Burgas: The most beautiful and thriving city at Bulgarian coast

January 1, 1970

by Stanislava Todorova

Bulgaria is a beautiful country, located in the Southeastern Europe and it is bordered by the Black Sea to the east. Due to the small territory that it lays, Bulgaria offers a great variety of nature – mountains, rivers, sea, plains, which can be reached easily and in a short time. The four seasons that the country has are a prerequisite for enjoying all different activities and experiences which are done according to the weather conditions.


I am going to introduce you Burgas, the second biggest coastal town in lovely Bulgaria. Burgas is located in the south part of the coast and it is a continually thriving and attracting tourists. Not only the tourists but also more and more young people choose it to live and settle here.


What to see, visit and experience in Burgas?

1.The Sea Garden

Definitely, number one A MUST VISIT is the Sea Garden. Situated along the coast, this is the best-known park in the town. It is good for a long walk, relaxation, cycling, reading a book while laying on the green grass, drinking beer or just observing the sea and the moonlight on one of the many benches there. In the early morning the garden is full of runners, so do not miss the chance to wake up early and enjoy the stunning sunrise, breathe the iodic steams from the sea while running and energizing your body. What is more, during the summer you can visit the sand festival, full of significant and admiring sand sculptures. At the very of the park is the port of Burgas, freshly renovated, where you can enjoy the sunset and have a beer at one of the restaurants there.

2.The summer theatre

A big audience hall, located in the heart of the sea garden, is the home of numerous different events such as concerts, dancing performances, music shows. The summer theatre is the cultural point of Burgas. It is an opened big stage and has great acoustics so you can enjoy the show while breathing fresh air and sitting under the stars. Normally, they invite famous singers, dancers and other artists and if you are lucky enough you might have the chance to watch Bulgarian folklore dances. It is so spectacular to see the traditional costumes, the dynamic and diverse dances, to hear every beat of the music and feel the fire burning in the dancers` eye! It is worth it to make a research about the events there, before visiting Burgas.


Museums attract tourists with cheap prices. If you like old-fashioned style of presenting history and nationality of the country, you might enjoy hanging around local museums. They are small, just a few rooms with stuff arranged behind glass-cases. The main purpose is just to observe. But if you the kind of person who is attracted by modern, interactive museums where you can touch and play, for sure ours would not match you.

Where to eat?

My recommendation is to check out one of the many traditional Bulgarian restaurants called “Mehana” (an old Bulgarian word for a restaurant). There you can feel typical Bulgarian atmosphere and the best place to taste the local cuisine. If you need some more classy place, my favourite one is Incanto. Being a vegan is not that easy to eat in restaurants, but Incanto offers special weekly vegan dishes and that is the reason to love them. They just satisfy every need of their clients. Always full of people, quite an atmosphere and lovely interior. Another vegetarian restaurant is Satsanga – really quiet, with nice staff and delicious food. For sweet lovers – the ice-cream sold in the sea garden and on the main street is the best! Plenty of tastes, big quantities and so irresistible! For fish lovers – the alley along the sea is full of places where you can enjoy freshly caught fish, but be aware that they are open only during the summer!

Around Burgas


Visiting this part of Bulgaria does not count if you do not get trips to the resorts around. Only 30km south of Burgas is Sozopol. Go there and have a long walk around the old town. It has a romantic atmosphere and keeps the history of Bulgaria – narrow streets covered with pavement, small wooden houses with interesting architecture from the past now transform it into cosy hotels. The pedestrian path near the sea is full of modern restaurants where you can taste seafood while enjoying the view – The Black Sea, the ray of lights gently mirroring into the sea, you can listen to the waves and movement of the water. Sozopol also keeps its traditions and organise different concerts and activities for tourists. Another reason to visit it is the better beaches than ones in Burgas. Do not miss to take a sunbathe at Smokinya, a camp near Sozopol. The south part of the Bulgarian seaside is just awesome in the summer!

Nessebar and Sunny beach

Another “not to miss a visit” town is Nessebar, again 30km far away from Burgas but to the north. Full of life small town, attracting thousands of tourists each year. There is the disco capital of Bulgaria – Sunny Beach. The most popular place in Bulgaria for clubbing, parties, alcohol and nightlife. Sunny beach never sleeps.

I will just mention some more hidden spots – Beglik Tash, Maslen nos, The castle of Ravadinovo, The Aqua park in Sunny beach (it is A MUST!) for those who search for adventures and adrenaline.

Instead of a conclusion, I would like to invite you for a cup of red wine and probably a piece of fish (if you are not a vegan as me) on 6 of December when locals celebrate their town`s holiday and St. Nicola name day. Music, food, wine and high vibes fulfil the city centre. Go and celebrate with the locals because it is the only way to experience as much as possible of their life. Get a conversation with a stranger, have lots of fun, have a warm jacket and hat as well. I forgot to mention the strong winter wind so prepare yourself with clothes.




Stanislava Todorova

By Stanislava Todorova

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