Chasing Waterfall in Kawasan Falls Badian, Cebu

January 1, 1970

by Jesca Anoos

If you’re planning to take a trip to the Island of Cebu in the Philippines, the World’s 6th Best Island , I recommend you to include the Kawasan Falls on your itinerary. There are various activities to enjoy from there that one shouldn’t miss. Waterfall Chasing, Canyoneering, Cliff Diving, and of course, the turquoise blue water are all of these every tourist and even the locals are all anticipating for.

Turquoise Blue Water in Kawasan Falls

Waterfall Chasing in Kawasan Falls

How to get there?

Kawasan Falls located in Brgy. Matutinao, Badian which lies in the south-west countryside in Cebu, Philippines. When you’re from the airport, go straight directly to the South Bus Terminal that’s about an hour and a half ride from the airport to the bus terminal. Once you’re there, take a bus going to Badian, it can be easily determined since most buses have signages of the route, or you might as well ask assistance from the bus embarkers around just inform them that you’ll be heading to the Kawasan Falls. It’s about a 3 hours bus ride from the city (Cebu Bus Terminal) to the destination (Badian). I know the trip might bore you however along your way you can pass by other significant places along the south coast countryside of Cebu. The fare may range from Php140 – Php150 depending if it’s an air-conditioned bus or not and considering as well the season. The Kawasan Falls is located inside the mountains of¬†Barangay Matutinao, so as you arrived in Badian you’ll need to walk uphill or you may take a bicycle – the fare cost Php60 per person (for me that price is a bit expensive). Another Php20 which is for the entrance fee as you get there. Along the trail, you can find the flowing waters along the side. These waters are naturally flowing from the trees and mountains, there are small huts selling souvenir items such as shirts, keychains and all other memorabilia.

What to expect from Kawasan Falls.

Kawasan Falls is comprised of three stages of a waterfall. It’s turquoise blue water is very cool and made you feel calm and pleasant. We prefer to stay in the first waterfall since it is the nearest one from the starting point, this is also where we had our waterfall chasing experience. The second stage of the fall was likely bigger and wider and more overcrowded since there were a lot of rooms and cottages from there. These cottages and rooms are available to anyone or everyone who would want to stay overnight. The farthest waterfall is the one on the third, which we believe where the waters originated from. For various reasons, we preferred to stay in the first waterfall, this is actually ideal to those who wouldn’t be staying overnight, however, air-conditioned rooms were also available in this area. The tables and chairs set cost Php500 that would already fit for an entire family. Dressing Rooms are available for free. Good thing is that the foods that we brought didn’t have corkage fee and we can stay longer any time we want.


The Waterfall Chasing Experience

To savour the moment, we took a bamboo raft , balsa in Bisayan language, for a charge of Php500 that’s a 30-minute ride and took the chance to come closer directly beneath the hard falling waterfalls. The experience is so intense and thrilling it is like getting a shower beneath a waterfall. There were eight of us in the raft, all of us were all cousins excluding the guy who was our guide and who assist in pulling the ropes. If you were up for extreme water adventure certainly this one is a good start. I can say that it was a safe relaxing activity without being physically hurt and wounded unlike the canyoneering activity (I’m not trying to discourage this kind of activity, though). While on the raft beneath the waterfall, our guide helped us in taking videos while instructing us to try different body positions. One is to lay down which the water would drop directly onto our back body and second is to stand up which the water falls directly fall onto our head. Each of us came to conclude, that this one of a kind experience was definitely fun, extreme and relaxing at the same time because the hard fall of the water is something like you’re having a back massage, a head massage, or a full body massage. We keep on laughing out loud and screaming as well because the funny part of it was that one of our cousins’ short pants had fallen down due to the hard fall water pressure and every time he needs to pull it back he was unable to do so. Without noticing the time, we didn’t mind that our 30 minutes was over. Right after that, we felt so very exhausted however we felt overjoyed by our experience. Our funniest moments and the experience we had are worth to share to everyone to all of our friends and to the rest of our cousins who were unable to come with us. See our video clip below:


Going Home

It was already late in the afternoon and the sky was getting darker. We then decided to pack our things, changed our wet clothes as we’re ready to leave the place. Instead of taking another bicycle ride going downhill, we prefer to take a walk back to the entrance point on the way to the main road. It’s a good way of minimising our budget from paying another Php60/person fare. It was also perfect for us to take pictures as we walk. We also took a peek on what they called as “Tubod” Flowing water. Tubod is a Bisayan word for spring. The water is so cool however I was only distracted by the mosquitoes that keep on biting me. You can also find houses along the trail, these are locals and residents from Kawasan Falls, most of these people are selling souvenir items, foods to anyone who wants to dine. There’s one house from there that you can inquire about the Canyoneering activities. Whenever you’re lost or confused with the path, don’t hesitate to ask questions from the locals because Filipinos especially Bisayans are hospitable and communication isn’t a problem since we can speak and understand English. To get back to the city, we waited for the bus to passed by on the main road. The main road is just right from where we entered going to Kawasan Falls.

Flowing waters from Kawasan Falls

Kawasan Falls is the most visited tourist destination in Cebu, Philippines. It is also the most pictured waterfall by photographers, travel bloggers, tourists taking selfies and Instagrammers. You may check Instagram and search for hashtag Kawasan Falls or even search for checked-in places there are thousands of photos shared and that’s a proof.

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