Calvi, Corsica: an island paradise

January 1, 1970

by Tina Bush


Calvi is historic town that attracts thousands of tourists and visitors every summer. Located on the north of the Mediterranean island of Corsica, Calvi seduces with its combination of breathtaking views, wonderful beach resort and crystal clear waters of the Liguria Sea.

sunset in calvi

Just Calvi

One of the most beautiful touristic towns in the world, one perfect destination for a good vacation: Calvi, where the traditional Corsican culture collides with the modern world. It offers picturesque and agreeable places to see, hot and wild parties to be at, amazing beaches to enjoy at and it hides unrevealed secrets, to be yet discovered.

Port of Calvi and Quai Laundry


If you are up for a an enjoyable pastime and some great sightseeing, your visit should start from Port de Plaisance where you can totally relax and see the luxury boats and yachts while you let the agreeable smell of the sea to take you through the beachside walkway on the Quai Landry. Many various restaurants, bars and cafes with kind waiters are perfect place to get rest, drink or eat some Corsican specialty and in the same time enjoying the relaxed and calm atmosphere of this area.

The Citadel of Calvi

citadel calvi
The citadel of Calvi dates back from 15th century, from the time of the Republic of Genoa and was a military outpost. Today it represents the most important historic monument in Calvi, and one of the most interesting places to visit in whole Corsica. The citadel is located exactly high above the port, from where you can see fantastic views of the whole Calvi coast and harbor. Falling in love with the view is guaranteed.
From the citadel you can easily access the old town of Calvi, where many enigmatic tunnels and winding stairways can be found. Furthermore, narrow walkways tucked between the historic old houses and buildings give you the feeling like you have been time travelling and suddenly found yourself centuries back.
Very interesting places to visit in this part of the town are the restored palace of the Genovese governor and, what is even more intriguing are the remains of a house that is spread rumors for is the place where Cristopher Columbus was born. It is said, but never really proved that his original house was destroyed in 1794 by Nelson’s troops. Today, there is a statute standing on the site commemorating the 500th anniversary of Columbus’ birthday.
If you are interested in old churches, you can visit the famous “Cathedrale St. Jean Baptiste” which was erected to hold a supposedly supernatural crucifix called “Christ de Miracle” and the beautiful pink baroque church Saint Marie.
Little cobblestone streets and small shops allow the visitors to spend lovely afternoon or evening in this area.
A perfect place to visit for all interested in the Corsican mysterious past would be the Museum of Corsican Ethnography which is located in the Citadel. Many objects and items can be found in this museum, that untiringly again and again, are telling the rich and turbulent history of this magnificent island. Therefore, the military museum would complement the representation of the island abundant history.

Calvi beach

calvi beach
Despite all the beautiful things that Calvi posses, its beach may be the biggest attraction for its tourists and it is also inevitable. With the white tender sand and calm shallow water, Calvi will capture you to stay all day till the sun goes down even in the nightfall if you want to see the shining stars clearly. It also has great facilities, popular picnic areas and snack bars. What is more, for all those with untiring adventurous spirit Calvi beach offers different activities such as windsurfing, waterskiing, jet skiing and paragliding.
But, if you are not an adventurous soul and you prefer a calmer and quieter place, than plage d’Alga near Revelatta point would be the best for you. Far less populated beach to enjoy in private.

Night life

Throughout the summer Calvi has a rich night life. The excellent night clubs will certainly offer you some wild and unforgettable hot summer nights (which will turn out into mornings of course.) Moreover, every June Calvi hosts a splendid jazz festival. Also, every July, the popular electronic music festival “Calvi on the Rocks” is held there. Throughout the days, there is a great big party on the Calvi beach, and the nights are reserved for even more partying with some of the worlds’ best Djs. People come from all around Europe and the world to enjoy and feel the amazing atmosphere in Calvi at that time. Definitely, there is no place where you would rather want to be in July.

Area nearby

plage de salleccia
Many interesting and beautiful places can be found near Calvi. A few mountain villages that will offer you a calm atmosphere, between them, one of the most beautiful villages, not just in Corsica, but in whole France, Sant Antonino will certainly capture your attention with its wonderful tiny streets, nice restaurants, and will absolutely stay graved in your memories forever, thanks to its fascinating view from up there. It would feel like you are on top of the world, or like you have conquered Corsica.

sant antonino
For some more splendid views on the coast, there are boat trips that take you to see the north coast of Corsica, passing by tiny great village of Algajola to the coastal town of Ile Rousse.
There are also some wonderful beaches that are worth seeing like Bodri, Plage de Gjunchitu and even further Plage de Salleccia near Saint Florent. Its mix of turquoise sea, white sand and flat rocks, wild and untouched nature, would make you feel like you are living in a dream.

Your next possible vacation destination…

Now, try to imagine yourself, sitting on a softy sandy beach, with some fine champagne or cocktail, paradisaical scenery all around you, a turquoise sea with crystal clear waters in front of you and a splendid great mountain behind you. Clear blue sky, warm agreeable pure air, some exotic not too loud music that comes from classy bar nearby. Relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. Perfect vacation. You started dreaming, didn’t you? It smells like your next ideal destination….is this wonderful island town.

Tina Bush

By Tina Bush

Twenty-two year old hybrid aspiring writer with a wild mind. Travel-addict, book-lover and believer in the universe. An adventurous spirit and timid nature mixed with a dose of an aura that oozes creativity.


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