Date night at Deja Vu

January 1, 1970

by Rona Sev

It was once again that time of the year, it was restaurant week in my hometown, Curacao. Every year twice a year there is the restaurant week, during this week customers could enjoy a 3-course dinner for only ANG 55,- ($ 31,-) at all the participating restaurants. Participating restaurants usually range from overpriced bistros to family dinners. This is, of course, an excellent opportunity to try out new restaurants or to visit restaurants you won’t usually visit, due to the cuisine, or because they are out of your budget.

For me, it was a great opportunity to try out a new restaurant. So I thought, it’s time for a fancy dinner date with hubby. We decided to go out for a date night. After carefully analyzing different menus we finally chose Deja VU. The restaurant week is a very busy period for most participating restaurants, for that reason, we decided to avoid the weekend, we called and made a reservation for a Tuesday, to ensure we will get a table for our Deja vu date night. French food is never our first option, but we were very excited about it. This restaurant offers French cuisine with a modern twist. We were looking forward to the day of our Deja VU date night.


Deja Vu is a fairly new, small, and cozy French restaurant located in the heart of Willemstad, Pietermaai. There are many other restaurants and cafe’s in this area. It’s a very beautiful area that is totally worth the visit. Pietermaai district is not only known for its good restaurants but Pietermaai is for centuries a history filled district, with a lot of monuments, however not all the monuments in this area has been restored yet, Pietermaai is still a work in progress. Pietermaai is surely a great place for a night out, its full of cozy restaurants, lively bars, and cafes. Pietermaai district is also home to many apartments and boutique hotels.

At the restaurant

The moment we stepped inside we were warmly greeted by the host. who asked us where we wanted to sit. The options where: 1) outside on the front porch 2) inside in the air-conditioning, or 3) upstairs outside on the back porch.

The front porch was lovely, you have a view on the street, and buildings in the area. The weather was very nice, as usual in Curacao. But there were no more seating options. The balcony was almost full. I believe that front porch would be ideal if you’re going for drinks. BUt to enjoy a 3-course dinner meal, I don’t believe the front porch would be my first option

Inside the restaurant, there is a bar, a couple of tables, and nice air conditioning. I believe inside is a great option for lunch, especially on a hot day. But for dinner, it was just a bit too cold for my taste, and the music was just a little bit too loud.

The upstairs porch was the perfect spot. Nice ocean view, nice weather, and very comfortable table. On the outside porch, there are about 5 tables, the moment we arrived 3 of them were occupied.Once we sat down it was so comfortable and relaxing we totally forgot about our long day and how tired we were. At that moment everything was just perfect.

I really liked the fact that the restaurant was not empty, either was it to or busy, This was just the right amount. You know, when the restaurant is oo busy and you have to wait 15 minutes for your drinks, or when its too empty and the waiter comes every 2 minutes to ask if everything is ok. Well, this was just the right amount to get attention fro our waiter, for the food to not take too long.

We asked for the wine list, it is a pretty small selection, but I found it to be just the right amount. Not too much to be overwhelming, but with the right options.

French cuisine with a twist

For the appetizer, we both had the smoked salmon. We both have very similar taste so we chose the same dish for all 3- courses. The smoked salmon was a very interesting combination. It was a fusion of guacamole, smoked salmon, with truffle and cassava. it was good!

Appetizer smoked salmon

For the main course, we both had salmon (needless to say, we are salmon lovers). The salmon was baked, served with sweet potato mousse, vegetables, and champagne sauce, my vegetable was a little bit salty, but regardless this dish was excellent! We enjoyed our food in a very relaxing atmosphere and great service.

Main course Baked Salmon

It was dessert time and I was super excited, I have a sweet tooth and I love desserts. If I could decide I would skip my meal and go straight to dessert. When the time for dessert arrived we both had the Nutella cake with Bailey’s sauce and red fruits (I was so excited that I completely forgot to take a picture). Sounds good right? someway somehow it was still not what I have expected it to be somehow this was a little disappointing. Don’t get me wrong, it was well presented and had good taste, but still, the flavors weren’t well-balanced ad the red fruits were frozen and not fresh, so when I took a bite with my sensitive teeth it was painful. My date liked it, he wasn’t so thrilled by the frozen fruits either but for $31 for a 3-course meal, it was more than perfect. Besides, I believe that during the restaurant week is not the best time to rate a restaurant. Usually, it is busier around the restaurant week, and the food is 1)less variation, because you can only choose from the fixed menu. 2) It is cheaper than the original restaurant price. So I completely understand that they are trying to fix the best possible dish at the most convenient price. To do so they may do things like using frozen fruits instead of fresh ones.


Me enjoying dinner

My opinion, Do it!

Deja vu date night was a complete success. I really liked the setup of the tables, music and lighting this all contributed to creating a very warm and cozy atmosphere. The seats were very comfortable; we talked, laughed the whole night. The service was very friendly, the location was perfect. Not only the restaurant but the whole Pietermaai area is just beautiful and worth visiting. This restaurant is also vegetarian-friendly, that’s definitely a plus point. We agreed on going back another time for lunch. This is the type of restaurant you could go with a group of friend for dinner, or co-workers for lunch, or even just to enjoy drinks, finger foods and great conversation on the front porch. When I go back for lunch I shall most definitely keep you posted on that experience. But to conclude  I will say that I would definitely recommend this restaurant to anyone living or visiting Curacao. Deja Vu, do It!


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