Discover Copenhagen: 6 Things To Do

January 1, 1970

by Shruthi-swaminathan

Travelling as a university student can be difficult; especially with budgets, deadlines and classes. However, with relatively cheap flights from Edinburgh and reading week, we packed up our bags and decided to fly to Copenhagen for the week.  Copenhagen is a city with a rich and vast history, impressive architecture and beautiful landscapes. Clean, safe and methodical, here are six things to do that’ll make your trip worthwhile.

Cycle The City

Copenhagen is a big city, but you must keep in mind that it is relatively flat as well. Renting out a bicycle remains relatively cheap and touring the city on wheels is even more entertaining. When we travelled to Copenhagen, we stayed at The Generator, a hostel that was rather inexpensive. The hostel offered amenities such as the rent of bikes, which made it hugely convenient for us to get around the town without paying for taxis or buses. We were able to make our way from the harbour to Tivoli and that National Museum with absolutely no trouble whatsoever. Furthermore, biking allowed us the opportunity to discover areas of the city that we’d never heard of before. The experience is definitely something I’d recommend, and it makes for some good memories on the road as well.

Biking in Copenhagen

Our little biking expedition in Copenhagen!

Binge at Copenhagen Street Food

While the city is large, tourists must take note that the minimum wage of Copenhagen is about $20. Naturally, this means that the cost of living is high, and food becomes pricey as well. Eating at international and continental restaurants can tend to take a lot of money out of your budget. If you search hard enough, Copenhagen has a lot of great street food areas which have affordable, yet incredible food. My friends and I spent nearly two nights binging at the waterside marketplace in Copenhagen, where there were vendors from every country and foods from every cuisine. Torvehallerne is yet another food market that I would recommend. It can be easily spotted at the centre of the city and includes an open market and an indoor market with cheeses and luxury foods galore. Plus, they have fantastic desserts!

A tree of wishes outside Copenhagen street food

A tree of wishes outside Copenhagen Street Food Waterside Marketplace.

Eat Breakfast at Holm’s Bager, Copenhagen

If you’re anything like me, you love a steaming hot cup of hot chocolate and a nice pastry in the morning. Holm’s provides some of the best pastries and croissants I have ever tasted in my life, all at a very affordable price. While you might think to wait until lunch until you indulge yourself, I would suggest that you travel to this bakery and enjoy. Scattered at different locations around the city, this bakery is one to die for. My friends and I spent three mornings at this glorious cafe. The hot chocolate is warm and tastes like heaven in your mouth, while the pastries are a great way to get your day started on a good note!

Eating a filling breakfast at Holm's Bakery, Copenhagen.

Eating a filling breakfast at Holm’s Bakery, Copenhagen- cinnamon buns, chocolate croissants and hot chocolate!

Get Ice-Cream and Slushies at Nyhavn

Nyhavn is the base of Copenhagen’s most beautiful harbour front. Colourful and vibrant buildings line the harbour as boats dock there for the day. During the daytime, hot dog vendors, ice cream parlours and restaurants are open for business, and this cute harbour is a lovely spot for a late night walk as well. On our first night in Copenhagen, my friends and I visited an ice cream parlour and were immediately intrigued by their cash machines- which permitted customers to automatically slide their cash into a large blue contraption, only to have change dispensed a few seconds later. However, it wasn’t simply the advanced technology that charmed us. The ice cream was fantastic, as were their ice blue slushes. Although it was autumn, we had a fantastic time dealing with a brain freeze for the next hour or so.

A lovely walk at the harbour front in Nyhavn.

A lovely walk at the harbour front in Nyhavn, right before we dig into some hot dogs!

Take a Copenhagen Canal Tour

Copenhagen is a water based city. As mentioned before, the harbour is beautiful, but it is not the only source of water you’ll see. Copenhagen’s canal tour takes you under bridges, through alleys and to regions of the city that you may never have thought to visit. With this, the tour guide, who fluently speaks English, Italian and Danish, also talks about the history of the town and the more recent developments. The guide also speaks of developments that are in progress at the moment, leaving most tourists awed and completely mesmerised by the city. On top of this, the tour does take you to briefly see The Little Mermaid, a statue that is a great tourist attraction for many travellers.  The tour remains one of my most memorable experiences in Copenhagen and isn’t too expensive either.

The Copenhagen Canal Tour

Seated on a boat at Nyhavn’s Harbour, waiting for the Copenhagen Canal Tour to begin.

Climb The Church Of Our Savior

For those who are willing to climb up a large church to take a long and hard look at the entire city, the Church of Our Savior is the one for you. Just a small walk from the harbour, this tower is tall and thin. Once at the top, you can see the entirety of Copenhagen in one glance. The walk up can be taxing and tiring but is definitely worth it. Contrary to popular belief, the walk up is not boring. Paintings are plastered on the walls and there are artefacts planted around the inside of the tower. Travellers are thus permitted to take their time in visiting this lovely church. The view from the top of the tower is one that you will remember for the rest of your life. The people below look like ants from where you’re standing and the harbourfront looks even more magnificent. You can see boats gliding through alleyways and disappearing under a bridge before reappearing moments later. When I take a birds’ eye view of this magnificent city, I am able to really comprehend the wonders of this world and the jewel that is Copenhagen.

Climbing up the Church of Our Savior

Climbing up the Church of Our Savior and further up the spiral stairs that take you to the very top of the tower.


By Shruthi-swaminathan

I'm a nineteen-year-old student studying in the United Kingdom, but originally from Singapore and India. Travel has always been a hobby of mine, and I've always loved to keep a travel journal and to write of where I've been and what I've done. Studying in the UK has given me countless opportunities to travel around Europe and I hope to continue documenting my journeys across the world. Stay tuned! :)


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