Discover Montenegro – fairytale story to be experienced

Heading off to South-Eastern Europe? Where did East use to meet West through history? Feel ready to experience the best of the Balkans and explore country of vast contrasts in relatively small geographical location? Welcome to Montenegro, or Crna Gora (local expression means: Black Mountain), although small in size (covers an area of 5,019 squared miles), authentic in so different ways. Whether you choose strolling down the historical sites with great amount of cultural heritage, sailing through one of the most beautiful fjords, cooling off in the „tear“ of Europe, climbing to more than 20 tops from Dinaric hinterland, or you just want to afford yourself stress-relief get-a-way, this country has it all.

Be absorbed by Sunlight while sipping coctail on the finest beaches on Montengrin seashore.

Budva offers variety of amenities for all kind of guests. Luxurios boutique hotels located at the major attractions or exclusive resorts offering spa facilities, private beaches and night entertainment (casino); large choice of clubs, bars and restaurants; venue for music happenings and festivals; sandy beaches all equipped to high standards, outdoor activities (paragliding, bungee jumping, jet ski) and yet to come if you pick up this bustling spot to visit. While strolling down the narrow streets and collecting impressions of friendly atmosphere of Old town architecturally similar to Kotor, do not miss to visit Citadela, fortress worth short walk, whose view is spectacular. Sightseeing tour includes library room, gallery, lounge bar. Although in Budva it can get crowded in July and August, usually sunny days prolongs in September.
Street detail from Old Town Budva

Street detail from Old Town Budva

Ballet Dancer statue in Budva

Ballet Dancer statue in Budva

                Lord Byron quote: “At the birth of our planet, the most beautiful encounter between land and sea happened on the coast of Montenego”. Boka bay is located on the south-eastern coast of the Adriatic sea. Interesting equally by the way of its origin and stunning beauty of landscape. “Bride of the Adriatic” as it is usually referred to, is enlisted as one of the most wonderful bays which took place at the top compared to Norwegian ones. Tivat, Kotor and Herceg Novi are the largest towns on the Bay area.
(Point from which catching fabuluos photo scenery is a must)

Magnificient Krstac lookout on Boka bay

Should not be surprising that articles about Kotor at first place fill the pages of the most prestigious travel magazines and guides. Natural and historical values of this unique piece of land is recognized by UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural organization) for many reasons, and surely that's breathtaking for visitors whose main aim is sightseeing. Local spirit and mix of diverse influences and cultural characteristics are best kept here. Kotor's  friendship with modern time reflects in accepting great influx of tourists and visitors during cruise season (April-November); nevertheless, it possesses medieval charm due to numerous religious buildings, palaces, museums from that period. This picturesque town is full of small squares (known as: pjaca) and streets that reminds of natural labyrinth, houses and objects of wealthy sailors and nobleman, cultural institutions that keep the deepest secrets of this coastal town that lies between two hills ideal for exploration. Old part of Kotor town is surrounded by powerful ramparts and City walls that proved fullest protection of this urban settlement through history. One of must-to-do while in Kotor is climbing up to Sveti Ivan fortress on the highest peak – 260 m.a.s.l. and take a photo-break after crossing over 1.000 crumbling steps. The most narrow street worldly, one of the oldest cathedrals in Europe and Kotor's main symbol are highlights Kotor stands out for. To cut already long story short, Kotor is a place that exceeds your expectations. And don’t forget to get out on a boat trip in Boka Kotorska.
Palm trees along the main road in Kotor

Palm trees along the main road in Kotor

Tivat is usually referred to as one of the youngest towns in Boka bay. However, excellent geographical location (international airport) and natural beauty (rare salt pines), make it attractive destination for tourists. The potential for tourist valorization among firsts was recognized by Canadian investor and enterpreneur whose project became known widely as Porto Montenegro today, the capital for nautical tourism. This substantial waterfront village containing  promenade of shops, luxurious brand goods, local stores, marina, residential objects, restaurants, bars, museum with submarine and naval heritage collection, utilizes infrastructure that used to belong to Yugoslovenian navy. Regent hotel is synonymus for quality service of the highest standards. Today, Porto Montenegro has the status of the international border crossing and entire customs procedures can be completed at the marina. Town where different civilizations met and blended leaving a deep trace in today's image is Herceg Novi. Eternal lush vegetation and streets connected by numerous staircases steeply descending towards beach and seashore decorates this charming town. It rises dramatically along the sea above attractive mountain on the Adriatic coast – Orjen. During history it was ruled by Turks, Venetians and Spanish sailors. Impressive stone fortresses and towers were built by Turks, mostly for defense purposes. On the territory of the municipality there are churches counting to almost one hundred. From Herceg Novi, through Boka, tour can be continued by boat or car and it is also a chance to see complete Herceg Novi riviera – Meljine, Zelenika, Kumbor, Đenoviće, Baošiće, Bijela.

Paradise for thrill-seekers. Wonders of Montenegro awaiting for you…


The mountainside above Adriatic coast (Budva riviera and Boka Bay) provides magnificient experience of 15-20 minutes flying across dramatic scenery and stunnung aerial views (islands, beaches, Old Towns). Undoubtedly, the most popular take off point is from Brajići, 800 meters above popular town of Budva. The spot is easily accessible by car en major route to Podgorica. There are clubs with licenced pilots who are experienced paragliders and offer their tandem flights directly to clients (easily arranged) or through established cooperation with the agencies.
Parasailing in Budva (photo taken by:

Parasailing in Budva

White-water rafting.

Tara river in northern part of Montenegro and National Park of Durmitor is enrichened by the second deepest canyon in the world. Not just rapids make this 1/2/3-day tour extraordinary, but surrounding scenery with unspoiled beauty that takes your breath away (freezing temperature waterfalls, forests, lush vegetation…). Experience you should not miss when you are in Montenegro – real excitement guaranteed (month of May). With its flow length more than 80 miles, it is the longest river in Montenegro. Countless rapids, wild tributaries and waterfalls, crystally clear and cold water (even in the hottest months does not exceed 12 Celcius degrees) are among the reasons why Tara river is considered one of the most exhilirating rivers in Europe. 
View from Brajici

 View from Brajići

Canyoning Nevidio.

The name of canyon suggests its mysterious and impenetrable nature. A couple years ago, this canyon was remained unconquered. Today, it is opened for those brave lovers of nature in organized tours. Once they start going through, there is no possibility of turning back. Vertical cliffs, waterfalls, straits, narrow channels and passages are evidence of beauty and power of nature can create. With every step you will be in awe what nature can build. If you are a truly nature lover,  you should visit this hidden pearl.

Ada Bojana.

It is named after river that flows into Adriatic. Ulcinj is the most southern town bordering Albania and destination nature lovers fell in love with. The most Sunlit town famous for its finest sandy beaches and Velika Plaža stretching over  8 miles (the longest one). Šasko lake and Ulcinj’s salt pond are popular among birdwatchers, because it is major resting point for over 200 bird species on their migration paths. This river islet (Ada) is popular among foreign tourists for its peace – it is oasis of tranquility that overwhelms you entirely by its original charm. If you plan to keep yourself for longer here, there are choices of camphouses, bungalows and modern stilt houses. A large campsite is located in Ada Bojana.  Kitesurfing is common water fun activity here as Ulcinj is home to the first Kite Surf club in Montenegro. Revealed just piece of hidden treasures writing first part, northern are still to come. Montenegro is not just about seashore, it is much more. Hopefully, to be continued…




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