Cheap Eats and a Few Cheeky Drinks: Melbourne, Australia

February 23, 2017

by Countryless Couple

Melbourne, Australia Two Day Unique & Cheap Food Tour

Since we are both the Countryless Couple I’d thought I’d let Lewis have a go at blogging and what better subject for an Australian food lover than Melbourne’s cuisine!
Having the great pleasure of living in Melbourne for a year I was flung into the food capital of Australia. My taste buds were overwhelmed with the tastes and flavours of Melbourne, that my simple country palate had never experienced.

As everybody knows Australia is expensive and this guide will show a cheaper option that’s bursting with flavour. This two day rapid food tour, and maybe I’ll throw in a few bars to fill in time ;), will show off what Australia’s multicultural food capital has to offer, all while doing it on a budget.
So what’s not to love? Cheap food, savoury to spicy, maybe a few cheeky beers and Melbourne all wrapped up in a two day world wind eatathon!

Finder's Street Station

Finder’s Street Station


Melbourne is always busy and the weather is a little unpredictable so when to go is tricky! Personally I love the end of Summer, February to April, it’s not crazy warm and the changing season is a beautiful site to see.
Midweek is also better no crowds and no chance of that one mouth-watering dish to be sold out.





Melbourne is famous for custom coffee! Start in the CBD along Campbell Arcade and settle into a small coffee shop, order poached eggs over avocado and combine it with an interesting strong mug of coffee and your morning will be off to a flying start.

Classic Cup

Classic Cup of Melbourne Coffee


Take tram 96, 10 minutes north to where the rich and poor share the streets in trendy fashion. Tucked away up David Street is Jimmy Grants, an upscale Greek fast food restaurant. You can’t go past a lamb souva but they have much more including veggie options. Mmm slow cooked lamb with some chips all tightly together in an easy to handle wrap.


Head back to the CBD and have a walk around Federation Square and Finders Street Station. After working up a sweat walk across the road to the famous Young & Jacksons Pub and indulged in a crisp cold beer, the options are plentiful on tap so let your thirst wonder. No trip to this historic pub is complete without saying hello to Chloe, a larger than life portrait of a naked French lady from 1875.


After a few beers walk up Swanston Street to the Rooftop Bar and watch the sunset over the City. This outdoor rooftop terrace will cost a little more for a drink but the view is hard to beat!


The reason I chose Wednesday is because of the Summer Night Markets at the Queen Victoria Markets. Restaurants reputations are born here, 100’s of stalls offering any type of cuisine can be found through the mass of people. Grab yourself a sangria walk around and let your nose make the decision.



Hoping you didn’t drink too much sangria at the markets get up early and catch tram 11 to Preston. I know 20 minutes might seem a long way out of the CBD, but trust me breakfast at Chumanchu is worth it. Modern Asian Fusion accompanied with full flavour coffee is the best way to wake up. My tip is corn fritters with smashed avocado and sweet chill sauce, winner!

I know you’re probably starting to feel full from all this eating but keep up, it only gets better!!!


On your way back to the CBD stop halfway in Fitzroy and take in the hipster capital of Melbourne! All along Brunswick Street there are tons of bars, cafes and restaurants. If you have time stop at Bimbos, a 2 story bar with eye-popping art inside including an aeroplane cockpit. Perks are cheap drinks and $4 dollar pizzas at night if you decide to hang around.

Walk off lunch and enjoy the colorful homes of Fitzroy

Walk off lunch and enjoy the colorful homes of Fitzroy


Belle’s Hot Chicken is a retro-chic diner on Gertrude Street serving up better than finger-licking-good chicken (KFC). Pick your heat and enjoy, the spicier the better I say.


If you are wanting another magical sunset there’s no place better than Naked for Satan just around the corner from Belles Hot Chicken. The open air rooftop has you front row to see the sun glisten off the CBDs skyscrapers. Once again you will pay a little more for drinks but this is a must do! Apologies to your wallet.


To experience the full force of Melbourne’s flavours, a visit to China town in Little Bourke Street is in order. Dumplings and BYO is a travellers dream and Shanghai Dumpling House on Tattersall Ln does not disappoint! Grab a few bottles of wine and settle in for the night with mountains of cheap dumplings. I cannot talk this place up enough, if I had to only eat one meal for the rest of my life it will come from Shanghai Dumpling House.

Blurry China Town after a few BYO wines

Blurry China Town after a few BYO wines


Conveniently located next door to Shanghai Dumpling House is Section 8. This bar has character and dirty charm with an outdoor setting made of wooden pallets and the bar in a shipping container. Section 8 is a great place to relax after a mega two day rapid tour of Melbourne’s unique and cheap eats.



I hope this guide is helpful for when you arrive in Melbourne, it’s a big city with even bigger flavour. This unique and cheapish guide will explore the city and surrounding suburbs letting you indulge in the total tastes and sites of Melbourne.
Personally I can’t wait to take Lily to all of these when we (The Countryless Couple) arrive in Australia. Writing this has made my mouth watery and has even made me a little homesick, but I know these unique cheapish eats will still be there waiting for us!!!

Countryless Couple

By Countryless Couple

Come explore unknown places with me! I'm Lily, a 25 year old Hoosier, currently traveling Latin America with my Aussie boyfriend. We love to travel on the cheap, go off the path, and enjoy some local food.


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