Budapest in two days

January 1, 1970

by Lic Galaxia

Hungarians speak almost the same language as I do.

I lived one year in the Hungarian capital city: Budapest; and I got to say they have such a beautiful place. The architecture there is amazing, everywhere you turn there´s a monument to something or someone. Weather is good also, it rains a lot so there are pretty plants in all gardens. And then there´s alcohol wherever you go. So party, a lot of partying.

I don’t consider myself as a party person, on my planet, people appreciate quietness pretty much. We have bars where people can just speak to each other not having to yell to have a conversation. But human partying is nice every now and then and if you are someone who enjoys that, then Budapest is a good place for you.

They have Széchenyi baths, where you can take a relaxing hot bath in thermal waters or if you are a night person then you can go to the foam parties in this place, they seem pretty fun, humans seem to enjoy having foam all over their bodies meanwhile they drink beer or the precious Hungarian traditional drink: Pálinka.

There´s also something really strange humans do over here, there´s something called Ruin bars and then they like to go to these places where almost everything is falling down, like the roof for example. But they are nice and antique, besides that, you can go dressed however you want to so I really enjoyed going with my short shorts and a nice t-shirt, you see, not a party outfit, yeii!

My favorite ruin bar was Szimpla, quite famous, and a lot of international people went there, mainly tourists, but as my main goal in this planet is knowing diverse cultures then I was always meeting people all over the globe and asking on how their culture was different to the one I knew the most, the Mexican one.


Day 1 – Must-see sights near Hero square

Budapest is a city you can walk in two days, there´s a lot of cheap stuff and many free as well. You can start purchasing a ticket for 48 hrs for the public transportation and I have to say Hungarians are great on this of communicating a city, urbanism in Budapest is so good, you can really take tram 4-6 and get almost everywhere you need to be as a tourist. If you are a student, then don´t forget your student card as you´ll get discounts in mainly all attractions.


I will recommend starting by Hero square, it’s the main square in Budapest and there are statues of, well as it names states, many Hungarians heroes. The main one is an angel delivering the Christian cross and a crown to Saint Istvan, the king who started Catholicism in Hungary. I´ll dedicate a whole post to this square so I don´t distract you on the tour to follow. In both sides of the square you´ll find national museums art museums and then if you go straight on the back of the square you´ll find the beautiful kinda story princess castle Vajdahunyad vára. You could just walk by it or go inside, now this castle it’s an agriculture museum, but my suggestion would be to walk by the rest of the outside of the castle, there´s a little chapel just in front of it and then a pretty creepy statue of Anonymous. This statue is dedicated to the first man who started writing Hungarian history but as anyone knows who he was, he is all covered and just one finger with a pen is what you can see.

Budapest Budapest

You could keep on walking through the beautiful park and have a picnic there and then keep on walking to the Széchenyi baths.

Continue to Opera station

After this go back to where we started and take the bus or metro from Hősök tere (Hero square) to Opera station. You can then walk inside of the Opera, its completely magnificent, so many details and one of my favorite buildings, sometimes they do some free short presentations on the outside, so I wish you luck to find one when you are there.

When you go out of the Opera then you´ll be standing on Andrassy street. This is also called the Champs Ellysées of Budapest because his street holds the most exclusive brands and restaurants in the city. Now, walk towards the Baszilica (Szent István Bazilika), here´s where Humans pray to their deity, God. In this particular case, Hungarians believe the very first king who brought this religion to the country was a Saint, so when the king died and they buried the body, many years later they discovered that his hand was perfectly preserved, so what they did was took the holy hand and display it for everyone to see in the chapel that is on the back of this Baszilica.

St. Stephen's Basilica

Szent István-bazilika


The church is completely amazing, and I could stay there for a long time just listening to people praying in a language I couldn´t understand. It´s funny how Hungarian has nothing to do with any other language, probably that´s a reason I felt home, they say that Hungarian is many times used in Sci-fi movies but I have never heard it in any other galaxy where I´ve been to.

Don´t miss the Hungarian Parliament!

After Baszilica you could just walk to Szabadság tér (liberty square) and cross it to find the most astonishing and representative building on Budapest: the Parliament (Országház). I really do hope you have time to see this place at night. Having this in front and the Danube river aside it´s such a magical experience. Save valuable time to be standing to contemplate this wonderful view.


City of lights

Take tram 2 (just in front of the Parliament) and get down on Széchenyi István tér. You´ll see the Chain bridge and if you cross it by foot then you´ll be just standing over the longest river in the European Union: the Danube. Plan to do all this when the sun is already set, to watch the Parliament and the Chain bridge glowing by the night lights. It´s a priceless experience (and actually it´s, all this for free!).

When you cross the bridge then head to the top of the mountain where the Buda castle is and once again contemplate the view. I know I have said this many times but really, Hungarians really created everything to be appreciated by admiration.


Finally, walk to one of the most beautiful facades on Mathias Church where the Fisherman Bastion is and mainly most of the Instagram pictures are (Humans love having all the same picture… still haven’t figure out why)


Being a Human-tourist picture

After this long walk if you still have energy then go partying to Instant, Szimpla or any of the ruin bars. You can find good beers for less than 2 euros each and nightlife in Budapest is a really cool thing.

Day 2 – Must-visit spots in Budapest

Next day you could destine it to walk into any of the museums you walked by last day or walk by the Liberty bridge (my favorite on sunsets), go inside the second biggest synagogue in the world or the Horror house (museum of World War II where politicians were imprisoned). Don’t forget to try the main dishes, specially goulash or lángos!


Chocolate and cheese Lángos


Here´s a list of places I recommend to go inside and the entrance fee:

Dohany Synagogue – 12 Euros
House of Terror Museum – 6 euros
Széchenyi Thermal baths – 20 euros
Gellert Thermal baths – 21 euros


Budapest is a city you could feel as alive, there are people from all over the planet and even an alien like me felt at home. I´ll really invite you to make a trip to this wonderful city and admire all the breathless locations they have to offer.


Lic Galaxia

By Lic Galaxia

My name is Anndrea and I´m from a faraway glittery planet. I have been traveling though different galaxies but when I heard about planet Earth and all the cool stuff you do over here, I couldn´t resist on visiting. I´ve been here for 28 years now and so far, I´ve visited 15 countries: Mexico, US, Canada, Hungary, England, Austria, Slovakia, Belgium, The Netherlands, France, Turkey, Italy, Vatican City, Czech Republic, and Spain. You can see Im still missing a lot but Im looking forward on continue traveling. Back on my planet I´m space royalty but in here well, what you call money is not exactly my strenght. Let´s say your 80s icon Donna Summer sang my Earth´s anthem: She works hard for the money (so you better treat her right!). One thing you´ll read over here will be on how I manage my human budget on getting as many places as you can and something I love called: free stuff. Feel free to jump in yo my spaceship blog adventure ?


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