Chandigarh- Place to have a great vacation

May 18, 2019

by Jasmeen Kaur

Chandigarh the best planned and organized city of India built at the foothills of Shivalik is as divine as its name which is named after the goddess Chandi. Living my whole life here and still each day I find it more serene. Every day going around the streets, the malls, the parks, I find something new and unique here. It truly is a treasure to be had. It is located near the hills of Kasauli which can be viewed easily and when you go towards them you feel you can just touch them but not so soon as it takes about 2 hours drive to reach there. As Chandigarh is near to the hills its weather is also similar to them. If it gets too hot you’ll get a breather as it will be cloudy and rainy soon. But for tourists, it’s better to visit in the months of March or April and October or November as the weather then is best not too hot or too cold. And also it will be the festive season in these months so you can enjoy a lot by viewing our traditions and also make nice purchases for you and your friends that will always remind you of how beautiful Chandigarh, India is. Reaching here is also not difficult as there are plenty of options like trains, buses, airplanes, etc. but by ship is not possible.

Planning and plotting

The city is designed geometrically, with being divided into different sectors and each sector having residential areas, parks, schools, markets, hospitals, all at just 5-minute drives and yes no traffic jams due to the wide, clean and beautiful roads. There are so many roads by which you can reach a place without the fear of being stuck in a jam and even going to the same place of work daily can be soothing as you can take different roads to reach the same place as it is all connected.

Greenery intensified

All through Chandigarh and even, it’s neighboring areas like Mohali and Panchkula, on one side you will find the buildings, flats, etc. and the other side it will be dense trees, beautiful nurseries, and parks. There are many beautiful gardens here like The Zakir Rose Garden, The Leisure valley, The Butterfly Park, The Bougainvillea Garden, being a few which are the best picnic spots for children and adults.

The best place and the newest addition to the greenery of Chandigarh are The City Forest.  It is located close to the Sukhna Lake and was opened only about a year back. Even I didn’t know such a place existed in my own city. It is a mini forest right in the heart of the city where you can find various varieties of flora and fauna i.e. birds and animals living here. You will hear birds chirping and even see and hear peacocks scream. Definitely, it gives a look and feel of a forest which you can’t even imagine to find so close to home. When the first time I saw it I thought as if it had directly come out of a movie. The air is so fresh here that you would have not inhaled in a decade. Yes, but apply mosquito repellent before you go in.


This is the entrance to the City Forest, imagine how it will be on the inside.


As you go in.


Now, the adventure begins.

Places to see

There are a lot of places to visit but the ones that should not be missed are:

Rock Garden

A most unique and beautiful sculpture made from old broken waste materials., makes you think what all can be done with things we thought not useful.

Capitol Complex

It has the big important buildings and architectural marvels like the Secretariat, The High Court and the Open Hand monument, though you cannot visit here without taking permission.

Sukhna Lake

Yes, there aren’t any beaches here but what Sukhna Lake offers you in terms of scenic beauty is more than enough to give you a boost of freshness and yes you can do boating here.

Garden of Silence

Close to the Sukhna lake is the beautiful Garden of Silence which has a big statue of Lord Buddha, but you won’t find any silence here for there are so many people there.

These placed will definitely give a boost to your creative side, either by giving you motivation for arts and crafts or helping you become an amateur photographer like I have while clicking these pictures.


A sunset as seen from Sukhna Lake


The point where sky and water meet.


This is where the Sukhna ends.

Shopping Spots

For a few materialistic possessions, you need to go shopping, and for your desire to have hands full of big shopping bags which you can’t carry easily please get a credit/debit card and go to sector 17 and sector 22, also you can visit Elante mall in Chandigarh or the V R Punjab mall in Mohali.

Eating Joints

To visit a place like Chandigarh and not having the cuisines it offers is a no-no. One can get a variety of dishes here like Punjabi, Gujarati, Rajasthani, the South Indian, even the Chinese and the Italian. Please go to a reputed eating hub and don’t go for the street vendors or at least check that all they offer is clean and fresh so that later on you don’t get your beautiful memories of Chandigarh to spoil due to some wrong thing you ate.

A Final Word

Chandigarh’s beautiful landscape and a variety of different views like hills, plains, lakes, parks, malls, hotels,  all in reach of just minutes it’s a beautiful mix of nature and modern living alike. One can have a lot of desires fulfilled with a single mesmerizing trip, even all in the family will have their personal wishes fulfilled. Welcome to Chandigarh and maybe we’ll meet somewhere walking along the roads.

Jasmeen Kaur

By Jasmeen Kaur

I am a free bird I live my life my way.


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