Copenhagen: a Scandinavian gem

My first city break to Scandinavia didn’t disappoint! I was there for a total of 4 days. Before departing I’d been told the food was incredible and cultural activities are in abundance. The city surpassed all my expectations! In this article, I will run through my favourite eateries and activities to give you a snapshot into the enormity of what a city break in Copenhagen can offer visitors.

Some of the best food & drink spots in Copenhagen

Wherever you turn there is an abundance of eateries. Whether you stop at a cafe, restaurant, food hall, or street stalls, the food is incredibly tasty. Be warned Copenhagen and the rest of Denmark are notoriously pricey. Make sure you have a reasonable budget for food during your stay. If you eat out for most meals budget at least $40 a day. It would be a real shame to miss out, as Copenhagen is the perfect place to leave with a full and content stomach.

Nynhaven Waterfront

Nynhaven The perfect spot to dine alfresco on a late summers evening. It is a beautiful setting. The canal is buzzing with tourists and locals working on tightly packed wooden rigged boats. It’s a great atmosphere where you’ll find ample restaurant choice. Yes, you’ll find it is a tourist honeypot. But for good reason.  We ate at the Heering restaurant. I opted for roast pork with green pesto. The dishes are beautifully plated. Your food will look as pretty as a picture.

Street Food –  PapirØen

This is a must its great day or night! We ventured back here day after day because of the scrummy food on offer at bargain prices! Something to get everyone’s taste buds in the party tantalising. The markets housed in a Warehouse, it doesn’t look like much from the outside. But it faces out over the river. There is a scattering of deck chairs and group seating, the perfect spot to lounge about in and make the most of the gorgeous view! Indoors it’s pretty funky. There’s a whole host of food stalls to explore – pretty much all cuisine is on offer. It’s crammed full of delicious treats. I found it really hard making my mind up. The food hall offers a very relaxed atmosphere. The perfect place to spend a chilled afternoon munching away – my kind of heaven!


If you’re on the look for high-end food markets, look no further. It’s a busy covered market with lots of florists and food stands to explore. Definitely worth a stop to try a Danish delicacy SmØrrebrØd. Hallernes SmØrrebrØd is the top spot to head to – the queue speaks for itself. This is the perfect place to share a traditionally Danish delicacy of open sandwiches. They look and taste amazing! IMG_4102


Copenhagen is renowned for its culinary excellence. There are lots of Michelin star restaurants to choose from. Unfortunately, this was way out of our price range. Instead, we went to Almanak – a beautifully refurbished riverboat. We decided to splash out on our penultimate night, ordering a 5-course taster menu. Venison, veal, pork knuckle, prawns, smoked mash, and an assortment of green veg. Every morsel tasted amazing. I would highly recommend the restaurant, as it offers you the high-end dining experience without the extortionate price tag.

Street Crepes

Looking for breakfast and snacks on the go? Look no further. Made to order. First thing in the morning, eating a piping hot, chocolate and banana crepe – what’s not to like?

Activities -endless opportunity

My advice is, get moving! There’s so much to see and do on this city break. You will find something to cover everyone’s interests. I’ll run through a few of my favourites.

Tivoli Gardens

83ED8E88-9354-4489-87E1-4D39EC705226 I believe Denmark is home to the oldest theme park in Europe maybe the world. Well anyway, it is an absolute treasure. When you enter you feel like you have been transported back in time. The park is light hearted amusement at its best. Admission tickets are 110DKK and we also decided to buy an unlimited ride pass at 220DKK. We wanted to make the most of the time we had. Standout favourites rides were:
  • Aquila – experience centrifugal force
  • The Star Flyer – flying chairs the view is amazing at the top
  • The Spinning Tops – fast and furious they'll make your head spin

Church of our Saviour 

IMG_4037 I love a good view. Climbing up the spire certainly offers views of the city in abundance. You get to climb up through the heart of the spire, ducking and skirting your way through the myriad of beams. 400 steps up and you are rewarded with the most beautiful views of the city. Tip – the church tower is closed when it has been raining due to slippery conditions on the copper plating at the top. Make sure you go on a dry day to avoid disappointment.

FreeTown Christiana

IMG_4031 The free state within Copenhagen is definitely interesting to visit. It is quite a surreal experience. Without any cars, and hand built houses made out of scrap materials makes it feel very ghettoised. Upon entering I felt like I had stepped back in time.

Alternative methods of transport

To truly explore the Danish capital you need to join the locals. I would recommend getting into the spirit and travel around the capital by bike, boat, canoe or paddle board. We rented out bikes for a day to explore the wider reaches of the city. This was a really leisurely day, we got wanderlust, exploring many of the parks and stopping for a picnic en route. The locals make the most of the waterways. To truly see the city I’d recommend you do the same. Rent a boat and grab a few beers for a relaxed meander around. Or if you’re feeling more energetic I’d recommend renting a kayak, canoe or paddle board. Warning the water is freezing! All in all, it was a great few days exploring a new city. It feels like I’ve only just scratched the surface on what Copenhagen has to offer. I will definitely be heading back to Denmark again soon. Tak Kobenhavn  

Ellie on the go

In a nutshell, I love all things sporty, exploring new places, art and dining out. I’m am a big advocate of staycations across the UK and European city breaks. I am currently taking a few months out to venture further afield. Visiting New Zealand, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Indonesia in the coming months.