Brazilian culture, history and a beach garden you find in Santos.

Nothing makes me happier and more inspired than writing about my city. I don’t know where you, reader, are accessing my post. One thing is sure: you must finish reading and come to Santos! I am Brazilian I was born and always lived in Santos, a coastal city in the state of São Paulo, Brazil. Santos is a city of immense historical value for Brazil. Located on the island of São Vicente, founded in the 16th century, it houses the largest port in Latin America. It has always been and continues to be the scene of important political, social, and cultural manifestations. Due to its historical grandeur and the preservation of old buildings, Santos is a constant scenario for movies, commercials, and TV series recordings.  And by the way, Keanu Reeves will come to Santos to record a TV series in July. It’s incredible! But let’s go back to talking about Santos and its attractions for the tourist. There are over 6 miles of beaches framed by the world’s most extensive beach garden, according to the Guinness Book. Do you want to meet Santos? So, come with me because I’m going to show you my favorite places in town.

The Orquidário

You, tourist, have to know the Orquidario, in Santos.

The Orquidario is a small park that has many species of trees, plants, and orchids, as well as free animals. It is a pleasant walk for families, and for those who like to be in contact with nature. For me, for example, it's lovely to spend the afternoon taking pictures or reading a book in the shade of the enormous trees.

Monte Serrat

Santos is a beautiful city.

This tour gathers history, panoramic views of Santos, religion, and sport. There are many stories and legends about the holy Our Lady of Monte Serrat, patron saint of the city.  Some of them relate Monte Serrat and the chapel as places used by escaped slaves to hide, before the abolition of slavery in Brazil. Monte Serrat houses the chapel, and a disabled casino – gambling in Brazil is prohibited.


Via Crucis – Monte Serrat. Faith and history. 

If you're in good shape or have a fair amount of the courage to take on the challenge, go up the 423 steps to get to the top. Along the way, you can enjoy graffiti, houses of the locals (very friendly with the tourist) and the scenery of the city and the harbor. In the curves of the way, we find the Via Crucis. They are small altars with images of the last moments of Jesus and places suitable to light candles. If you do not feel like climbing the stairs, there is a funicular tram to take the ride in a more comfortable and fast way. Inquire at the ticket office about the value of the ticket, which is charged only to go up – the descent is free.

The Monte Serrat Chapel is a symbol of faith in Santos.

The beach gardens.

Beach Gardens of Santos invites the tourist for a walk.

Beautiful and unequaled, the pride of Santos and Brazil. The garden covered the entire length of the beach. There are many species of plants, trees, and flowers that attract more than 100 kinds of birds. Throughout the garden, fire brigade barracks, each with a particular purpose: there is a library, a surf school, art cinema, and other facilities. Walking through the garden, the tourist will find a sundial, statues in honor of notable personalities, fountains, a trolley with tourist information and benches to sit and enjoy the scenery. Take coconut water after you practice some sport on the beach and you will feel like a native of Santos!

At night, the tip is to eat at the kiosks located by the garden. The variety of snacks is excellent: hamburger, hot dogs, Mexican food, Japanese food, juices, vitamins, salads. Best of all: the prices are fair, and the snacks are enormous. Believe it or not, you can split your sandwich with one or two people. Oh, if you're the type of tourist who likes the early hours, the kiosks are open almost 24 hours a night. They close only in the morning and open at lunchtime!


To practice some exercises or to relax. You decide!

The beach is the favorite place for residents of Santos for sports. The strip of sand is vast and extensive as few beaches in Brazil, which favors both those who wish to exercise as those who prefer to sunbathe and relax. Most sports practiced on Santos beach: volleyball, soccer, tamboréu (game created here in the city), racketball (another native game of Santos), cooper, hiking, slackline, beach tennis and so on.

More about Santos.

Santos is a beautiful city, and it loves tourists.

Santos also offers museums, shopping malls, restaurants, theaters, bars with live music, many cultural options year-round. If you are the type of tourist who likes religious tours, Santos has many historic Catholic churches, the Museum of Sacred Art and temples of various religions. They are all welcome. National passion, football is the centerpiece in Brazil. In Santos, it would be no different. Vila Belmiro is the Santos Futebol Clube stadium. This club became famous all over the world due to the fame of its most illustrious player: Pelé.

I almost forgot. The Pele Museum is another good cultural option. Sports, history, and culture of football take place in this museum.

If you like extreme sports, you can parachute or dive in the Santos Plateau. These are some of the attractions of this incredible and welcoming city. Santos offers great tourist options for public transportation and taxis, as well as the Santos Meet bus line. If you prefer, there are bikes to rent throughout the city and the right bike lane. After my report, I doubt you'd want to meet the city in person. If you need more tips on the other sights of the city, visit the city's website. There are many tourist attractions. I would have to write separate posts about Santos.

Let's go! You will be very welcome! I'm waiting for your opinion on my city!