Covasna-Romania-Magic place, magic castle "Daniel Castle"

January 1, 1970

by Dezeea

    What can I tell you? I have become passionate about castles in the past few years and my goal was to visit as many as possible, since our country provides this pleasurable opportunity.

            The great Castle Daniel


      My journey to Daniel Castle, located in Talisoara, Covasna County, Romania, started on Daniel’s birthday, my boyfriend, with a surprise I organized especially for him, without him suspecting anything. It seemed wonderful to me that I found this castle-hotel, having his exact name. We left the crowded Bucharest behind on Friday afternoon and as soon as we took road E60 and we were approaching the destination, we could foresee a wonderful, light green landscape, untouched by human hand.
     Soon after he castle gates were opened for us, we were astonished by the silence within, which surrounded us and filled us with goodness and peace, on top of all the wonderful sunsets we saw all the evenings we spent there and which were inviting us to love and to enjoy beauty!
We stayed in the most beautiful and spacious room, “The Swan suite” (because the swan was the emblem of the Daniels); it was painted in the colours of love, red and white, decorated with wood furniture, which complemented the room nicely, giving it a Bohemian touch. For everything to be perfect the room had a fireplace, which we lit every evening and where we enjoyed a glass of home made red wine (chosen from the restaurant’s menu).IMG_0760IMG_0459IMG_0801

 Food & drink 

          The restaurant combines traditional local dishes with modern ones. Here we had some of the most fabulous combinations (such as salad soup with smoked meat, wrapped in mini rolls, trout with pickled cabbage and pomegranate, pear stuffed with jam and seasoned with chocolate, a true rainbow of tastes for us, carefully presented by the waiter).
         Here I also enjoyed the best traditional brandy, so fragrant and rare because its preparation was a long process and the older it is the better it is; the waiter offered us a tip, he told us that we can rub it on your wrist, and if the perfume persists, this means the brandy is of the best quality (and I did so).
         Breakfast was also very heavy, without being the regular Swedish buffet. On the contrary, each table had its own buffet, loaded with home made dishes, including bread, Sambucus juice, a true culinary feast we could not resist. The entire weekend we preferred to drink our coffee in nature, in the courtyard, where we enjoyed the greenery surrounding us, the silence and the beautiful nature, feeling like real landowners of noble rank.
             Dinners at the castle were absolutely wonderful, the music could be heard in the background, the culinary delights and fine drinks were simply spoiling our taste buds, everything was completed by silence and goodness, and that made you feel comfortable, like at home, in your own living room.


    Hand in hand with the nature

        We spent the afternoon in nature; I chose to visit Varghis Gorge, a 10 kilometer walk from our hotel. These gorges are filled with caves, rare species of flowers, spectacular rocks carved by water, birds that gave us a musical show, following us during the hike. Unfortunately the rainy weather didn’t allow us to advance further on the path, so we had to go back to the hotel, where we were about to receive a well deserved massage after our adventure, an unusual experience though for a secluded place such the one we were.
      In the last day we visited the castle of Daniel of Romania, as our host suggested it. This mother castle was also located in Varghis and it spreads on a big area, behind which a river flows smoothly. Unfortunately this castle is abandoned and slowly decaying, although the authorities keep promising this too will become a hotel-castle. Still, this is a long process.
      We wrapped up the weekend with a history lesson and we visited Rupea fortress, one of the oldest archaeological sites in Romania, stronghold that once ensured the city from above; you can still see its past glory in its ruins and the position it still has today.
      It was an amazing trip, full of surprises and beautiful.
      Because this is my first article i want to dedicate to my lover Daniel, the person who inspire me in the last year and from now on.

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