CHANIA : A secret paradise in the Greek island of Crete

The sun is up and the summer feeling penetrates inside your mind. You have too much work, and projects with deadlines, but you dream that you are on a tropical island and drink your cocktail at the beach. You dream that you seek adventures and live new experiences with your flip-flops, but you don’t know where to go for your summer holidays. Keep calm and put your seatbelt on because I will travel you to the most magical destination. If you are a dreamer and you love exploring the secret corners of the world, let me show you a place that is best for you and is so breathtaking. Chania, can set you free and has a taste of Greece. The wonderful city is located on the Greek island of Crete, and it is like magic. I visited it before two years and it was the best experience of my life. Are you ready to begin the journey?

A touch of blue calmness: Must see Beaches in Chania

Elaphonisi Beach

One of the most famous beaches in Crete is the Elafonisi Beach, that is located in the southwestern part of the island. The golden sand touches the crystal turquoise waters and the magical view is undeniably a scene of a fairy-tale. I was so excited when I went there because the combination of the light blue color of the sea and the white sand seems like a paradise on Earth. The aura of this destination it was so calm and positive so I recommend you to visit it. Elafonisi has a distance of 76 km from the center of Chania and you have the opportunity to go there with a car (1.5-hour distance) or with a bus from the center of the town.

Seitan Limani

And here we are. If you love challenges, it is must visit the most adventurous beach of Chania that called “Seitan Limani Beach”. Be ready to push your limits and feed your adrenaline. You will have the opportunity of testing your heartbeats while you should climb down through big rocks, in order to arrive at the beach. The climbing is the only way to arrive in Seitan Limani because is a secret beach area that is surrounded by huge caves. Unquestionably the breathtaking view and the baby blue colors of the water is worth the effort to take the risk. The amazing beach is located 22.2 km from the center of Chania (38 minutes distance) and you can move there with a car.


Have you ever seen pink sand? Yes, you read well. It is not a dream. It is real and it is waiting for you to explore that beautiful creation of God. A beach with clear waters, sand with pink shadows and the view of the horizon, are surely the best way to fulfillment and relax. Balos Beach is a work of art with ocean blue and light green colors that help you to set your soul free. You can move here by boat from the port of Kissamos that is located 43 km away from Chania and you can get there with a bus.  

Entertainment Box: Top 3 Nightlife Places

Cabana Mare Beach Bar

The most famous beach bar in Chania. The Cabana Mare Beach bar is located in Agia Marina (9.1 km away from Chania) and has a big beach area. A special place with swimming pools, music hits by popular DJs, summer cocktails, and alcoholic drinks. The summer pool parties until the morning are unquestionably an opportunity to enjoy the wonderful sunrise of Chania with a lot of dance. It is well known that a tasty food brings joy to the people – especially in me – so the Cabana Mare Beach bar taking care for the happiness of their customers. It serves dishes of Mediterranean cuisine and sushi plates, so the individuals can have a fresh experience of a different kind of food.

Ammos & Ilios Beach bar

The second most famous beach bar is the Ammos & Ilios that is located also in Agia Marina and has a distance of 8.7 km from the center of Chania. It is a great option for having fun and tanning near the sea. The Ammos & Ilios Beach Bar stands out for the organization of full of fun beach parties and events with special guests and popular DJs. Be ready to be a part of the biggest events on the island and trust me it will an unforgettable experience.

Senso Club

The Senso Club is located in the heart of the town, in the center of Chania. It will be easy to find it and is a glamorous club with Greek hits and international music. It is the most popular option for clubbing in Chania that will excite you. The Senso Nightclub is the king of the nightlife and it will give you great nights with excellent host and plenty of popular songs. Try it.

A traditional glimpse

Drunk stories with “RAKI”

Raki is the traditional alcoholic drink of Crete and is one of the reasons that I love Crete. It is made of grapes and you have to taste it. The warm Raki that called Rakomelo is a mix of Raki and honey and is also so popular in Crete. The Cretan people are so hospitable and warm so they always treat individuals and tourists with a shot of “Raki” or “Rakomelo” in order to show their positive welcome. According to Cretan people, any glass of Raki has a different symbolism so they made a Decalogue of Raki. The first glass brings an appetite, and the other glasses bring health, joy, happiness, excitement, chatter, fight, the police, judge, and funeral respectively. You can drink Raki in every restaurant in the town and you can buy that special drink from supermarkets, souvenir shops or from the central market of Chania. For the Cretan people, Raki is not only a drink. It is a way of living and a manner to express their feelings, their love and their positive energy to someone.

The Old Port of Chania

The Old Port of Chania has a modern and traditional identity simultaneously because it combines the excellent nightlife with a lot of restaurants, coffee shops, and traditional roads. When you walk in the old port you will have the opportunity to enjoy the sunset and discover the traditional streets. It is must taste the seafood from “Apostolis Restaurant” and the traditional Crete cuisine in “Chalkina Restaurant” that is located near the old port. I tasted them both and believe me I was speechless about the food choices.


My name is Christina Loizou and I am 22 years old. I am from Cyprus, a beautiful island in Mediterranean sea. I studied Business Administration and my path is to write poems, lyrics and songs. I am a part – time traveller and I strongly believe that every destination has a special aura and learns you how to see the positive side of life. I am adventurer and I love to challenge myself so my aim is to travel the whole world in order to gain new experiences. I am passionate about writing, and through my words i want to encourage people to seek what sets their soul on fire, and believe in their inner strength. The key to fullfilness is to live our lifes in a full dose of passion and freedom, and my function is to help people to find it.