Chile, Easter Island, how to get there and tips.

July 4, 2019

by Ailén Cano Martell

Easter Island is part of the country Chile, this country offers all kinds of seasons of the year to carry out all kinds of activities. But to start the first thing is to get to the airport of Santiago de Chile, the capital of the country.

Santiago International Airport

How to get to Easter Island.

Arriving at Santiago de Chile airport head to the boarding area to quickly board a LAN airline plane, this is the only carrier flying to Easter Island. The price of the flight may vary, costing around 455.32 US dollars round trip. If you book earlier in terms of dates you can find cheaper flight prices, or something more expensive if you book it close to the date you want to travel.

Easter Island Airport

The flight is about 4:45h, but the excitement of getting to this magical place that everyone is talking about is worth it. If you sit on the right side of the plane on the way out, and on the left side to turn you will see Easter Island from the sky, another of the great experiences of the trip.

The island, as soon as you arrive, makes you feel a sense of tranquility and energy. Following your arrival it is time to go to the place where you have previously made the reservation, the place that will be your home in the coming days.

Something characteristic of Easter Island, during the short route from the airport to the hotel, is that you can see streets and houses surrounded by nature, which you can feel emanating tranquility something that is sought in a journey of rest and relaxation.

Tourist attractions on Easter Island.

I recommend a tour that will take you to the most touristic places such as Pea Beach, Hanga Piko Cove, Church of the Holy Cross, the Caleta, Hanga Vare Vare and sunset in Tahai.

Easter Island Tourist attractions on Easter IslandTourist attractions on Easter Island

The Moai Quarry.

The next stop I recommend is on the way to Rano Raraku and is the Moai Quarry, or Ahu Hanga Te’e or Vaihu, as it is also known. In this place you can see several moais knocked down and several of its parts that ended up rolling in several directions, leaving some of them on the shores of the bay. It is a very striking image that allows you to know the passing of time in this place.

The moai quarry in Easter Island

Visiting this amazing Rano Raraku place on Easter Island, the Moai quarry, can take about 3 hours, so I advise you to come in time long enough so that you don’t feel like you’ve left places to see and enjoy and take the opportunity to stroll around the area so you can enjoy the incredible views of the island.

Finally and to close this trip I recommend you make a stop at a crater that is located in that area that is 10 meters deep and that is full of water so it forms a lake, inside the crater.

Get souvenirs from Easter Island as a gift.

The price of souvenirs on Easter Island is not exactly low. More or less inexpensive, it is the typical memory of magnet, book markers, keychains or representative figure of a moai of Easter Island, this is the most beautiful is a statuette of the great stone sculptures that are found around the whole island with a figure of man .

Moai figure carved in stone in the form of a man

You can find as a souvenir a statuette of a moai, these are carved in various materials for example: with volcanic stone, this stone is practically exhausted on the island. You can also find in wood this material is quite expensive because the wood used is very special because it needs to become a shrub of about 40 centimeters that takes about 12 to 15 years. If you are interested in these wooden ones I will tell you that the price goes from 180,000 Chilean pesos to 650,000 Chilean pesos, in the currency of the United States dollar are 263.62 dollars to 951.96 dollars and finally there are the cheapest built with a kind of concrete and stone.

Tips for the trip to Easter Island.

Always before taking a trip I suggest you look for details that you have to take into account to fully enjoy the stay in the place, in this case I recommend these.

Know the behavior of the weather.

Observe the weather in the date period chosen to know the behavior of the weather since it is common the rain in this place depending on the seasons so I think it is important that, whenever possible, some extra days are added to the stay on Easter Island , so that you can count on these if it dawns one day cloudy, on those rainy days you will touch relax and enjoy the facilities of the hotel, I recommend that those days enjoy them starting first the day charging energy with a great breakfast and then enjoy its exquisite cuisine with a ceviche lunch, a fish salad or a dish of fish of the day and another of meat, plus desserts and coffees.

ceviche lunch

Plan extra days for your trip.

Having an extra day on Rapa Nui Island is practically essential, both to rest and to know with tranquility all the most important places, having extra days will allow you to repeat another sunrise or another sunset in the main places of the island.

SIM card for cell phone on Easter Island.

The only phone company that exists on Easter Island is Entel, in the Hanga Roa area there is a shop of that telephone agency where you can get internet on your phone at affordable prices. If you have any questions or need help, check with the executive who serves you in the store who will leave everything ready to have a connection when you leave the store.

In conclusion, it is a trip where you will be surrounded by nature and peace, and if you are a lover of photography be sure to bring a camera because you can take the best photographs for the memory of the beautiful landscapes of Easter Island.


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