Discover The Attractions In Rivers State, Nigeria

January 1, 1970

by Judith Riseshine

Rivers is one of the thirty-six states in Nigeria, a country blessed with many natural resources, rich in oil production, located in the West African Region. The treasure in Nigeria that brought about the economic boom which made it stand tall and qualified as the ‘Giant of Africa’ is actually in Rivers State. This is where I have wined and dined, it is called the ‘Treasure Base of the Nation,’ located in the eastern part of the country.
A state blessed with oil which harbors all the big multinational oil companies in Nigeria such as Shell, Mobile, Agip, LNG etc. One of the government empires that generates huge revenue for the government of Nigeria, ‘Niger Delta Development Commission’ (NDDC) also has its headquarters located in Rivers State. This state is not only known for oil production, it also ranks among the best in promoting tourism and culture, so there are so many interesting events and places to visit. The yearly carnival, entertainment and recreational centers, shopping complex, natural sites like beaches, island, the zoo; all are a very good attraction for tourists.

Yearly Event In Rivers State

Rivers State ‘CARNIRIV’

This is a cultural festival done once every year to showcase different cultures and tribes of Rivers people. Among all the thirty-six states in Nigeria, Rivers has more tribes and diverse culture, with about five tribes speaking different languages. This prompted the government to device a channel through which all these tribes can be brought together to showcase their rich culture through a carnival. Rivers state carnival ‘CARNIRIV’ is a yearly event that showcases the rich cultural heritage of Rivers people. It hosts different tribes of Rivers people with their cultural display, neighboring states are also allowed to participate and showcase their cultural heritage during this event. It is a very interesting event that attracts visitors from all over the world.

Recreational Centre

Portharcourt Pleasure Park

A sport, entertainment and recreational center built by the Rivers State Government for both adult and children, it is located right in the heart of Portharcourt city, along Aba Road expressway between Airforce Base and Bori Camp. It is equipped with so many facilities, sports section for children to climb rope, swing, run and play different kinds of games. The adult section is also equipped with facilities for sports training and different kinds of exercises. If you intend to visit Portharcourt, this is a place where you can have fun with friends and families.

Best Beaches In Rivers State

Elechi Beach

If you love nature, a quiet and serene environment, this tourist attraction is where you should visit, it gives you a feel of nature, with its beauty and coolness. As a writer, I love going to the beach or any place that has that sort of quietness that can bring me closer to nature and eases the flow of ideas to my brain. This beach is a place to have fun, and enjoy the real native food, such as roasted bole and fish, suya, roasted shrimps, assorted types of pepper soup. You can get all these from the local bars and restaurants around the beach. It is a place to relax, and get away from all the noise in the city, also a love nest for couples who want to regain all that has been lost in their relationship by spending time alone.

Bonny Island

This is an island in Rivers State, surrounded by a mass of water, a sea that leads all the way to the Mediterranean. It is located at the outskirt of Rivers main city, Portharcourt, mostly inhabited in the olden days by fishermen and their families. Bonny is where the only indigenous oil company in Nigeria ‘LNG’ (Nigeria Liquidified Gas) is located, they provide speed boats for transport to convey people from the island to Portharcourt city. If you love boat cruise, this island is a place to visit, you can tour around the island on a speedboat, and enjoy a feast of roasted fish in any of the fish points on the beach.

Best Place To Shop

 ‘SPAR’ Shopping Complex

Port Harcourt is the capital of Rivers State and a major attraction in the state, it is where the most interesting things happen in Rivers, a very busy place, full of commercial activities with lots of shops here and there. But there is still a number one shopping complex in this city where you can go and buy everything from groceries, wears, electronics, toys, foodstuff, stationary, furniture, toys, anything household or even office. This one-stop shop is called ‘SPAR,’ the best place to shop, it provides ease of shopping and offers moderate prices. You can take your family out for shopping or even have lunch in SPAR, it is situated along Azikiwe Road near Parbord building, a smooth drive, easy to locate from any part of the city.

Entertainment Centers

Portharcourt Zoo

Rivers state is one of the best promoters of tourism and culture in Nigeria, the government invests in things that can attract tourists to the state, one of them is the zoo. This is located along the industrial area called Trans Amadi, housing different species of interesting animals. For all the animal lovers visiting Rivers state, Portharcourt zoo is an interesting place to visit.


Silverbird Cinema

This is an entertainment center owned by Silverbird Television Nigeria, equipped with cinema, games and other entertainment facilities. It is located along Azikiwe road near Isaac Borrow Park, they provide different kinds of HD cinema, that you can watch with both friends and families. There are several types of games both indoors and outdoor games for kids as well as adults, it is a good place to go and catch some fun with kids, maybe on weekends. It is quite safe, and in a less noisy part of the city, well managed and secured.

So if you decide to come to Africa, think of coming to Nigeria and maybe a visit to Rivers State, which is ranked to have the best interest in promoting of tourism and culture in the country. It is also rated as the most multicultural state in Nigerian, there are diverse cultural heritages and the government has shown so much interest in promoting this culture by investing in entertainment and recreational activities that can attract visitors to the state.









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