Celaya, Guanajuato: a sweet city in Mexico

Everywhere there are little cities that don't look quite interesting. Tho, they have little spaces that can make a difference, where we can spend a while and watch around, listen music, be with friends or get to know some culture. Celaya is definitely one of those towns.

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If you look for it in a map is just a small town at the southest part of Guanajuato state, which is right in the middle of Mexico; and if you ask people living here most would say “there's nothing to do”. They might be right since we got used to it, but for a tourist there are some places you should come and experience by yourself. A not so big town with so many train crosses we become crazy and some historical buildings and places for Mexico's history.


What to do?

The History part
 Well, at dowJardín Principalntown there's the “Jardín Principal” where you can spend the afternoon eating ice cream or maybe some “chicharrones”. At the “Presidencia” building, you'll find an old restored building that lodges paintings from Octavio Ocampo, known for his personal technique of creating images. You can also go eat to the local market. If you walk from the “Jardín Principal” to the “Mercado Hidalgo” you will geBola del Aguat to the “Calzada” where you will find two of the main churches of town which are quite beautiful to see constructed in a neoclassic style; one of them “San Francisco” constructed around the 20's and the other one, the cathedral between 1680-1725. Aside from them there is the “Bola del agua“, Celaya's principal monument, erected around 1910 (during mexican revolution), and is the icon of the city. It is say that this engineering achievement had a “twin” in Germany which was destroyed during WWII, which makes this one the only one in the world. Nowadays, the Bola del agua is still in function for water distribution of city's downtown.

Open Spaces

Some streets farther is the “Alameda” a whole block park where you can eat ice cream, “tostadas” or some “cAlamedahurros”. Around it there are also some coffee shops to sit and spend the time. In the surrounding streets there are more coffee shops, bars and nice restaurants to get a good steak, a salad or some beer.

There are also, farther from downtown, the “Xochipilli” parks, divided in two, one side of the park is destined for exercise and sports. The other part has a lake and green space for a relaxing afternoon feeding ducks or sleeping in the shade.


Maybe you are not so into outdoors, so you can go visit the 4 malls in town. Galerías Celaya the biggest one, there are cinemas, restaurants and you can find stores like Liverpool, Sphera, Stufio F, Adolfo Dominguez, Shasa, Vannity, etc. Then there is Parque Celaya, the second biggest mall in town, more cinemas and stores. Then there is Galerías Tecnológico and Las Americas where you can find different kind of stores and products.

What about food?

As a local I have found that there's some good food here. What can I recommend? For a standard budget there is:

San Telmo has an Argentina ambience with a good menu in beer, wine and food, I recommend pizzas.

-Not so far away there's the Dublin where you can buy one of the local beers “Chela libre” and the menu is good too.

Captain Hog. Some salads are amazing here and burgers.

Cornelia. If you love burgers, here you'll find a good different one.

-For the wings lovers there is Wings Army, Flaming Wings, Vancouver Wings and Chicago.

For a more high budget you can go to

Beef Capital (BF), with a more Spain menu, great steaks, good wine. That's all I can say.

Traviata, just beside BF. If you are more about pasta and lasagna.

Grotto, also for pasta lovers.

Planta Alta, good steaks.

This is as far I can remember about good food. But why the sweet city? Well because you can't leave with out tasting our personal product: Cajeta. You can find stores of good cajeta at downtown.

For a more party time there are some names you'll have to look: Legends, McGinnis, Dublin, San Telmo, Chicago, Charros (karaoke), Beer Company, Chasa, Bartola, Strabbo, D'zeo, Choperia.

Who said we're not extreme?

So for the last part, the best part. If you like of some action you can go to the local airport and get a parachute jump. For more information and reservations go to the main page here (page in spanish).

Outside of town, around half and hour driving there is Eco Aventura a place where you can go horse ride, trekking or maybe some rappelling. An hour driving, you will find Tierra Aventura, a space made for some activities on motorcycle or horse, gotcha, kayaking or get on the aerial runway.

So this is it, you may find some other landmarks or places to visit, but these are the main ones, and of course the ones I think you 'd like to know. If you want more information or have a doubt, write to be on my blog and if you come let me know what you think.

Jannette Sánchez

Digital Arts recently graduated. Mexico, my country of origin. Passionate for photography, music, travel and coffee. I love fashion, illustration, cinema, arts and culture.