January 1, 1970

by Ma-joville-robles-tabefranca


Escaping from the agony of stress? Soul Searching? Hiking? Camping? Capturing the beauty of nature? Finding a perfect place for summer? Bucari could be a great place for you (located in Leon, Iloilo City, Philippines).

mountain view

Bucari is also known as the “Little Baguio” and “Summer Capital of Iloilo” because of its cool climate and mountainous views. Bucari is an ideal place for family bonding and spending time with your loved ones. And the best place to get away from the heat of the sun.

How to get there:

From Iloilo city, you should take the jeepney at the back of Jaro Cathedral with the label “Leon” and it will drop you to Leon Plaza or you can also take the van. The traveling time would take two hours.

When you reach the plaza, you have an option to ride a habal-habal or a jeepney going to the campsite. During weekends, I prefer that you take the habal-habal because jeepneys are limited. Habal-habal is the perfect transportation to reach Bucari because it can carry the sloppy road. The schedule of jeepneys are from 7:00 am to 3:00 pm only. So be sure that you already have prepared your schedule.

And if you have your own car, make sure that it could handle the sloppy road because you might end up walking under the scourging heat of the sun. Be ready for an extreme ride going to Bucari and be amaze with the beauty of nature.

From L to R (Jelay, Me, Chin2x)

You will see a lot of amazing views while going to Bucari. Make sure to ask the driver to stop by to this wonderful Mountain View and take a lot of pictures there. The best thing you will ever experience in your life is to travel with your friends. It’s one of my travel goals in life. I do believe that “Our world is a massive playground so we should step beyond our limits.”

What to do in Bucari:

Jump unto the cold spring water at Imoy Falls.

Before reaching the campsite, you can negotiate with the driver to stop by to Imoy Falls and ask if they can tour with you and take a quick dip there. If you don’t know how to swim and you are afraid of heights be sure not to try to dive here, you might end up into trouble. Expect also that the road going to imoy falls is more sloppy.  Hold on tight and be careful. You will also be paying the environmental fee and you will be stamped that signifies that you have entered the place. Expect also that you will be walking going to the falls. You will cross bridges that are very challenging. Be sure not to carry a very heavy bag or you will just end up so tired.

You can contact these two trusted and good drivers. They toured us around and brought our heavy bags without paying an additional fee. And you can ask them to fetch you in the morning.

Contact number:

Manong Lumer- 09468805861

Campfire in the evening

You should ask ahead of time if you want to experience the campfire so that the incharge persons could gather wood for the bonfire. We did not experience bonfire because they were celebrating their fiesta so no one can gather wood.

Hike at the 14 stations of the cross

It’s better to wake up and hike at 5 am. Don’t forget to bring water and apply sunblock to protect your skin from the heat of the sun. There’s a shortcut that you can take if you want to catch the sunrise on time. Don’t worry during hiking because stairs are provided with rails. It took us 20 minutes to reach the peak.

Wait for the sunrise at the Mansiga view deck

Take a picture at the fallen pine tree

Reach the white stone panoramic cliff

It feels rewarding after the struggles inorder to reach the top. We stayed there for awhile because of the amazing view. We are very early so we had the chance to savor the moment there.

Where to stay:

If you love camping you should bring your own tent to save money. But if you don’t own one you can rent there. They also have cottages that you can rent if you are too many. But if its peak season be sure to have your own tent because it might not be available.


Don’t worry the comfort room and shower room are very clean but be sure to bring your toiletries.

You can charge your gadgets there for 15 pesos but until 8 pm only.

You can order food there. Make sure you order ahead of time.

Clean environment. “Don’t throw your garbage anywhere.”

Barangay tanods are roaming around for securities.


I have listed here the payments and fees when you go to Bucari.

Things to remember:

If you will go there in the afternoon make sure to go first at Imoy falls and negotiate with the driver to tour and wait for you and drive you back to the campsite.

I suggest you bring your own food to lessen the expenses because you will be spending a lot on the fare.

If you’re sleeping in the tent make sure to bring blankets because it’s too cold. And when finding a spot to put your tent, find a plain ground so that it will be comfortable to sleep at night.

Be sure to be on your proper attire so you will feel comfortable and ready for an adventure.

There’s no signal at the campsite but there is a signal if you are at the top of Mansiga view deck.

Make sure to pay 10 pesos or any amount after you go to the comfort room or shower room for the maintenance.

Bring also plenty of water.

For more information:

Always remember, “Research before going on a trip.”


By Ma-joville-robles-tabefranca

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