Cebu: A Life in a Perfect Island

January 1, 1970

by Charm



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I grew up in this widely known Island in Cebu where almost everything are easy to reach. Malls, Parks, Beaches, Native Restaurants, Hidden and Famous Destinations and so on.
I don’t regret being raised here with my parents. It’s  a place like home. I am comfortable wherever I am. I know how people act whether good or bad. I know which places are I should be and should not. Well of course, I grew up here. I should know.

Life Style 

Living in Cebu is convenient. It’s actually more convenient than other cities in Cebu. According to the newscaster I heard, Cebu is the number one city to live in of all the cities in the Philippines. Yes, I said right and I can testify that.
We may not have all the tallest buildings, the cruiseship,  luxurious lifestyle but we do all what most people ask, want, need and even wish.

Living in Cebu is just like walking inside the mall where if you think of something to buy, you can easily find and reach it.

Work Style

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Cebu has It Park which is 24/7 wide awake. Call centers agents, programmers, Online English teachers, Technical support,  you name it, they are there waking up to cope up with the world different clocks. It Park was an airport before and now, it has totally changed. There are more buildings and Condominium under construction right now including the Ayala’s another Mall. Well, It Park is owned by Ayala Family and other business partners.

Taking about Ayala, aside from It Park,  we also have Cebu Business Park where of course businesses are operating. Call center office are leasing some spaces here as well.
Inside Cebu Business Park premises, there is a huge Mall owned by Ayala still. Condominium, residences and 4 start hotels are standing nearby.

The Old City 

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It’s an old city in Cebu few years ago. There are old unrenovated buildings along every corner and streets. We call this place “Colon”, maybe because of the old Mall named Colonade Mall. I am not very familiar of all the streets in Colon area. This place is very active and crowded for many people are making money out of selling or bargaining goods and products. There are filipino muslims setting up small kiosk and displaying there collected chosen products. Even they look like setting up so untidy, they still have sold out there products everyday. If there not, I bet they would have gone now. Well, skills it is.

Holidays and Vacations

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2-4 hours away from the City, we can already choose satisfying and convincing places to stay longer than a week.
Beaches are very close. It will take you there for only 30-45 mins. Lapu-lapu City, Mactan Island,  Consolacion to Compostela, Talisay to Car Car and 2-3 hours from  Barili to Oslob.
Along these areas, you can find different hot spots like Kawasan Falls in Badian. Canyoneering in Alegria,  Whale Watching is Oslob , etc.
Vacation is Cebu is hassle-free, so satisfying and worth remembering.
Cebu is just a small island in the Philippines but we all have what it takes to live, laugh and love.

Means of Transportation

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We have jeepneys with their own route. Its easy to catch a jeepney that a taxi. Traffic situation in Cebu City is moving not static and it is only during rush hours like 5pm to 7pm or 7am to 8am. Its only 2 hours in the evening and 1 hour in the morning. Other hours, the road is free.
There are also motorcycles. We call them “Habal-habal”. There way faster than any other means of transportation. Most workers especially call center agent ride this because of they are in hurry. Before you go on a ride always ask about their price, you must make an offer and have them agree or vice versa. Don’t ride without knowing the price. Some drivers are badly in need that they want to earn much more that usual so please dont be a victim. Know gasoline price and know legal rules. Actually they are not permitted to offer their own price, they are not even allowed. The thing their is it’s the easiest and fastest ride to head on right away. You just have to negotiate with them clearly.

After all, it’s your fault when you leave home so late or didn’t manage your time well. Haha kidding.

Amazing People

There are positive side and negative of people and so do we.
From all the different people from different islands to different languages, Cebuanos are so clever. We can speak English fluently, we can speak Filipino which is our national language and we speak Cebuano Language. Unlike people from the North, they only can speak our National Language so we much more communicative than they are.
Also Cebuanas are prettiest among any people in the Philippines. You can make more research on that.
Let’s talk about Cebuano attitude.
Well, we are very hospitable, humorous and know how to deal with poeple. Even our newly elected President Rudy Duterte has a Cebuano bloodline and he is Bisaya too. Oh, Bisaya and Cebuano language are the  same by the way.
We are also opportunity grabber. We learn more to the extent that we can do. We tried and tried eveb if we kept on falling. We never give up so easily and I think all Filipinos are brave enough. We’ve been brave since the start of the different countries trying to colonize our country but still , we stand strong. Even our islands are separated, our hearts will never be.



By Charm

It's a memory worth sharing.


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