Canibad, "The Secret Paradise"

January 1, 1970

by Ysay Flores

Davao City, Philippines – February 2016

Being a very busy person, my time is very limited and so tight. Whenever I need to enjoy and relax, travelling with my friends is the one thing that excites me the most. Giving time for yourself in a very busy environment, too much stress and a lot of work, is very difficult. My advice is that, you need to plan ahead and organize your time so that when that day will come, you will have the enjoyment that you want.

To have a great bonding and moment with your friends or if you are alone or with the one you love, you must have a checklist of activities because with your limited time, you need to put everything that you want to do, in order. As for us, we already made a checklist of what we should do.

Going in a place that you go for the first time, you should first check the map because GPS do not always point you to the right place. In our experiences, we were almost lost. The GPS points us to an isolated place. So it is better that you already have a map of where you will go.

Second, you need to full the gas of your car. You need to do this because sometimes, there are places that have no gasoline stations.

Third, in going to a place where the road is not good and very rocky, do not use a small wheeled car. Bring a 4 – wheel – drive cars for a smooth ride.

When everything is fulfilled, then you are ready for a joyride.



From Davao City to Samal City to Canibad

You will think that it is very easy to go to this place, right? Well, actually there are so many obstacles before you can go into this amazing place.

From Davao City, downtown, it will take you for about 1hour and 30 minutes in road. It depends on how heavy is the traffic is. You are lucky if there only few people going to Samal City. I say so because in Samal, this is where white sand beaches are located. There are a lot of resorts there. And I forgot, Samal City is an island so we need to ride a ferry boat to go there.

Now, after past an hour of long ride, you will stop at Sasa Wharf. This is where you will fall in line in your car obviously, hehe and then pay for 250.00 Php for the 4 – wheeled car. Your ₱250 Php only includes 1 passenger. So the rest of the passengers will pay 10.00 Php. When you finished paying, you will proceed to the ferry boat with your car. It will take up to maybe 30minutes for the boat ride to Samal.

Samal island ferry boad loading

Now here is the tricky part, when going in there, you should have all your necessities ready because there are very few stores in there.

A friendly reminder: Check everything that you will need before going into this trip. J



From Samal to Canibad

The road to Canibad is very easy yet very rough because there are some roads that are still under construction. The scenery will be like so many trees and only few houses. Do not be afraid. It is very safe. I say so because We are all girls and we are safe and sound. It will at least the ride will took for 4 hours or less.

Friendly Advice: The road may be bumpy and dusty but trust me, when you get there, it’s all worth it! J


Canibad resort secret paradise


Canibad secret paradise

Let us start of why it is called “secret paradise”, well as I describe the long journey and the rough roads, the place is wonderful and the water is as blue as the sky. It is very calm and cool. If you want to see a perfect sunset, then this place will be the perfect place to be. “A paradise”

The place is great for relaxing and enjoying. This place is a pet friendly place where you can bring your lovely pets with you. Some beaches don’t allow pets to enter their resort, so if you have pets then bring them there. Me, I bought my lovely dog and he enjoys the beach so much. It could help them relax and enjoy the calmness of the place too.



Rooms and Entrance fee

For us, since we are so many, we picked the open cottage. It is worth ₱1300.00 Php and it could accommodate at least 8-10 persons with free beddings and pillows. There are air-conditioned cottages worth ₱1800 to ₱2500. The entrance fee is ₱100.00 per person. No corkage fee so we are lucky because we bought so many drinks and beverages.

Canibad resort open cottage

The place has 2 clean, with shower bathrooms and restrooms. This place has no water sport or activities, since you go there to relax and bond with your friends. But there is a place not very far from the resort, where you can cliff jumping. It is a 10-foot cliff, I must say that it is not dangerous because there are a lot of people jumping in there. So if you like danger, then you can jump but for me, it’s a thank you. Hahah! I don’t know how to swim. If only I could but I can’t. we’ll my friends did so I just watched them and they seemed to enjoy it.

Friendly tip: if you will go cliff jumping, make sure you know how to land on the water because it will give you body pains later. My friends did it all wrong so they suffered. Hahah!

Cliff jumping in Canibad, Samal iland

That’s my friend jumping off the cliff.

Bye bye Canibad

Canibad resort gives me the experience and great quality time with my friends. It somewhat the perfect vacation for me as a very busy person because once you will get in this amazing place, all your worries, your problems and your stress will be set aside because the place itself and its surroundings gives you the calmness and the peace of mind that you need.

So as we part our ways with this beautiful place, it truly gives us an urge to come back again and we can make another memories again.

Canibad, on the beach group picture   Canibad resort beach pic


Ysay Flores

By Ysay Flores

My dream is to travel around the world. Being a tight budgeted person, I can only travel to those places that are affordable. If you are on a tight budget, you still can enjoy travelling. My advice! Travel with your friends. It will save you a lot of money. trust me I know! I only travel few place here in my local area. I believe that, if you start to make travelling a hobby, then you must start on where you are. Travelling is not about just going into places, it is about making memories in each place and enjoy it. Appreciate everything for this is where you will appreciate yourself.


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