Bruges - Rolling Stones will be jealous!

January 1, 1970

by Kate The Great


Bruges is a little romantic city, that will capture your heart! It’s a perfect place to escape the reality and spend one day in a fairy tale. Follow the cobblestone streets and they will lead you to the different historical treasures of Bruges. The friendly atmosphere, fascinating architecture, cute bridges and swans on the canals are all attributes for a perfect peaceful day. My first impression of the city was that it very clean and green city, this is very important for me.

Bruges is a tiny town, it’s compact size allows you to wander around with no fear to get lost. Though the city is tiny, it also has a square: Huidenvettersplein. Don’t expect to see something huge, but be prepared to be amazed by the coziness and appeal of that place, surrounded by plenty of the restaurants and filled with local artists. There you can also choose one of the places to eat or have a coffee. It doesn’t matter where you will go, because food is everywhere pretty similar and the prices too. But my advice enjoy your coffee in one of the restaurants next to the canal, so you can breathe in the fresh air and view the little boats passing by with the smiling people.

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beauty of Bruges

What to discover in Bruges

Bruges is not only a perfect place for the lovebirds. If you have affinity for photography, you should definitely visit this charming city. It doesn’t matter where you go in Bruges, you will always find an ideal spot to take a stunning picture. One of the most famous photographed spots in Bruges is Rozenhoedkaai though. Even if you are not familiar with photography, make a pause for a moment and enjoy the beautiful scenery. There you also have a possibility to jump onto one of the boats and explore the city from the frosh perspective: sitting in the boat, listening to the tour guide and getting to know the wonderful city. It’s a perfect decision if you are a bit tired after a journey before or maybe after your hard working week. The prices are also acceptable, around 8€ and the length of the tour is about 4 km.

Another possibility to get to know the city in a comfortable way is a horse drawn carriage tours. And it’s not only during the day but also in the evening, when the stars begin to sparkle in the sky and again you can cherish that moment with your beloved one.


horse drawn carriage – feel like a king

If you would like to experience something totally different, something that will give you a thrill then you should visit two exhibitions in Bruges. One of them is in Musea Bruggeit has an interesting exhibition about witches. Bruges is one of the most authentic locations to discover the world of the witches. The reason for it is, that the city had a big influence of the medieval times, known as a time of witchcraft. Another museum will introduce you cruel instruments, that were developed to torture human beings. In the Torture Museum you can see different devices that were used in particular centuries. Museum is also located in one of the oldest Europeans prisons and it’s name is “De Oude Steen”.

Experience a new sense of taste

I’m sure as a traveler you are not only hungry for knowledge but also for real tasty food. Don’t worry after museums you can enjoy delicious meals, but before you need to turn into one of the Rolling Stones’ band members. You were probably asking yourself already, why the title of that column says that Rolling Stones will be jealous? So now it’s time to share my secret! Belgium is very popular for it’s delightful chocolate, so it’s a paradise for the choco-addicts. That country is full with plenty of chocolate stores, but one of them is not like any other. It’s crazy, it’s rebellious and it offers unexpected and unique flavors. They call the owner a rock star of the chocolate world, he calls himself “Shock-a-latier”. The audacious chocolate maker Dominique Persoone’s opened in 1992 his first shop “Chocolate Line”. Mr. Persoone can currently boast with 50 chocolatiers and a crazy invention special for Rolling Stones: sniffing chocolate powder. The mix of a ground dust of pure cocoa, ginger and mint catapults with the special device in your nostrils, to give you unbelievable fireworks of the flavors.


Belgian chocolate paradise

Even rock stars need a moment to relax, so it’s time to get some good food and to digest all the impressions, that were gathered during the day. Next to the crazy chocolate place is occupied by an adorable bio café “Le pain quotidien”From outside it looks like one of the common bakeries, but when you enter the café, you will be overwhelmed by the size of that hidden place. The warm atmosphere, inviting feeling and a pleasant smell make you feel like home. In the back of that location you will find a cozy terrace, where you can get away from the noise of the streets, enjoy your delicious drink and intimate conversations with your beloved. In the menu you can find delicious healthy food for a low prices if you compare it everywhere else in Bruges. Don’t hesitate to try one of the cakes, they are undescribably great!

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The bear of Bruges

The day in Bruges is coming to it’s end…

By the end of the day have a pleasant walk down the Lake of Love in “Minnewaterpark” and cherish the moment of togetherness. Therefore you can enjoy the view from one of the charming bridges or watch the sunset from the bench in the park. There is also a little secret about that place, the local legend telling that you will experience eternal love with your partner if you walk over the lake bridge. Even if you are sure you have found a love of your life, why not to try it just to guarantee the bright future.

If you have an opportunity to visit lovely Bruges, don’t think twice. Go there for one day and you will no doubt fall in love with that endlessly fascinating city!

Kate The Great

By Kate The Great

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