Cabo San Lucas Travel Tips

January 1, 1970

by Kase

What to Know Before Traveling to Cabo

If you are searching for travel inspiration for your next vacation, stay away from Cabo San Lucas, B.C.S. Mexico if you are not looking to experience any of these things:



Coming to Mexico from Florida showed me how much palm trees are so relative. You might as well prepare for seeing nothing but cacti on every hill, side street, gift shop, and window ledge for extra interior decoration. Some are donned with pink, purple, or yellow budding flowers, and others topped with tiny birds tweeting little songs.

A popular place visiting tourists see is the Marina in the downtown area. There are a plethora of vendors practicing their best sales pitch to get you to snorkel the blue Pacific waters, charter a boat tour to Land’s End, or a variety of other water activities. As you walk down the marina, all of the enormous catamarans and yachts docked and bobbing in the marina are a ploy to have you think people come to Cabo an actually have an enjoyable time on vacation. Along the marina, you will easily see the shops, bars and restaurants promoting their best deal for Mexican spirits and memorabilia that you will never find at a better price any where else, let alone back in the States. Like, you can totally find two beers for $1.50 USD back at your favorite local bar at home, right?

Land’s End is a popular icon of Cabo San Lucas and there are many means of water transportation to visit it. Whether it is through a glass-bottom boat, booze cruise or kayak tour, you can easily get up close and personal with this landmark. There are different locations that make up Land’s End, such as Lover’s and Divorce Beach, the Pacific Window, and rock formations donned with very vocal seals and their pups. Once the sun lowers on this city, you will experience colors in the sky that come straight from God’s palette. Hues of blue, orange, yellow seamlessly blend together in the evening, and shades of pinks, purples, and red melt into morning sunrises. If you happen to be on or in areas around Medano Beach for sunrise or sunset, take a moment to appreciate the sparkling reflections on the water where the light in the sky meets the sea as each one is incredibly unique.




Most countries have a decent length list of indigenous wildlife that may prove dangerous to encounter. There is no eminent danger from any wildlife as long as you aren’t exploring the desert, off the beaten path, with no guide or clue where you are wandering. For those planning their upcoming trip and unsure when to visit, may want to consider the winter months of November through March for the whale migration season. Humpback and grey whales pass the warm Baja coast causing the biggest spectacle breaching at a fairly close proximity to those on the beaches or out in boats.

Pacific fish look like colorful sprinkles on a sundae in the ocean adding beauty under the sea. Glass bottom boats are a great means to view all the different shapes, sizes, and bright colors of these friendly animals who boldly will approach the window connecting you to them. On land, you quickly learn that there is a decent amount of stray dogs in Mexico. Typically stray dogs are seen as a deterrent, but these dogs are greatly cared for by the locals, even giving them baths to keep them healthy.



Warning: Do not expect to find anything that even slightly resembles any item on a Taco Bell menu here, regardless of what restaurant you choose. Even the pickiest of eaters can find something they’ll enjoy, matter what type of cuisine they decide to experience. You can obviously anticipate traditional Mexican dishes to be the majority of restaurants to find, but there are plenty of Italian, Asian, and even American places to eat. Only Cabo would include strange menu mashups of each type of food, like a pizza and sushi slice of heaven called Jo’s Garden right outside of downtown. For the Chipotle enthusiasts traveling to Cabo, have no fear because “guac” is rarely an extra charge at the restaurants you find.

This should not be a destination to vacation to if you have a distaste for seafood, because of the heavy fishing influence of deep sport and recreational fishing. Although, I can guarantee my fellow seafood lovers will not be disappointed with the choice of fresh caught marlin, scallops, mussels, shrimp, lobster and crab. If your travel itinerary includes a day with a sufficient amount of walking, there are plenty of street food options. The fresh fruit cart’s selection are unmatched with overflowing stacks mangos, papaya, pineapple and more. Fresh fruit artistically cut, sprinkled with aromatic spices, placed on a stick and exceptionally priced is such a perfect and cliché sub-tropical snack. If a savory taste is more your speed, visiting a cart that sells street corn will be worth your while.



Cabo San Lucas should be the last place to visit if you aren’t looking to dive into another countries culture. Completely immersing yourself into everything the beautiful country of Mexico is such a perfect way to grow yourself and broaden your state of mind, especially myself as a 19 year old college student coming from Florida. Regardless of the length of your stay, it is certain locals from all walks of life will influence you well after your vacation. Personally, I met someone who I quickly grew friends with who taught me to make raw sashimi in a make-shift kitchen on the beach, which is a memory I am fortunate to have gained and will hold dear to my heart forever.

As Mexico is a primarily Spanish-speaking country, you will pick up basic words fairly quickly if you don’t know them already. It is completely ridiculous to recklessly claim visiting or moving to a foreign country will be a mistake, because adopting aspects of the respective culture should never be viewed as an aberration. I am only allowed to speak for myself through my personal experiences, therefore, learning a new language, adopting a new use of currency and way of life has been such an amazing and unique adventure that only Cabo San Lucas could have given me.


If none of the above topics have discouraged you from traveling to the Baja Coast of California, I advise you to take your trip with an open mind, eyes, and heart to fully encounter the amazing city of Cabo.

In brief summary, you should never visit Cabo San Lucas because it is extremely is to fall in love and it is so hard to leave!



By Kase

Hello! I am 19 years old and have recently moved to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, from living in Florida up until November of 2016. I have a two year college degree and have just been certified as an event planner. I had the amazing opportunity to work for Disney for a semester upon turning 18 and graduated high school at age 16!


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