Discover the 5 beaches of Jomalig Island

July 26, 2019

by Kai Aranda

Exploring the Philippines has always been as much, if not, more exciting as going out of the country to travel abroad. We, the Filipinos, know very well how much the place we live in is rich in breathtaking tourist spots–lofty mountains, green fields, virgin beaches, and more. That is why during vacation or break from work, people would always look for seat sales, tour packages, hotel accommodations and everything necessary as they travel by land, air, or sea.

Recently, I had one of the best summer vacations so far. By that, I meant going to a beautiful, pristine place with a good bunch of people. I was in college when I first heard about Jomalig Island of the Quezon Province. Back then, I thought going there was too far-fetched of a dream. Primarily, it’s because I don’t like getting on a boat ride.

Yes, apart from the 4-hour car ride from Quezon City to Real, Quezon, it would take another 4-hour boat ride from Real’s Ungos Port to Jomalig landing port. To cut it short, I got a trip to Jomalig Island invitation last June and I told myself I wouldn’t blow my chance away! It’s about time to take some calculated risks.

The entire trip did not go the way I expected. It was everything more than that.

Fortunately, I had endured the lengthy boat ride. It was not easy, at least for me. But I did not regret getting on that vessel. It led me and my friends to the beautiful municipality of Jomalig! Locals take pride in the immaculate and unspoiled beaches of the island, mostly the golden sand! What’s more, there’s a white sand beach, too.

Lingayen Cove aka Little Batanes

Our first stop. Before dawn, we had prepared to catch the sunrise at the Lingayen Cove which is dubbed as “Little Batanes”. Habal-habal or motorcycle ride is the mode of transportation used by people and tourists in Jomalig. Each of us had our own motorcycle with a friendly local driver to drive us toward every single destination.

For some reason, this beach looks like the astounding Batanes in the far north of the Philippines. Serene, magical, aqua blue. We watched the sunrise as we snapped photos of the spot. The long stretched white sand beach was really inviting and paradisaical. Strong winds and the sound of crashing waves make this place a peaceful one. Nobody else is visiting the Lingayen Cove at the time. We’ve had it all for ourselves, and it was just perfect! The entrance fee costs ₱50.00/person.

Kanaway Beach

Kanaway beach was our second destination. It is the farthest of all the beaches. While traveling, I’ve got the time to talk with my habal-habal driver and he was very accommodating and friendly. So were the locals we’ve seen and waved at as he drove us along the way. Kanaway beach was an exquisite surprise. With ₱30.00/person as its entrance fee, it’s literally what the Filipinos call, “sulit”! It’s worth one’s money. The extensive and vast shore, the numerous sand ripples and dunes. The rock formations and the clear blue water. It was everything I had not seen on the beaches I’ve been to before. This is truly heaven on earth!

After we took photos of this wondrous beach, we were guided towards the boat to do island hopping, or should I say islet hopping? The sand was very fine everywhere we go. We trekked until we reached the top of the rock formation and snapped photos of the picturesque scenery. I’m glad I went there with the person I love. The place became so much more splendid! Hihi.

As we head back to the shore, the ‘turtle’ rock formation greeted us. After that, we went straight to Little Boracay.

Little Boracay

(Sorry, I wasn’t able to retrieve a good photo of it!)

Do you wonder why it’s called Little Boracay? Easy. Yes, it’s because of the beautiful white sand (that looks like Boracay sand)!

I’ll tell you what, it got me in awe. My mouth was agape in astonishment. It is the kind of beach that you’ll just stare at, making you beam because it genuinely feeds your soul. It satiates your longing for beauty and serenity. Coconut trees surround the place. The water is crystal clear and cold. The kind of cold that’s comforting as the heat of the sun was at its peak. We swam, had fun, and bonded with one another. Also, the halu-halo we’ve had was refreshing. Entrance fee is ₱30.00/person.

Golden Sand Beach

Before going back to our accommodation, this was the last beach we visited. As promised, the golden sand beach welcomed us as we enter the location. It was all majestic. My boyfriend and I roamed around to appreciate the place better. No doubt, the golden sand beach is very admirable. And everything was just golden–this is the most golden sand among all others. We stayed there for like 30-40 minutes. The time was never enough to get used to its beauty. The entrance fee also costs ₱30.00/person.

Salibungot Beach

To watch the sunrise on that day, we were scheduled on a habal trip to Salibungot beach at around 4 in the afternoon. So after the golden sand beach experience, we went back to Spir Resort, had our sumptuous lunch, then had our siesta. It was just a long yet enjoyable halcyon day. Moments after, it was time for Salibungot Beach, the last of Jomalig Island. Excitedly, under the irresistible heat of the sun, we proceeded.

On this beach is where “I Love Jomalig” can be found by tourists. After taking photos, we went for a swim. The water was consistently clean and cold–so much refreshing. The waves crash beautifully on the shore, and it was totally fun feeling them hit our bodies too. We really indulged in Jomalig’s comeliness.


Although the time was brief, I can say I am beyond grateful to have witnessed such paradise accessible to tourists and travelers like me. I really feel blessed to live in the Philippines, a country abundant in grandeur and wonderful sceneries. From the north to the south, there are a plethora of places worthy of your time and visit as well. See Jomalig Island’s maiden state and unspoiled beaches for yourself! You can find very affordable package tours and hotel accommodation for your stay there. Sulit!

Kai Aranda

By Kai Aranda

Kai is an experienced, passionate, and skilled writer. She is a graduate of Bachelor of Arts in Broadcast Communication from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines and has begun writing professionally before she finished her first college degree. She works on different niches - travel, health & wellness, lifestyle, marketing, technology, food, architecture, career, etc. Currently, she’s taking up her 2nd degree—BS Architecture. She loves to learn and share her insights through writing, illustrating, and public speaking.


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August 2, 2019

Wow! This article made me want to go to Jomalig Island! I love it! Great job to the writer ??

Jomar Refugio

August 2, 2019

This article made me more excited to go here soon.

Ninay Aranda

August 2, 2019

this article is good!

Rica Valenzuela

August 2, 2019

After reading this, im tempted to go to Jomalig as well! Yay!!! Hello Beaches! haha