Dandeli: A Modest 2-day Itinerary

If a nature enthusiast lives in India, or more specifically Karnataka, making a trip to Dandeli is a must. Dandeli is a well-known tourist spot. If you’re thinking of stretching your legs for the weekend, then this place is ideal. The number of resorts coming up here is increasing day by day. Speaking of prices- some of them start at literally around $20 per night per person!

Dandeli Jungle Camp

Considering the number of resorts in Dandeli, we come into a dilemma as many of them offer the best services at reasonable prices. Starting from tents to luxurious villas to stay in. But we had it easy because when we booked, most of the resorts were already sold out. This one, Dandeli Jungle Camp and a couple of others were left out. Jumping right to the price- I would say the most reasonable per person for a night would be around 1500 – 2000 Rupees. I did mention the packages ranging around 20AUD (around 950 rupees), but it comes with very little to offer. At 950 Rupees, one would be residing in a tent… and the resorts don’t entertain if it rains. Moreover, the number of activities that are available in the 1500-2000 rupees packages are definitely worth the price. Some of the activities include Bird watching, trekking, natural jacuzzi, kayaking and so on. With this, the resort provides room accommodations with breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Transportation: What one might miss

Sure, all these resorts have excellent activities to offer, given the price. But how do you get to some of these activities? Yep, you either need to have your own vehicle or need to arrange your own transport for getting to these spots! Lucky for us, the Dandeli Jungle Camp resort provides transport facility to all the activity spots at the cost 800 rupees per car. This option might or might not be there in other resorts- better have a look at it first. So don’t forget about transport when you’re thinking of dropping by in a Dandeli resort.

Speaking of Rafting

There is no monument, no historical spot or anything special as such, apart from the blissful widespread forests. But one activity, that Dandeli is very popular for, is rafting. If one makes a trip to Paris, it’ll be a shame if he or she doesn’t visit the Eiffel Tower. Just like that if one makes it to Dandeli, rafting is a must. Here is where resorts get a little smart. Rafting never comes with the usual accommodation packages. Instead, it is considered an additional activity which comes with a price tag around 1300-1600 rupees… excluding transportation facilities! But being brutally honest… it’s an experience not to be missed. But rafting isn’t always available even if you’re willing to pay. It isn’t in the resort’s hands either. It all depends on the water level, the weather and the current. So enjoy the resort and whatever they have to offer. If rafting is available at the moment and you’re willing to pay, consider that a bonus. Anyway, the total expenditure for one person per night will come to 3500- 4000 rupees.

Manas Patil

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