Corregidor Island: So Small Yet So Big

January 1, 1970

by T.A.P.

It Finally Happened

Corregidor Island in Cavite is one of the places I have been wanting to visit since Grade School (I know, that was over 10 years ago!). Well, the long wait is over and thanks to the man who brought me there as a surprise weekend trip.

Going There:

There are several ways to reach Corregidor but the best option is to avail the tours via Sun Cruises Philippines. For Corregidor, you can choose from 5 tours and add optional activities to make your trip more exciting. For our weekend getaway, G booked the Day Tour Package for Php 2,549.00 which includes the following:

  • Roundtrip ferry transfers
  • Shine and entrance fees
  • Guided island tour
  • Buffet lunch

It may be a little bit costly but it is definitely worth it. I promise.

The Day Tour

It was a not-so-sunny Saturday when we went there (which is a good thing) and since it is a whole day tour that starts at 8AM, we had to wake up early to prepare.

Before The Trip

Make sure to be at the Esplanade Seaside Terminal, Sea Side Blvd., SM MOA Complex at 7AM for the check-in and boarding process. All you have to do is show the printed receipt at the check-in counter so they can provide you the ferry tickets and a sticker showing your name and the bus number where you are designated to. There’s a 7-Eleven store nearby for breakfast or snacks while waiting for the boarding time. Oh, there’s a smoking area too if you want fresh air.

Boarding time is 30 minutes before the 8AM sailing time, and you only need to take a 5-minute walk from the terminal to reach the Sun Cruises dock.

Sun Cruises ferry to Corregidor Island

Sun Cruises ferry to Corregidor Island


upper deck of the ferry (air-conditioned)

upper deck of the ferry (air-conditioned)


Sun Cruises crew dancing to keep the vibe alive!

Sun Cruises crew dancing to keep the vibe alive!

Travel Time

It takes an hour and 15 minutes to reach the island from Manila Bay. We arrived at 9:15 AM and went straight to Bus No. 2 which has the best tour guide named Armando. Mind you, the things he shared are just a bonus. His funny jokes and high energy are what made our trip memorable. I think all of us passengers in that bus did not have a dull moment with him. The next time we’ll go back, I’ll make sure to take a selfie with him!



Duration of the Day Tour

The Corregidor Day Tour is approximately 5 hours, from 9:15 AM to 2:30 PM, and it includes visiting the major attractions of Corregidor and of course, the buffet lunch. For the sake of people like me who knows nothing about the island, Corregidor, also known as “The Rock”, was very important during the World War 2 mainly because of its strategic location. Who would’ve thought that such a small island can cause an impact on invasion and liberation?

The Beautiful Scars

Don’t worry, I won’t bore you with everything that’s happened here during the War. For history buffs out there, I’ll let Google do the work for you. Besides, you do not only come here for its history, but also for the beauty of things preserved by history alone. I’ve got some of my best shots for you and I hope it’ll help convince you to see the actual place soon.

Battered Battery Way

Battered Battery Way


Battery Hearn


Mile Long Barracks


one of the barracks used during the War

one of the barracks used during the War


view from the top of the Spanish Lighthouse

view from the top of the Spanish Lighthouse; souvenir shops located below


sculpture at the entrance of the Pacific War Memorial

sculpture at the entrance of the Pacific War Memorial


Japanese Garden of Peace


Japanese Garden of Peace

Japanese Garden of Peace

The Malinta Tunnel

The best is always saved for last. The Malinta Tunnel was our last stop but going inside the tunnel is optional because it has a separate fee. To be honest, G and I opted not to take the Malinta Tunnel tour because we were already satisfied with what we saw from the other attractions, but then, Armando reminded us of how curiosity can kill us. So there, we paid Php200 each for the tour and it was indeed a good decision after all. It’s a 30-minute lights and sound show inside the tunnel which gives everyone a summary of what happened in the island. Question is, will I share the photos of the tunnel? Well, why not visit the island and see for yourself? 🙂

entrance of the Malinta Tunnel

Thumbs Up!

The Day Tour ended at 2:15 PM, just in time for departure. The ferry left at 2:30 PM and arrived in Manila at 3:45 PM. I commend Sun Cruises for the hassle-free getaway! The tour is seamless; They are very particular in time – when they say lunch is good for 50 minutes, the bus will arrive before the time is up and will ring the bell when the 50th minute has ended.

Well, this wraps up our weekend date at Corregidor. The next time I’ll be there, I’ll definitely stay overnight and book their optional tours.

So I guess I’ll see you on my next escape, yes? 🙂

Get out of that door

And call the league.

Go and see Corregidor,

An island so small, yet so big.


By T.A.P.

A pluviophile who loves food, books, and art. A woman who'd choose a round trip ticket over a gold jewelry.


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