Dive into nature – best hikes in Florianópolis

Florianópolis is the epitome of paradise! It is a little bubble inside of Brazil, especially in terms of security and quality of life. It combines the pros of a city with incredible nature. Apart from 42 marvelous beaches, dunes and Lagoons, Floripa is hilly and has a lot of hikes to offer. The tracks allow you to escape into nature, recharge your batteries and simply enjoy the present moment. My top five hikes are:

Trilha da Boa Vista

This hike offers an incomparable view! It takes you from Barra da Lagoa across the top of the hills through the so-called “Mata Atlântica” vegetation to Galheta and further to Mole beach. The easiest way is to start in Barra da Lagoa! After crossing the blue bridge and walking past the cute little Brazilian houses, the track leads up on the hill. There are several rocks on the way providing awesome views over Barra da Lagoa, up to the beach of Mosambique and the small mountains behind – 12 km of sandy beach.

The view over Barra da Lagoa

Once you get to the top, the path continues along the plateau. The Lagoa on the right-hand side, the ocean and cliffs on the left. Accompanied by the smell of nature, of the Mata Atlântica, so healing! Before starting the descent, the most magnificent view is waiting for you: A huge rock plateau. Up there, you can overlook almost the whole southern island! The beaches, the ocean, the Lagoa- amazing!

Looking over the south of the island

I can also recommend watching the sunset there. To do so, you do not even have to do the whole trail. From Fortaleza da Barra, it is possible to hike up to the rocks in 20 min. After absorbing the peace and magic, the path leads down to Galheta Beach. Do not get scared, if you see naked people around, it is the only nudist beach in Florianópolis. Nevertheless, you can also jump into the ocean with your swimwear on, or just go on to Mole Beach, where you can strengthen yourself with healthy meals or juices at the Baruk Café. In total, the hike takes around 1,5-2 hours

Trilha da Gurita e Alto Riberão

This trail starts at Lagoa do Peri. After an exciting, mostly flat hike of almost an hour, you get to the waterfall Gurita. A perfect place to take a refreshing bath and a break! Afterward, you can either turn around or continue walking up the hill to Alto Riberão (30 min climb). I definitely recommend the second option. Not only the hike itself is amazing, with great views of the Lagoa do Peri and various fruit trees around, but the village up there shows a part of Floripa, you will not find anywhere else. For me, the place is really special. Probably, because it is so rare not to see the ocean and the horizon. Surrounded by the tops of the mountains, you are separated from the rest of the world. The atmosphere is so laid-back. It feels like the few people are living in complete harmony with themselves and the place. It represents a different facet of Floripa that is worth getting to know. Moreover, the hike is not over yet. Another astonishing view is waiting ahead! Following the track through the village, it leads in the direction of the west coast of the island and opens up into an incredible view of the southwestern coastline and the continent. The perfect place to enjoy the sunset! Going down the road, the hike ends close to Riberão da Ilha, another beautiful place to watch the sunset and end the day eating oysters!

Walking into the sunset

Trilha da Lagoinha do leste

This hike is a MUST-DO! Lagoinha do leste is a beach, more a bay actually, with no access road. You can get there by two different trails. One is coming from the south, from Pântano do Sul, and takes about 50 min. Actually, it just leads up and down the hill. The other hike starts from Matadeiro beach. It takes around 2 hours, runs along the coastline and is way more beautiful!

The coastal walk

Once you get to the beach, you can do another climb, up to the Coroa. The rocks up there, overlooking the whole bay, are THE famous foto spot of Floripa.

THE foto – everybody needs one of these

Trilha do Gravatá

A short hike (20 min), I can recommend doing, is the one leading to the scenic beach of Gravatá. Gravatá is the name of a plant with prickly leaves and indeed, there are a lot of them. But do not worry, on the trail itself, your legs are safe from getting scratches. After a short part leading uphill, there is a great rock you can climb to enjoy a beautiful sunset above the Lagoa. And down the hill, a really small beach and a calm sea are waiting!

Walking through the “Mata Atlântica”

Apart from a little fisher`s hut, there is nothing, mostly not even more than a hand full of people. But there are rocks and some little trails to explore the area.

The little beach Gravatá

Go and have a look around! Amazing views and scenic places are hidden there! Gravatá is a great place to relax, with the big advantage that it does not take much effort to get there!

Trilha de Naufragados

The most southern beach of the island is Naufragados. A 45 min hike takes you through the forest and across small streams to a wide beach! Even though, in the beginning, the trail has some nice views to offer, it is the beach that attracts the people. As well as Lagoinha do leste, it is a popular place among campers. Unlike Lagoinha, Naufragodos even offers a campsite and some restaurants. Nevertheless, it is a pristine white beach, definitely worth a visit. Furthermore, you can add a small loop to visit the shiny white lighthouse. And if your legs are too tired to walk all the way back, you can take a boat that takes you to the beginning of the trail.

The view from the lighthouse

Going to Floripa, you really should not miss diving into nature and doing adventurous hikes!


Hi, I am Ann-Cathrin, born in Munich, Germany. To study medicine I went to Hamburg and after finishing university I moved to Brasil. For my parents it has always been more important to travel than to buy expensive cars, so they took my brother and me to explore Europe and the US when we were young. They infected me with their love to travel. After school, I was working in France, doing work and holiday in Australia and was working hard and earning money during the semester to travel during the holidays. I spent months in Asia, South East Asia, Israel, some arabic countries, Middle and South America and used every opportunity to grab my backpack and get to know more places in the world. I was living for one year in Lisbon, Portugal, did internships in New Zealand and Brasil. Well, I fell in love with a lot of countries, but Brasil was special and after finishing univerisity I moved here. For almost two years now, I have been living in Florianópolis and exploring this huge, amazing country.