Búzios: great moments, beautiful beaches.

Búzios is a perfect attraction if you enjoy beaches, nightlife, gastronomic centres and some light adventure. It is a resort city all planned for tourism and events. In South America, Búzios is known mostly because of the Argentines, that really love the destination. Búzios attract many cruises too during the summer, being one of the most important stops for cruises in Rio de Janeiro. The city is a popular national and international destination and you may know this beautiful place because of Brigitte Bardot. Búzios was her landscape during her visit to Rio de Janeiro in 1964 and after this occasion, the city was uncovered. Búzios was the “secret BB paradise”.  reserved area landscape

Location and temperatures.

As I said, the city is located in Rio de Janeiro state, Brazil, South America. There are high temperatures, not a cold winter and hot summers where the temperatures can reach around forty degrees Centigrade, our spring and autumn are not intense.  These pieces of information are good to know because it is interesting to see the best season to go there. Our summers are really hot and as Búzios is known by the beaches, it is when the city is almost full of people and the prices are higher. So if you enjoy peace of mind, try to run from months like December, January, February and March, that is our South Hemisphere summer. buzios view from the top

How to get there.

It is about two hours and a half by car from Rio city centre. The city is located in a region known by “Sun Cost”, where you can find beautiful beaches and places with breathtaking sea views. So, if you want to go there and have enough time to discover Rio de Janeiro state, it is a good idea to rent a car because you can go stoping in the road to enjoy all the other cities in the way. However, if you want to take a bus, you will take around three or four hours to get in Búzios and the price is around 90,00 BRL (23,00 USD), this price can vary depending on the day of the week and the season. All this ways to get there is from Rio de Janeiro city, where there are two airports, the international airport, Galeão or “Antonio Carlos Jobim” and the national one, “Santos Dumond”. There is a bus company called “1001” that does this route, Galeão – Búzios during some seasons. So if you want to go directly from the airport you may have this option depending on their schedule, this information you can see in their site or in their stands at Galão airport.

Beaches that you must know.

Now that I introduce about some important pieces of information about the city let’s start to talk about the beaches. There are more than twenty beaches in the city with easy access.

Geribá Beach

Firstly let’s start talking about Geribá that is the most known beach, there is infrastructure for tourism, many hotels, guests houses, spas, hostels and resorts. There you can find restaurants, bars and clubs where you can pass all day long at the beach just enjoying with your food and drink service at the golden sand.  Geriba beach view from top geriba beach

Ferradurinha Beach

Ferradurinha beach, for me, is one of the most beautiful beaches and landscapes in Búzios, there is a breathtaking view of the mix “rocks and sea” and it is not so easy to get there so it is more empty (if you are going not in the summer). There the sea is clear blue and green, you can do stand up paddle, swim and do scuba diving. A curiosity is that this beach and “Ferradura” beach are “sisters”, they have this name because of their shape. It is one next to other and “Ferradura” means horseshoe, “Ferradura” is the big one and “Ferradurinha” is the little one right next to (but not connected) the other beach, these two beaches are known by their many luxury hotels and resorts. Ferradurinha beach view

What to do list.

You will probably need a car there to go to the beaches if you want to know all the beaches and places. But you can go too just to enjoying the beach and nightclubs, it is your choice, for these two options you need to know about two places that are important in the city.

Rua das Pedras – Rock’s Street

Rua das Pedras or Rock’s street is not only a gastronomic centre but the touristic centre of Búzios, there you can find many clothes and gift stores, good restaurants and enjoy some bars. It is where everybody goes at night and where there is nightlife.

Orla Bardot – Bardot Border

Orla Bardot is near Rua das Pedras, there you can find more luxury restaurants with beautiful views because it is exactly in front of ” Praia dos Ossos – Bones Beach” and “Praia da Armação – Frame Beach”, where you can enjoy a good glass of champagne or wine while looking the sunset. If you enjoy to go out to parties and nightclubs you will find it there, for example, Privilege and Pacha. bones beach praia dos ossos

Gastronomic Centres.

Porto da Barra – Bar Harbor

Porto da Barra is a gastronomic centre in Manguinhos Beach, there you can find many restaurants with good gastronomy. There you can find different restaurants for eclectic tastes, you can find places just to drink a beer and eat a Brazilian pastry or an appetizer while seeing the sunset or restaurants with luxury dishes, for example:
  • Bar dos Pescadores – Fishman’s Bar
If you want to enjoy the hot weather and typical seafood, you must go there, there you will find these appetizers, pastries and some great dishes.
  • Domme
If you are searching for drinks, it is an option to enjoy the “Espaço Domme”, there you can find too steaks, appetizers and really good drinks. They have great lounges too for appreciate the moment.

Shopping Aldeia da Praia – Beach Village Shopping

I can not forget to talk about this place, it is in “Manguinhos” neighbourhood, (not close to the others that I mentioned), it is a new place where there are many good restaurants for different tastes and with a better price. It is in the main street, near the real city centre, not the touristic centre Rock’s Street) and there you can find really great restaurants.
  • Clube da Sfiha – Sfiha’s Club.
This one is one of my favourites, there Sfihas are really good, they have a good price and they use really great ingredients. They have a delivery service, so you can call from your hotel, but the restaurant is really cosy.
  • Picardia Forneria
This one is an Italien restaurant with medium prices and good Italian food.
  • Vik’s Burger
I am in love with their hamburgers, I really recommend this restaurant, they have a really good price for the city. Their only problem is that depending on the day they can take too long to finish your order if you are in the restaurant, but for delivery, they are great.


As I said Búzios is a resort city, so you will easily find a good place to stay, there are many self-catering apartments, Airbnb, hostels, hotel, resorts and guesthouses. Hotels as Ferradura Hotel and resorts as Ferradura Resort are really famous there if you are looking for comfort. If you are on a limited budget trip you can choose some hostels as “Yolo Hostel”, where the night can cost around 31,00 USD.

Hotel recommendation

If you are looking for peace and great places to relax, get connected with yourself and get services like massage, spa and yoga, I extremely recommend Aquabarra Boutique Hotel. This hotel is perfect for relaxing, their rooms are comfortable and really designed as the whole surroundings. The price for one night there is around 111 USD with all taxes and breakfast included. Good to know: they are pet-friendly and this is beautiful! Aquabarra restaurant area Aquabarra boutique hotel

Taís Lessa Gomes

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