Cabo Polonio, the most adorably weird place in Uruguay

May 31, 2019

by Thanara Zancanaro

Cabo Polonio is a small village in the cost of Uruguay, a National Park that is an environmental reserve home of sea ​​lions. The small population is mainly of fisherman. The village attracts lots of adventurers, and if Cabo Polonio is close to where you are staying, it deserves a visit. You can spend the day or even stay in a hostel or rent a house, but be aware that during busy times the small amount of room gets booked fast. The closest biggest town to Cabo Polonio is La Paloma. What you need to know before going:

How to get there

You need to get to the Park´s entrance. If you choose to do by bus be aware that the public transportation in Uruguay is a little complicated and you may need to take more than one bus.  Even if you decide to rent a car, you can´t go all the way to the village with your car, you need to leave the car in a parking lot at the entrance of the Nation Park. The way to get to the village is with a 4×4 truck, there isn’t a road and the truck goes by the sand. Either way, you need to buy a ticket for the truck.

The infrastructure of the village

There is very little infrastructure, there isn’t any roads, running water, or any public lighting. Good luck finding wi-fi signal. I remember a very small supermarket, not even sure if I can call it that, and in the “main street” there were a few little restaurants. The best way to go around is waking, only during the night make sure to bring a flashlight. If you go to out during the night, chances are you will see a few bonfires spread thru the village.

What you need to pay attention to

The sky

Because there aren’t any public lights in the village, the sky at night it´s amazing, I think that was the starriest sky I’ve ever seen so far. You can actually see the Milky Way and everyone that was with me got to see a shooting star in the night we spent there.


It was the first time I saw a firefly, I confess it took me some time to understand what it was, a little winking light in the air, but when I did I got very excited. Because is a Natural Park and is not that easy to access, there is some wildlife still preserved, so take advantage of that and observe the animal in their natural habitat. There are a lot of frogs walking around during the night, watch your feet.

Sea Lions

Don’t forget to visit the sea lions, they stay in some islands behind the lighthouse.


Cabo Polonio´s beach is the stage of the natural phenomenon the lights the sea, in a few days a year.

Peace and Quiet

Once you arrive in Cabo Polonio the first thing you will notice is that the village is so quiet is almost weird. Just enjoy!

Thanara Zancanaro

By Thanara Zancanaro

Hello there! My name is Thanara and I’m from Porto Alegre, south Brazil, but I'm currently living in Panama City, Central America. I have always love to travel and exploring new places and cultures, I believe that travel has the power to open your mind. Mochile-se started from a desire to share my experiences and help other travelers out there!


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