a little bit less than 11 million inhabitants is the second largest Caribbean nation by area after Cuba and is ready to satisfy all your needs in this tropical vacation gateway for both locals and internationals.

Experience the First Country in the New World

The Dominican Republic was the first country in America to be being discovered, the first seat of the Spanish colonial rule in the New World.  For this reason, we can offer you a great variety of first experiences, such as First Cathedral of America, First University, First Christian Church, Fort, HISTORY. We are a country colonized by Spaniards which we have many similar traditions and historical, tourist and architectural legacies. But that is only part of the incredible experience in this island, where we live in eternal summer and, well, Constanza and Jarabacoa may be more like spring, but that is another subject that I will cover in a bit. The Dominican Republic has some of the best beaches in the world, virgin beaches, surf beaches, islands, cays … Surrounded by the Caribbean Sea, this island is simply magnificent with its white sand beaches and coral. Within my list of favorite beaches are Bahía de las Águilas, San Rafael Barahona, and Cayo Arena. A MUST VISIT while in the Dominican Republic.  

More than Eternal Summer

As I already mentioned about our spring weather, CONSTANZA and JARABACOA, they have been part of our lungs, our little piece of green on the island, where you can escape and breath fresh mountain air, to ride a mountain bike, a hike among friends, a camping in Las Pirámides, and definitely a cold river bath. In that little camp where you can have freshly roasted coffee and where its inhabitants will want you to take what they do not have. GENEROSITY and HUMILITY, I could not choose better words to describe these people of the Dominican Republic.  

Dominicans care about Food

We are FOOD, the Dominican will look for any excuse to make a Sancocho, (by the way, do not forget the avocado), For lovers of meat this is a definite yes that they must experience while visiting this piece of land in the world. We have food that depends on the region, so you will always have something new to try. A Chivo Stew with Yuca, a fried fish in Boca Chica, those Minutas in Samaná, a Chechen with avocado in the South, Pasteles en Hojas at Christmas time, and a Corn or Beans with sweet in Easter.

Getting to know the Culture through the Food  will depend on the date you are visiting

We are CULTURE: it depends on the date you visit our island is very likely that we have a cultural activity, a long weekend, or a holiday which we take very seriously. Important dates that visitors should know: December: We share the Christmas dinner (usually dinner) on the 24th. An international holiday? Yes, but nothing like The Christmas Dinner that only Dominicans know how to prepare. That roasted pig, Pasteles en Hojas, Moro de Gandules, the Savory Ripe Banana Pie, bread, fruits, and the nuts. There is no Christmas without Hazelnut known as Coquito. January: 1st New Year, 6th The day of Kings; 21st The day of Our Lady of Altagracia (as a Catholic town, this day is likely to meet with sacrifices and offerings throughout the island); 26th the day of Juan Pablo Duarte, one of the fathers of the fatherland. February: 27th National Independence Day. This month for the local does not mean more than CARNIVAL. We have one of the most visited and colorful carnivals in the world. LA VEGA has taken the honor of offering us a mixture of culture, emotions and colors, an unparalleled experience. And we celebrate Valentine’s that month too. March: the last Friday of this month is Good Friday. Bean and Corn with sweet without remorse, eat everything you can. May: 1st Worker’s Day, the last Thursday of this month Corpus Christi. August: 16th day of Restoration. September: 24th day of Our Lady of La Altagracia. November: 6th Dominican Constitution.

Safety facts that you should know to get the best experience

Staying hydrated is very important, we are in the Caribbean, we sweat just thinking about it. For the same reason, we need to protect ourselves from the sun. Do not throw the toilet paper in the toilet. Yes, it is important to know this, if not, you are going to discover it in a not very favorable way. The tap water is not yet suitable to drink, but we bathe and brush with it. It is better that you do not walk alone in the streets, and the use of electronic devices should be limited. It is safe to drink coconut water on the street. in fact, you should do this when you get to the island, they are the best. Normally they add extra sugar so if you do not want it with sugar it is better to clarify before.

General Knowledge about the Country

The Dominican peso is the national currency, with the United States dollar and the Euro also accepted at most tourist sites. We are connected from end to end in public transport, which will always be the cheapest option, but you can still opt for private services. WE HAVE UBER IN THE COUNTRY. There are many privately owned bus companies, such as Metro Servicios Turísticos and Caribe Tours, that run daily routes. We are a country that in the tourist areas we offer the all-inclusive service at the hotel. But there is much more outside those buildings. We are the most popular tourist destination in the Caribbean. It is customary to leave tips at restaurants. Enjoy every second of your experience. We are not a perfect country, anything can happen, but coming here and living this experience is great. I never cease to be impressed when I visit my country.