Caracas: City Life, Nature and History in One Place

January 1, 1970

by Andy_caro3

The capital of Venezuela, Caracas, is a city that englobes the urban life in his maximum splendor. From always this place has been headquarters of multiple historical facts, which have left footprint further of his structure.

Done of big architectural attainments, his origin arises like the first urban population of the country, characterized for having in his starts lines of houses one at the side of the another around the central square with his similar structures and his “red ceilings”. In this place, the magic falls in his people, which, in spite of living without detaining his clock, does not waste the opportunity to convert to the stranger in fellow and to find points in meeting with that shares the Underground, the supermarket or in the row of the school.

Founded in 1567, this city, highlight between the most important of Latin America.  Call Originally “Santiago León of Caracas” is known by the Venezuelans as the center of all economic activity, financial, cultural and technological of the country. Likewise, it is recognized as the cradle of representatives to the worldwide level of this country South American. From the characters described by the history, like the Liberator Simon Bolívar, until writers recognized as it went it, Romulo Gallegos.

Contrasting with his routine lives of the city, this place presents natural flashes that save in the heart not only of the “Caraqueños” but of all Venezuelan or visitor of this earth. Likewise, there are emblematic places that have done of a recognition to international level and that do not have to overlook to the moment to visit the streets of Caracas. On the other hand, his near location to the sea or to the mountain allows to all traveler enjoy more than some surroundings while it lodges in the main city.

Nature in the City. El Ávila National Park of Caracas

If it exists a place that has to visit when visiting Caracas is the majesties mountain that serves of a landscape to the people of the city. Lung of the place, this imposing mountain is visited daily by thousands of people, with different aims, leaving in each visit experiences for a lifetime. Also known as “Waraira Repano” this place allows its visitors to recreate or exercise.

  • Like Place Of Exercise

Because of his big number of footpaths, the caraqueños create routines in his day were going up to the peak is synonymous with physical exercise. Each route presents his own difficulty and each person designs for himself the rhythm with which go up.  This yes, is the routine of exercises to the natural with the best sight that this city can offer you.

On the other hand, because of his demanding climbing and pure air, a lot of groups or sportive teams choose “The Ávila” like complements to his training. One of the groups that commonly sees going up by these ways and camping in this main icon is the Groups Scout, that take advantage of all what the Waraira Repano can offer them while they learn.

  • Like Place Of Recreation

Because of his incredible landscapes to different heights, the people and his families choose this destination to re-create and happen a different day and even do picnic of height. Some choose to take the way to the waterfall, which presents a fall of attractive water for boys and adults. Others choose to go up to the stop of “Sabas Nieves” where a beautiful sight of the city and some tasty freezing expect them.

Also, it exists those who choose the walk-in ropeway to arrive in the peak where expects them a delicious mist accompanied of a route by different kiosks where appreciate the typical foods of the city, good sweet and comforting drunk hot. In this beak finds the acclaimed Hotel Humboldt recognized by his attention and incredible sight. Always being a big option for those in which a day in this paradise is not sufficient.

Places to visit in Caracas

Caracas, is the most visited city of Venezuela by tourists, in addition to being the capital, this place gathers different appearances, talents, and history that represent to all the country. Cultural places, sportive, academicians, historical and tourist are appointed between the most important of Latin America and are the best places that can visit if these in this main city.

  • Cultural places

If what appreciate is the art, and wish to learn on the culture and artistic expressions of this country, cannot leave happen the opportunity to visit places like the Museum of Contemporary Art, Museum of Fine arts, Gallery of National Art, situated in the central helmet of the city are a good election to initiate the route.

On the other hand, Caracas, although it is not the city with a greater musical inheritance of this country, serves as headquarters to the most important musical representations of all this earth. The Symphonic Orchestra of Venezuela, the Symphonic Orchestra Simon Bolívar, the Orchestra Philharmonic of Venezuela, the Juvenile Symphonic Orchestra of Caracas, the Symphonic Orchestra Teresa Carreño, and more than two tens of childish and juvenile orchestras pertaining to the National System of Orchestras and Juvenile and Childish Choruses of Venezuela have his centers of operation in the main city, being able to be the opportunity to see anyone of his presentations while it is  of visit in the different auditoriums or theatres, like Teresa Carreño.

  • Historical places

The historical center of Caracas, boulevard of big savannah, pantheon national, natal house of the liberator Simon Bolívar, the Cathedral of Caracas, the Fifth Anauco, Inland revenue The Vega and the Stable Bolívar, are only some of the representative places of the History of this country. Many of them are visited because to international level has been recognized as fundamental pieces of the history, not only of a country.  Likewise, it is the Palace of the Academies, the Legislative Federal Palace, the Palace of Miraflores, the Central University of Venezuela (declared by the UNESCO like the heritage of the humanity). If what is mad about you is to touch the history with the hands these places are your priority when visiting the streets of the capital.

  • Places of Recreation

This city, so complete, allows residents or visitors a series of places to recreate, know and enjoy of Caracas is the best option. From the shopping centers like the Recreate, The Sambil, Saint Ignacio, CCCT, Millennium Mall where find the variety of shops so much local like international, to places like Las Mercedes that are located on an avenue the most important nightclubs in Caracas.

Of equal way inside this city exists an immense gastronomic variety that gathers all the cultures in the same place. From elegant Restaurants until places of food represent a delicious way to enjoy the stay in Caracas. Italian restaurants, Chinese’s, Spaniards, French, Mediterranean, Americans, Mexicans, and more can find by the streets of Caracas. What if you cannot leave to test is a good “Arepa” fills up of your favorite outline and the typical dish of this nation that is “El Pabellon”.

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