Day Trip through Augsburg

Start at the Beginning – Discover your hometown As a traveler one is always reaching for the far away aims. After some years of constant travelling and discovering foreign places and different cultures, one sometimes realizes that he or she doesn’t even know the basics about their surroundings. You often first notice when someone from another city asks you for insider information or special travel tips about your home. To be fair – I discovered my place because I actually moved there from another town, so it was a new trip for me nevertheless. Therefore, I created a day trip through Augsburg for you. Why you should even go there? Well, if you are looking for a place away from the worn out paths you should definitely give it a go.

First of all – some dates.

Augsburg is said to be founded by the the Roman emperor Augustus in the year 15 b.c. as „Augusta Vindelicorum “. Due to its location at important trading routes it was a very wealthy city throughout the centuries which you can still see in many ways. Today, with its 289000 citizens it is the third largest city in Bavaria.

How to get there?

As a tourist or traveler your number one destination in Bavaria will naturally be Munich or Nuremberg. Public transport works very well in Germany, so this should be your first choice. Of course you can go by car, too. There is no toll (or not yet) for cars on motorways and parking fees are affordable, even if you should calculate with some extra time to get a free parking space in bigger cities. A train ride from Munich Central Station to Augsburg Central Station will take you (depending on which kind of train you take) between 30 and 45 minutes. From Nuremberg it’s between 1 and 2 hours. The most central point to start for the city round trip is the tram station „Königsplatz“ which is the center of the tram service in Augsburg. From the Central Station you can reach it either by foot (about 500 Meters along the Bahnhofstrasse) or hop on one of the trams from “Hauptbahnhof” If you plan to come by car there are plenty of car parks which are located close to the city center e.g. City Galerie, Ernst-Reuther-Platz, Schaezlerstrasse, Fuggerstraße or Ludwigstrasse. The prices are rather moderate compared to other cities, you should calculate with about 1 €/hour.  

Your Augsburg Day

If you’ve reached Köngsplatz you are in the vibrant city center. From here you can easily go everywhere by foot. If you prefer biking, there is a SWA bike rental station right next to the tram stop. You can rent a bike there – if you need any help, the SWA service Center is right around the corner in the middle of the station. You might already have had a long journey so far, so let’s start with a decent breakfast. The tram station „Königsplatz“ has a building in its middle. In this triangle building you can find some smaller shops, bakeries, the already mentioned SWA Service Center and a public restroom (It’s 70 Cents per use and really clean). If you like coffee – as I believe most people do – you will find one of the best coffee shops in Augsburg in this triangle. The „Schwarze Kiste“ serves coffee brewed by real (not Starbucks real but real real) Baristas and it tastes like heaven. Grab one and get a Sandwich with it, take a seat and soak in the first impressions of this hectic station. After our nice breakfast we continue the day with sights. The city is full of it – open to find or neatly hidden. If you don’t feel comfortable walking or biking around in a city you don’t know (for whatever reason) you can use the city’s service and tourist information point at Rathausplatz. They offer guided city tours in different languages, either walking or – if you’d like to try something new – on a Segway. We continue walking from Königsplatz to Moritzplatz. There are tons of churches, both catholic and Lutheran, spread all over Augsburg. My favorite one is the MORITZKIRCHE which is a little bit hidden behind the Moritzplatz Tram Station. The interior was newly designed a few years ago and is absolutely stunning. There is none of traditional catholic heaviness left within this building and I really recommend you to experience this. Take your time and enjoy. From the church we go on through the ancient working district. It is streaked by little streams which makes it really enjoyable to just wander through this district, maybe do a little shopping in the small shops within the buildings from the 18th century. 220px-Herrengasse,_Fuggerei,_AugsburgOur next stop should definitely be the FUGGEREI. The Fugger Family was (and still is) a very rich family of traders who donated the worldwide first social settlement to the city of Augsburg. People still live there today for one Euro rent every year. The settlement is a little village in itself and I highly recommend to take a guided tour through it because it is really extraordinary. You can even visit one of the houses – how it was then and how it looks now. We have already done a lot of walking by now and listened and read tons of information so I guess we should take a break and have a snack. Augsburg has had a lot of migration because after world war II the city was big in business in different industries. A lot of the so called „guest workers“ stayed and settled which brought a rich diversity of food to the city. Thanks to the Turkish migrants there a lots of döner restaurants. Most of them are not really restaurants but rather take away corners. PAMUKALE is actually a mixture. Located at Judenberg you can enjoy one of Augsburg‘s best döner here. Take an ayran with it – a drink that tastes s little bit like sour yoghurt but is perfect to fight the garlic and spice. Let’s go on to Augsburg‘s Rathausplatz. That’s the place where people meet, get a coffee and watch. The hole place has free Wi-Fi. If you would rather relax for some time than to hustle on choose one of the restaurants, order a drink and watch crossing people along with often hundreds of Augsburg’s citizens. You will quickly realize that gossip is one of Augsburg’s favorites.   A_rathausplatzIf you don’t need a break, let’s visit the RATHAUS. It’s a very nice and big building from Augsburg’s greater times. The golden room is very impressive but will cost you a few extra Euros. Right next to the Rathaus you can find the „PERLACHTURM“. It‘s a bell tower which rings different songs every day. If you feel like climbing up the 258 stairs to the top you will be rewarded with a magnificient view over the city. If a yellow flag is hoisted you should definitely climb up – it means that the good weather allows you to view the Alps. Almost every day you can already take a look at the cathedral which will be our next stop. When you get back down from the tower we walk from Rathausplatz straight into the cathedral quarter. Here, too, the neat streets and old houses are really enjoyable to look at. You will come across “MOZARTHAUS”, where Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s father Leopold was born. After the visit of the CATHEDRAL you can whether decide for dinner – after such an exhausting day I’d recommend a steakhouse (Azsteakas at Ludwigstrasse is the one with the best quality) – or you decide on a performance at AUGSBURGER PUPPENKISTE which is known all over the world for its famous puppeteers. The also offer performances which are suitable for adults but you should be quick to get your ticket, these performances are very popular.

Here are the streets and distances for your Navigation:

Hauptbahnhof to Königsplatz (650 m) to MORITZKIRCHE Moritzplatz(270 m) to OLD TOWN Pfladergasse (290 m) to FUGGEREI Herrengasse (600 m) to LUNCH Judenberg (800 m) to RATHAUS, PERLACHTURM Rathausplatz (230 m) to CATHEDRAL Kornhausgasse (650m) to DINNER Ludwigstraße (750 m) or AUGSBURGER PUPPENKISTE Spitalgasse (1,7 km)   I hope you enjoy your day. Let me know if you have any questions or any kind of feedback.


I grew up in a rather rural area in upper Bavaria and moved to Augburg in 2011. I work fulltime as a police officer and spend my spare time travelling the world. I pick my destinations randomly and try to plan as less as possible – which makes every trip an adventure.