Chihuahua: More than a dog, a city.

January 1, 1970

by @anyanglz

I’m sure you’ve all heard about the “Chihuahua” dog, right? But believe me when I say that “Chihuahua” is way more than just that small animal; believe me because it is the largest state in Mexico (by area) and its capital is called Chihuahua as well.

I think I should start by telling you exactly where in Mexico this city is located: In the northern part of the country, in the middle of the state (which has its fronteer with the United States of America), there it is where you can find the beautiful city where I was born.


All around the country, people laugh about how we speak in Chihuahua. They think we are always mad, they say we are kind of singing when we speak, but the truth is that it’s just our northern accent, just our unique way to speak.
Even though people from other cities might think that we are all mad here, one of our assets is our kindness and hospitality.

I will be speaking as “WE” because here is where I live, but of course I’m being general, I mean, as every other place, it has its ups and downs, its good things and its bad ones.



There are plenty of things that you can do in this city, it will all depend of what kind of activities you would like to do.

Lets say that you want to know the city and its history, for this, there is a city tour bus that will take you to the main touristic attractions such as revolutionary museums, big old art nouveau mansion, art museums, and the tomb of a history character among other interesting things.

You can also take a walk downtown; there are a few streets that are only for walkers, there are no cars transiting. There, you can find a diversity of restaurants and cafes to calm down your hunger and/or to satisfy that craving for cake and ice cream.

Downtown you can find the city cathedral, which is usually open and you can either just visit it or stay for a catholic mass.



To be honest, public transportation is not very nice in this city. We do not have subway as big cities do; we only have public busses and taxis. I would definitely recommend the use of taxis instead of the busses. Remember this is a third world country and your safety and security comes first, so keep in mind that you must have your money in a safe pocket or at least for people not to see your belongings at first sight so that you don’t get robbed.



You can try lots of different Mexican dishes, from tacos or burritos to some more fancy food. You can either eat some street food such as tacos, burgers, hotdogs, or the famous “montados” Montados are a specialty from this city. It is a Tortilla with chesse, beans and some meat. To be honest, it is delicious.

If you want something more fancy, you can go to a place called “EL MESON DE CATERDAL” this place is located next to downtown’s cathedral so it has an amazing view; in this place you can find delicious Mexican dishes, typical food that is well done. It is definitely a beautiful place to eat or have dinner.



If you want to buy some souvenirs for your relatives or friends, you can buy some dry meat, which is famous in this place, or some “asadero” or Chihuahua cheese.

There is also a place downtown where you can find all kind of things made by our regional “tarahumaras” and some Mexican art. In this place you can also find cups, magnets, pens and



If nightlife is what you are looking for, you can find different types of bars, clubs, and places to sing karaoke. (keep in mind that Chihuahua is not a huge city and it is definitely not known for its night life)

I truly believe that for a great night out, what matters the most is the company, so it doesn’t really matter if you go to a bar, a night club or a restaurant, for me it’s best to go with friends or people that you enjoy having a conversation with.

I can give you some recommendations to enjoy some drinks and have a great night:

  • SINATRA- it is a karaoke bar. The place is small but you can show people your talent or your not so beautiful voice. Shyness is not allowed in this place. There are a few days in which at midnight the mariachi shows up and everyone starts singing with them some typical Mexican songs. If you have a beautiful voice, you can participate in their official contest and win some cash. In Sinatra everyone ends up dancing and having a blast.
  • LA CANTINITA- This place is very colorful and its decorations it’s very Mexican. In La Cantinita you can enjoy some drinks, food, and a good talk while listening to live music. Everyone ends up standing, singing and having fun.
  • LA CERVE- This is a place with tradition in this city. Here is were you’ll get to listen to regional music, people will be dressed with hats and a little bit more “cowboy style” (In their own Mexican way) This is a place to be either sitting down drinking beer and eating chips, or dancing Mexican music. This place opens its doors at around 12:00 pm so you can go with your friends, have something to eat and then spend your day/night there, but it closes at midnight.
  • CLASSICO- This is a night club where you need to put more effort on your outfit. (For women, high heels are a must) The music? Mostly POP in English and Spanish, you can also find some reggaeton and rap. This place is a little bit more expensive than others. There’s also a fee just to enter the place.

I hope you all get to know this beautiful city, and share you opinion with others. Remember traveling is always a possibility to learn and to live new adventures. Chihuahua city is waiting for you! I hope to see you here soon.

Quinta Gameros

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