Campuestohan Highland Resort Adventure

January 1, 1970

by Pepper

Elevated view of Campuestohan Highland Resort

At the Indian Village, where Teepees and other Native American things were on display

Why Campuestohan Highland Resort

When Campuestohan Highland Resort in Bacolod, Philippines was featured on TV as a place to go, I promised myself that one day I will be going there as I was so captivated by it. The lady anchor of the show that featured the newly opened theme resort definitely did justice to it, as all its amenities were being examined and showed to the viewing public. The resort was set in a 12.35 acre wide sprawling elevated area, with all the rides, there’s the zip line, for some adrenaline rush and the 4- Lane Sky Bicycle and the Cable Hamster Wheel, for the brave and the daring. I mentioned this to a lady friend who also loves traveling and the two of us decided to go to Campuestohan Highland Resort on a summer time. Since we both are working, we saved up for said trip. And it was the month of May when we went to Bacolod City then eventually off to Campuestohan Highland Resort.

How To Get To Bacolod City

Since we both are Cebu-based we decided to go by land trip and travel time from Cebu City to Bacolod City is eight hours. That already includes the ferry ride, as we have to cross a body of water before reaching our destination. My friend would rather have flown to Bacolod City however, I’m more comfortable travelling by bus, and she decided to go by bus with me. I love road trips simply because I get to see a lot of places. And not only that, I love it when the bus stopped at certain places because we get to buy and taste  delicacies from the place and get to meet local people. One way of getting to know a place is by eating the food they eat and by rubbing elbows with them.

What To Do When In Bacolod

When we arrived in Bacolod City we went directly to Bacolod Pension Plaza where we stayed for  the duration of our trip. After we freshened up, we went out to grab something to eat and purchased some toiletries. The place we’re staying is located at the heart of Bacolod City itself; one can definitely check the place by foot. A couple of steps away from the place are the City Plaza, it’s a huge one and city traffic converged at the Plaza. On the right side of the Plaza is the San Sebastian Cathedral a 19th Century Church. Near the church is La Consolacion College which is the oldest school in Bacolod City. As expected we ended up at SM Bacolod checking out products on display comparing it to the one we have in Cebu and decided that most of their items on display are somehow similar to what we have in Cebu. Since we were tired after the 8 hour trip we had earlier, we decided to go back to our room to rest as we would be leaving early the following day for our trip to Campuestohan Highland Resort. We had an early dinner,  watched TV for a while, then called it a day and hit the sack.

Campuestohan Here We Come…

The following day we were up early, had our shower and had a hearty breakfast in preparation for the day’s activities. Since it’s our first time to go to Campuestohan Highland Resort,  we both were excited as we’re headed for an adventure. Since we don’t have a guide to advise us which public transportation to take and we don’t know where the terminal was for the resort, we decided to just go there by taxi. We were able to haggle with the driver from 1,500 pesos to just 1,000 and that is two-way already. At Campuestohan we had to pay 150.00 each for entrance fee. Once inside the resort I was amazed by the size of it, its amenities and rides for all to enjoy.

My friend wanted to try the sky bicycle but not me, I’m not daring enough, maybe next time I will try all the rides and face my fears. She kept on egging me to ride the sky bicycle with her as she doesn’t want to do it on her own, seem like she’s not brave enough after all. And since I didn’t budge at all she decided not to ride it as well. As a compromise we went to the hanging bridge and walked its entire length. We also went to the Heroes Hall, posed with our favorite superheroes and tried to copy their actions for posterity sake. We definitely had a great time even if there’s just the two of us. When we arrived at the resort it was cloudy and since the location is elevated, some parts of the resort was somewhat foggy.  Then we toured the resort. The ground was very vast, the grass is very well kept, we had a lot of pictures taken at the ground, and we went to the Indian Village, again, a lot of pictures were taken there. Then we went to the Pavilion to try the food that was being served at the resort. The food was good; we had a lot of happy memories from our trip to Campuestohan.

Adventure On A Budget

And as for our expenses? Here’s the breakdown,

  • Taxi 1,000 pesos
  • Entrance to the resort 150.00 each plus the food we ordered.
  • Room rate 900.00

Everything is divisible by two so I’d say it’s not too bad after all. Then we headed back to the city with a smile on our faces, bringing with us a lot of happy memories. Bacolod the City of Smiles, this is not going to be the last time, I will definitely be seeing you again as there are other places that I need to explore. There is Mambukal, The Ruins, and I heard the beaches in Sipalay Negros Occidental, Philippines is super nice if you are a beach bum. I will be back Bacolod, to further explore your surroundings’ and hospitality. I will be travelling back to Cebu with a big smile on my face, carrying Bacolod’s native delicacy the Piaya for my family and office mates and a lot of stories to tell them about my Bacolod adventure.

Now let me grab some sleep as we travel back to Bacolod City and let our taxi driver have some peace while bringing us to our destination. Hey mister, wake us up if we both happen to be asleep, once we reach our destination.

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