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June 9, 2019

by Itz_my_passion

Welcome you all to Kerala, renowned as ‘God’s own country’ is one of the largest and fastest growing tourism destinations in the world.

In 2012, the Traveller magazine a publication of National Geographic Society named Kerala as one of the “50 must-see destinations of a lifetime” also one of the “ten paradises of the world”. It’s enchanting beauty of rivers, seas, mountains, backwaters are what to explore, in the landscape of this beautiful state in India. I promise it is more than what words can explain.

Kumarakom, the harmony of nature in its true form…

Thinking about Kumarakom, it is a backwater tourism hub, situated on the bank of Vembanad lake, famous for its natural charm and aesthetic beauty. It will give your eyes a visual treat of traditional houseboats and village lifestyle.

What to explore in Kumarakom backwater destination?

The first thing you’re going to explore in Kumarakom is surely the backwaters. The soul of Kumarakom lies always in its villages, which gives a fresh experience on each visit.

To the deep blue Backwaters!

Interior of a houseboat, the traditional Kerala architecture

Backwater here that you are going to travel is the largest lake in Kerala, and the longest lake in India. It is a wetland area consists of a wide variety of flora and fauna, aquatic fishes and animals; You can explore the backwater cruise in “Kettuvallam” or the houseboats which gives a splendid view of the traditional architecture of Kerala.

Along with this, you can enjoy the village lifestyle on the banks of the lake. There is an island known as Pathiramanal or Midnight sands which gives the serene beauty of the lake. The Island was home for a variety of migratory birds from other parts of the world. You can also enjoy other lake activities; cruises, water sports and speed boat rides.


Bird Sanctuary in Kumarakom

Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary consists of 91 species of local and 50 species of migratory birds include Night Herons, Darters, Cormorants and Siberian stork. Along with migratory birds, you can see flora and fauna supporting the life system of birds. The Waterscape resort under Kerala Tourism District Council, located inside the bird sanctuary. The stay inside the resort will give you a new experience with lots of pleasant memories.

Village life activities of Kumarakom

The traditional coir-making in Kerala

If you want to touch and feel the life of a village, you must opt for a journey through inland waterways. Your journey will begin from Kavanattinkara, Kumarakom, take to the waters for a canal ride in a country boat operated by two experienced women. Accompanying you will be a guide who will take you through the backwaters as well as the villages. Through this journey, you can explore the village life activities such as coir making, dairy farms, fishing farm, paddy cultivation, tapping of toddy from coconut trees, handmade country boats; so on. The 45-minute inland navigation will give you the unique biodiversity of Kumarakom and the simple life of a village area. You will know about the traditional fishing method by using arrow and bow, also try your luck in fishing; Explore fishing with catch nets and trawl nets. Lime shell collection is a usual scene in the backwater stretches, you can also participate in the collection process along with the native people. Crab and prawn catching include more fun to your trip.

Aruvikkuzhi Waterfalls near Kumarakom

This waterfall is located very near to Kumarakom and famous for its intrinsic beauty. And was surrounded by rubber plantations and, it will be an ideal place if you like trekking. Water falling over from 100ft makes this point suitable for camping.

Kumarakom beach

It’s the time for you to explore a beach, along with backwaters and waterfalls Kumarakom brings you a sea shore which makes it a complete holiday destination. The peaceful coastal line and sandy shores make this ideal place for relaxation and meditation.

Bay Island Driftwood museum located in Kumarakom

Driftwood collected from the seashore

Driftwood articles are always the main attractions in every tourist destination. Driftwood museum in Kumarakom consists of commodities made up of driftwood, coming from Andaman and Nicobar Islands. You can view sculptures of animals, birds and fishes made by twisted trunks and roots of trees.

Let’s enjoy the ethnic food of Kumarakom

Pearl spot( known as Karimeen in Kerala) fish living in backwaters of Kerala, is one of the influential food culture here. The traditional recipes of Karimeen are extremely delicious among which “Karimeen mappas” and “Karimeen pollichath” are the top-rated ones.

Karimeen fry

“Karimeen mappas” with its delicate texture and thick coconut milk poured curry will surely remain in your tongue till your next visit to Kumarakom. “Karimeen pollichath”, an authentic fried variety, fried by using banana leaf will remain in your tongue for sure.
Other than Karimeen, you can taste a wide variety of local fishes inclusive of crab, prawns, lobster etc. You can experience the ethnic taste of Kerala food once you visit Kumarakom.

Where to stay in Kumarakom?

There are a lot of resorts and homestays readily available when you visit Kumarakom tourist area. Most of them are on the lake view side itself. You can stay there with all-time feeling the natural charm of the lake. You can also feel the traditional food or homely food from these resorts and homestays.

How to reach Kumarakom?

Kumarakom well connected with major cities and towns by all modes of transportation. By air with Cochin International Airport which is 80 km and Kottayam railway station which is only 16 km. Taxis and buses are readily available from all these points to reach Kumarakom.

Insights of Kumarakom…

Kumarakom is the first place in India to adopt responsible tourism practices. The village with its beautiful backwater stretch, mangrove forests, indigenous and migrant birds, canals, stream networks and paddy fields had the ideal setting for a backwater tourism destination. Despite all the pieces of information above, Kumarakom a small village area but its beauty and charm are beyond words. Along with beauty, the flora and fauna, climate, village life will give a new experience which will remain in you for the rest of your life. Let’s make the next holiday destination a memorable one.



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