Discover Bellagio, where the two branches of Como Lake starts

January 1, 1970

by Cassandra-testa

Bellagio is a very small city near Como which is situated on a promontory where the two branches of Como Lake starts. The city is very nice and the lake view is fantastic!



How can I reach the city of Bellagio?


There are various way in which you can reach Bellagio. The easiest is by lake using a ferry. Various boats in direction of Bellagio leaves from Lecco’s shore and Como’s shore, in particular if you want to bring your car with you, you must use the Varenna’s pier, a small town on the Lecco’s shore. The ticket for a standard car including the driver is about 6,90 euros for journey, the ticket for a persona is about 4,90 euros.


To reach the beautiful town of Bellagio, I choose to use the car: I departed from a small village near Lecco, called Mandello del Lario, and to reach your destination, you must follow the street SS583 for the whole length. The street is really difficult, narrow and tortuous, so I suggest it only for very expert drivers. It is built very close to the lake and the view is spectacular, if you love photos, you will stop very often to take wonderful pictures.


From the city of Lecco you will will take about 40 minutes to reach Bellagio.


As you arrived at the city on promontory, the next problem will be the parking. I didn’t have to pay for the park (the cost is 1,50 euros per hour), I used a very useful map to find a free parking (the link is here). As I arrived at about 3 p.m., the parkings near the city centre were all full and so, I found a place immediately after the big curve to enter the city. From here it’s about 1 km on foot to reach the pedestrian area.


An advice: during summer holidays (usually from May to October) the historical centre becomes completely a pedestrian area, so you must pay attention, otherwise you could take a very high fine! Pay attention, also, to not leave your car on parkings reserved for residents (you can recognize them by the yellow lines), the police is very rigorous.


You can reach Bellagio also by taking a bus from the city of Lecco, but sincerely I don’t advice it because it might be very very long and you may lost too hours.


The history of Bellagio


The first inhabitants of Bellagio were named Insubri, after the territory was conquered by Galli and from 196 BC the domain step to Romans. The settlement was visited also by Caesar Giulio who brought some greeks’ settlers. They established in various places of Como Lake, including Bellagio. During the next years the roles of the city grew, not only as an interchange place (it’s really near to Spluga, a way to reach Switzerland), but also as a place where boats stopped, thanking to its calme lagoons and gulfs, an example is the lagoon of Loppia.


A curiosity: in this place romans cultivated many olive trees and laurels, from the latter, which its latin name is laurus, comes the name of Como Lake, Larius.


The very famous authors Virgilio and Plinio The Young visited the city and Plinio had also a very big house at the top of the promontory which was used as a summer residence.

In 568 Lombards conquered Bellagio after, there was the invasion of Carlo Magno’s troops and then of the Germans.

During the next centuries, the city was occupied by various conquerors, since, in 1508, the Bellagio’s fief stepped in the hands of Stanga, a lord, who quit a beautiful home at the top of the promontory, but after some years it was destroyed.


What can I see at Bellagio?


The most spectacular point of Bellagio is certainly the Punta Sparti-Vento, where the two branches of Como Lake starts. Here you could see a fantastic view on the both sides of the lake. The sunny day I choose to visit Bellagio was perfect!



To reach it, you must follow a very nice street which starts from the city centre and on its sides the are beautiful houses with huge gardens. You will not lose yourself, if you will follow the indications to Punta Sparti-Vento.

If it will be a sunny and hot day, you could take the sun leaving on the grass at the shadow of wonderful trees, but you could also take a bath in the lake using the small beach near the terrace.

Don’t forget your camera, here you will take fantastic photos!

Punta Sparti Vento

Punta Sparti Vento

Entering the city centre, you will be surprised by the numerous very narrow streets and lanes which  brings down to the lake. The major one consists in a long stair with many shops of typical products on sides. You could buy souvenirs and take a nice break in a bar.





For an ice-cream, I advice an ice-cream shop you could find immediately at the entrance of the city, it’s the cheapest (2 euros for a two-scope cone) and the ice-cream is very good and tasty.


The port is situated in the low part of Bellagio and there is the area for only pedestrians and that one for vehicles. To reach it there are two ways: the asphalted street with many 5 stars hotels or going down by one of the narrow lanes.


The typical dish of Bellagio is polenta with butter and local cheese, named toch. It is served generally during special periods, as winter holidays.


Bellagio is, also, the place in which the Rockefeller Foundation has its only extra America seat. Inside the city, it seems you have left Italy, at each corner you will meet an American or English people who are looking throw the streets and shops.

Rockfeller Foundation

Rockfeller Foundation


Other curiosities about Bellagio

This city on promontory is really famous in America: at Las Vegas there is The Bellagio Hotel & Casinò! Moreover, the street map of Los Angeles recalls the city of Como Lake, there is the Bellagio Road, Bellagio Way and Bellagio Terrace.


The name Bellagio has been given also to other two casinos in the world: at Lima, capital of Perù and at Colombo, in Sri Lanka.


At Hong Kong there is a residential skyscraper of 60 floors named exactly Bellagio.


At the pier Loppia are moored two of the last larius gondolas, an historical sailing boat used for transport goods on Como Lake, they are named Rosina and Giulia.


Bellagio is in relationships with various cities of the 24 States of European Union, as Altea in Spain and Judenburg in Austria.


The famous motorcyclist house Moto Guzzi, which its main site is in the near Mandello del Lario, has entitled to the city of Bellagio a series of motorcycles Custom.


On 28 September 2005, the Italian astronomer Valter Giuliani with Graziano Ventre, a citizen of Bellagio, discovers an asteroid and named it 79271 Bellagio.


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