Dar es Salaam, Tanzania – Home of peace

Dar es Salaam is quite a huge city in Tanzania. Currently big and tall buildings are scattered all over the city. Yet, they are not precisely what I needed to see. As a visitor, I desired that would see authentic structures, eat local foods, and purchase a few  trinkets, and so on. Dar es Salaam is known as one of the best beach capitals of Africa. The place is surrounded by Indian ocean, after all, from North East to South East. [vc_video link=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SgahSBzIlJU&feature=youtu.be”] However there's more to Dar es Salaam than its beaches, and it can be proven true by just on trip to one of Dar es Salaam's finest destinations. Dar es Salaam itself is known as home to some of the richest of Tanzania. Though this may be true in some of its cities, Dar es Salaam offers more to the masses than meets the eye. If you're ever thinking of spending some time in the sunny city, here are some of the best places to visit in one of its most prestigious cities.

Mwalimu Julius K Nyerere Cultural Centre

The center also, known as Nyumba Ya Sanaa. One of the most historic sites of the Tanzania. Nyumba Ya Sanaa is a stunning sight to see, especially during sunset when the sun reflects off the tourist hotels that surround the towering building. One can enjoy the marvelous views of Nyumba Ya Sanaa while dining at one of the fine restaurants just across from it. The brave can even go all the way to the top of the Nyumba Ya Sanaa or take a nice spring stroll along its well-kept grounds.

Dar es Salaam Gymkhana club

Thousands of avid golfers and patrons enjoy Dar es Salaam Gymkhana club Garden's golf courses just because they're some of the best in the industry. With the weather warm year-round, golfing can happen pretty much any time. After a round of 10 holes, you can simply drive about a mile east to enjoy the Garden's midtown area that's full of trendy restaurants and bars.If you're looking to spend a little bit of time away from the sun, visit the Gardens Streets. It has the biggest names in the high fashion industry. You might want to look your best just in case you come across some of Dar es Salaam Gardens' celebrity residents.

Kariakoo market

This area is the central most part of Dar es Salaam. Kariakoo is an open-air commercial center that features a great selection of restaurants, shops, a movie theater, and live music on the weekends. A lot of activities happen around here, but if you're looking for a more adult crowd, you can head over to Kariakoo. This downtown strip is where you can find the hottest bars and clubs. However they are family – friendly as well, as the green market happens here every Saturday morning and the fountains on the plaza are always going for the kids.

Msasani town

Is a more peaceful vibe, you can head over to the equestrian Msasani town. Just before reaching Msasani, you can stop by one of Dar es Salaam's best recreational areas. Msasani's central area is the amphitheater, where they do free concerts and movie showings outdoors.They also do a food truck invasion regularly. Dar es Salaam Heading back East is the city center, also known as  Osterbay. You can take a day trip here to drive around and see some of the most beautiful mansions by the ocean. One of the most famous luxury hotels of the world is also located here, The Hyatt Regency Hotel. You can take a walk around Samora Avenue to see if any of the shops are to your liking. If you want to get a glimpse of how the rich of Osterbay spend their day, this will only tell you part of the story as most of them are probably in their multimillion dollar yachts out to sea.

Masaki – town of  luxury hotels

Just a few miles further south is a completely eclectic place so different from Dar es Salaam; you would think you were in a different region altogether. Masaki is the artist's mecca in Dar es Salaam. From street painting festivals to spoken word poetry shows, this area is a gathering place for the creative. It is also one of the oldest cities in Dar es Salaam. They have a wonderfully active theater and some of the best live music in the weekends. Masaki also leads right into the beach where the Indian ocean is located. Semi-pro surfers enjoy the bigger waves that come during hurricane season, and fishermen flog its pier day and night.

Kunduchi Beach

Kunduchi Beach is an up and coming city that's undergoing a lot of development to improve its infrastructure. Perhaps one of the best parts about Kunduch Beach is the inlet, where you can choose between two fishing piers and a rocky beach or a sandy beach. Kunduchi Beach is also home to some of the best free diving spots, as hundred of reefs are scattered just a little swim off from the shore. The Intracoastal side of the inlet features family picnic areas and more fishing spots as well.

Mbezi Beach

Mbezi Beach has one of the nicest beaches in Dar es Salaam, as it has some of the widest and longest shorelines. The downtown area itself is full of vibrancy and life, as it is known as the best happy hour location in town. The area is always busy, as itfeatures some of the best boutique shops and high-end restaurants in all of Dar es Salaam. Mbezi Beach also hosts tons of community activities such as food festivals, craft fairs, boating shows, and concerts.

Kisutu – a town full of Budha religion mansions

Kisutu is a very beautiful town located at Dar es Salaam city center. I decided to see how this town is so beautiful by walking. The town is very very clean and full of beautiful Hindu residents. The people living here are friendly people and people who take very seriously their spiritual faith. Their temples are very clean. The time of my visit was at 6:00 P.M., this is the time in which Hindus are visiting their temples to worship so their temples doors are not closed at all, anyone is able to see the worship service a far. Also, Kisutu is known in Dar es Salaam as the playground for the rich. It's normal to be caught in traffic in Kisutu while being surrounded by luxury cars. Being the southernmost city in the Dar es Salaam, Kisutu is closest to the other neighboring towns. One of its most famous locations, features some of the most beautiful architectures in the county.  


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